Smell Real – Don’t Fall Prey to Fake Fragrances

If you are one of the many people who love to adorn their bodies with unique fragrances and scents, we know how much you would value a real perfume. Knowing which fragrances are real and which are fake can be a challenge. About 90% of fake fragrances are sold in the grey market (source: ultramatis). If you are planning to buy a perfume online, here are some quick tips to purchase the real thing. Continue reading “Smell Real – Don’t Fall Prey to Fake Fragrances”

Parle Product

Parle rolls on campaigns to fight counterfeiting

The giant in biscuits and confectionary – Parle is all set to give it back to the counterfeiters by launching awareness campaigns of its products. They have launched an integrated brand campaign to strengthen brand recognition for sub-brands in the confectionary space. The campaigns are also intended to inform the consumers that these sub-brands are the products of Parle. Continue reading “Parle rolls on campaigns to fight counterfeiting”


Counterfeiting – Fake goods and real victims

We are living in a period where anything and everything can be counterfeited at the click of a button. What once was possible only through skilled labours and highly-equipped technologies has now made access everywhere. Counterfeiting has become an epidemic disease spreading its wings all over and immersing everything that comes in its way and sparing no sector. Continue reading “Counterfeiting – Fake goods and real victims”