Argument Paper Methods

An disagreement composition is a process of writing where students use sources and facts to make arguments and to support their viewpoints

The topics for argument essays can be about one’s religious beliefs, opinions, political views, or favorite hobbies. But students must do their research to find the best sources for their essays.

Students need to research the sources before writing best place buy research paper online their essay. Students may start their research in class, which will not only help them to structure their argument but also make it more engaging. They also have the option of doing the research at home and making copies of the sources. These sources should be used properly in the context of the essay.

Individuals with high IQ scores or a background in computer programming will find the research process easy because they are familiar with the technical jargon that goes into the information they need. They can find answers for questions in the sources provided. They will also be able to come up with the most convincing argument based on the information given.

It is important to spend time researching the sources so that the essay has a degree of credibility

Sources should be used in the context of the essay. The student must not make assumptions or fall for trickery when coming up with an argument. The essay should provide an adequate answer to the question that the student seeks to answer.

Students must be careful to pick the right sources. Some sources are more believable than others. When writing the essay, students should choose sources that will provide the information they want without implying that they are the only ones who can provide that information.

Sources can be used to show a person’s opinion or point of view. The writer may find information in one source and then use that information to justify a point they wish to make. This allows the student to come up with several opinions and support different viewpoints.

Facts and figures can be used to support one’s own views. There are many reasons to use a source must be used in the context of the essay. If the source cannot be used in the context of the essay, it should not be used at all.

Good arguments always contain good sources

The student should write an essay that provides evidence that it is based on reliable information. The arguments in an argument essay should be supported by citations and evidence that go along with the information.

Students should use original sources, not copies of other people’s work. Copies of other people’s work should be used as an aid for the purposes of editing or when doing research and do not take the place of original sources. The argument essay should be a highly informative and educational article that presents a well-researched piece of information.

A one argument essay should be coherent. It should be able to provide an explanation of the author’s position. This is the way to win over the reader.

The argument must be cogent, and it should demonstrate the author’s opinion. An essay should present the author’s view and not have the student’s viewpoint come across as the writer’s opinion. An opinion is clearly stated and the essay should make this clear.

An argument essay is taught in high school in writing because it is a great way to get a subject off of the students’ minds. Students will use the information and debate it in class, making it one of the hardest subjects to write in high school.

Though related in a few tactics to a college thesis, capstone initiatives may well get a wide various sorts, but most are long-term investigative assignments that culminate in a remaining item, presentation, or performance

Capstone Challenge Some Ideas for Residents

If you also have read many Capstone projects that are various and are already considering tinkering with honors, it’s very clear that each one focuses on unique approaches to this capstone or final project. And needless to say, every project will differ from each other.

A project needs to be fun and entertaining, nevertheless challenging. It will teach you the best way you can achieve new heights of achievement in your own career. But at the same period, a project should present achievements to you that you can build up on in your future career.

Put simply, the job needs to be some thing you may use to create. Your own project should be something that gives you a solid foundation.

Here are a few suggestions to take into account whenever you’re currently considering what sort of capstone job you have to do. As soon as you receive a notion for the endeavor, then you definitely may start to search to find the optimal/optimally approach to receive it carried out.

The very first task is to earn a choice: Would you really would like to complete yourself, or else take a professional all? Selecting to perform it yourself will be more expensive, however nevertheless, it is going to help you save a lot of tension and cash. In addition, you will possess the advantage of working together with a qualified professional, so you always have the option to depend on them in order to complete the project.

Capstone jobs also tend to inspire students to connect their projects to local community troubles or situations, also to combine outside-of-school gaining knowledge of ordeals, together with functions similar to interviews, scientific observations, or internships.

To ensure you do not spend money and too much time doing it, try to find. If it is, and when you do not want to take the daythere is not any good reason that you take on such a project.

Another tip is always to obtain a job which is simple to finish, then require expert assistance to finish it. The goal is to receive it done as quickly as you can, then you can use it as an instruction tool on your internship or even on your next project.

In addition you will need to consider the type of tips that you want to profit from your project. A project on promotion strategies could be a excellent option, especially if it entails promoting your self. As you can note that individuals respond well for the truth that you just simply offer, in fact, this is a superior choice.

Even though capstone initiatives normally takes all kinds of types from school to high school, a number of examples will help for instance both the strategy additionally, the typical academic intentions

The wonderful thing about this type of endeavor is that it educates you lots of knowledge that are technical. It’s actually a project that teaches you the best way to develop into a business pioneer.

Clearly, the problem having this kind of endeavor is it is tricky to transport out. This job takes a great deal of preparation and investigation, and often, it requires quite a bit of time and energy to plan all out it.

A much better option is to choose a capstone project and also to accomplish the research yourself to establish just how to do that the job. You are able to discover that the planning is not as demanding when you do that, and the research now is easier to hold out.

You can then move to just get a graduate degree class The moment you discover the suitable project for you personally. With this time, you will be an achievement within this subject, and are going to have good base within the industry planet.

What Will be the Formula For Kinetic Power In Physics?

Joule Physics might be defined as the study of the transformation of mechanical power into electrical energy and vice versa.

