When Amardeep Nearly Escaped an Accident

Counterfeiting Story

Amardeep too belongs to that huge group of the population who enjoys couch sitting shopping experience more than street and shop hunting. Be it groceries, apparels, home décor etc. he uses technology very well to buy everything on a single click.

More than a choice, online shopping has now become his usual habit. One fine day, when he noticed that his car tyres need a replacement, online shopping was just the next, right and only option for him.

Amardeep had no clue about the circulation of many fake auto-components in the market but what he was about to witness next, changed his entire perception on the same.

Being an e-commerce enthusiast, he searched multiple online portals with a checklist. The top priority was to get an original set of tyres from a well-reviewed portal. His search narrowed to two portals that had branded products, good reviews, competitive pricing and fair delivery terms. On feeding his contact details, one of the portals was quick to respond and he was triggered to choose one e-commerce venture, considering better services. After placing the order of the desired product, he was happy with the services and received it as promised.

The car got a new set of tyres and a good ride was expected. But, this time, his online search went horribly wrong!

Post 10 days, the tyre was in a bad shape and visible cracks were seen on the sidewall of the tyre. This fault was initially ignored and the next day, the tyre busted!

The car was in a low speed, which avoided any accident.

While consulting a tyre seller, it was found that one of the two tyres was a copy of the original product. It was hard to distinguish between the duplicate tyre and the original. Counterfeiters did everything to make the tyre look legit and it was very hard to address the problem proactively.

While contacting the seller, they promised to refund the money; however, this is not a solution to the problem. There is an extensive data available on deaths that occurred due to the bursting of tyres. It was by God’s grace that nothing unfortunate happened with Amardeep.

The saddest part of counterfeited automobiles and auto-components is that the cheap deals may cost a life to many. According to a report by FICCI CASCASE, 20% of all road accidents in India attributes to counterfeit automotive parts. So, we insist you to choose life over and above anything else.

Have a safe driving experience!

(Based on inputs from Amardeep Bardhan, Resident, Noida)

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