This must be easy sufficient to understand but several consumers usually do not know what Joule is.

Joule is defined because the SI unit of power, which can be the quantity of energy it takes to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water by one degree. In physics, Joule is often a famous symbol used to represent energy or force. The conversion of mechanical power to electrical power within a unique case is called Joule Physics.

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A quite typical misconception is that in physics it is made use of to mean heat. This really is not correct. In physics, Joule just isn’t utilized to imply heat. In physics, Joule is employed to describe the energy modify of atoms.

In physics Joule means the amount of energy necessary to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius. When one wants to modify 1 unit of power into yet another unit of energy, it is referred to as conversion of mechanical energy to electrical power. The conversion of mechanical energy to electrical energy is also named conversion of kinetic power to possible energy.

When one requirements to modify 1 unit of possible power into a further unit of prospective energy, it can be called conversion of kinetic energy to electrical energy. The conversion of kinetic power to electrical energy is also named conversion of kinetic energy to prospective energy.

What is the Formula for Kinetic Power in Physics? A vital notion in physics could be the conversion of kinetic power to potential energy. When 1 desires to adjust 1 unit of kinetic energy into another unit of kinetic energy, it is actually called conversion of kinetic power to possible power. The conversion of mechanical power to electrical energy inside a distinct case is known click this link now as Joule Physics.

This theory was created to help men and women understand the principles behind converting one particular kind of energy into yet another kind of energy. In this process, the kinetic energy is converted into potential energy. The idea behind the conversion of kinetic power to possible energy is the identical because the notion behind the conversion of power from 1 type to an additional kind. In other words, one can convert mechanical power into electrical energy, heat into mechanical energy, light into mechanical power, and so on. For that reason, conversion of energy is also conversion of energy from a single kind to another kind.

The concept behind the conversion of energy may be the similar as the thought behind the conversion of energy from one type to a different form. In other words, one can convert mechanical energy into electrical power, heat into mechanical energy, light into mechanical energy, and so on. For this reason, conversion of energy is also conversion of power from a single kind to a different form.

If one particular desires to convert mechanical energy into electrical power, then one particular will convert kinetic power into potential energy, which is a kind of power. If a single wants to convert mechanical power into electrical power, heat into potential energy, and so on, then 1 will convert possible energy into kinetic energy, that is a further form of energy. In Joule Physics, conversion of mechanical power to electrical power, heat into possible energy, and so on is generally known as conversion of kinetic power to prospective energy.

If a single doesn’t have to have to convert energy into a further form, then there is no need for conversion of power. The energy of vibration in molecules is vibrational energy. The vibration of the molecules or atoms and their interconnections or collisions find out the potential energy in the particles. In Joule Physics, one particular can convert kinetic energy into prospective energy, that is a type of power.

Another notion in Joule Physics will be the law of conservation of energy. It has practically nothing to accomplish with physics or science. The basic law of conservation of energy states that the total power is conserved or fixed. The actual energy or potential power is determined by the atoms or molecules that make up the object itself.

Understanding the partnership in between Joule and conservation of energy is an important notion in physics. There are numerous hyperlinks between Joule as well as the law of conservation of power.


3 Major Benefits Of Reward Management System For Your Business

In a highly competitive market, your loyal customers can easily leave you for your competitors. This can bring down your sales and profits. In order to prevent the grim situation, organisations world over are using customised reward or loyalty management systems. In this blog, we describe the three key benefits of the same for your business.   

1. Retention of existing customers 

Customer retention is highly important for your organisation. You have to spend a large amount of money every year just to ensure that your loyal customer does not approach your competitor. By applying well planned loyalty management or reward management system in your organisation you can increase customer retention. This in turn will increase referral sales and profit margins of your companies. We advise your to properly study the behavior your consumer and his preferences before implementing reward management system for your business.   

2. Increase customer lifetime value 

A loyalty management program will also help in increasing the customer lifetime value (CLV). CLV is the net profit attributed to a customer in an overall relationship with him or her. It helps in determining the value of an individual customer and the projected value for the future.   

A loyalty program helps you with the behavioural data of your end consumers and their buying habits. Moreover, there can be emotional factors into play which affect the buying choices of the consumers. With the help of loyalty program, you can monitor each of the buying steps of your consumer and implement new schemes, programs and offers to increase your CLV.   

3. Build personal relationships 

The first step towards building an emotional connection with your consumer is to truly value them. We believe that this can be achieved by building strong bond with them. Always remember that your customers are unique so treat them accordingly. In order to move ahead with the same our advanced loyalty management system segregates customer data base don history, site activity, visits, referrals stats etc. This lets you to customise your services for every consumer.    

Holostik is a leading provider of customised reward management system. You can offer rewards, schemes and offers through our smart labels or holograms which are affixed to your products at the time of production. 

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3 strong reasons you need holographic induction sealing wads

There are many manufacturers who require induction sealing wads for their product packaging. Used mostly in industries like pharma, FMCG and cosmetics, wads are gaining immense popularity for the number of benefits they provide.

In this blog, we list down three strong reasons why you should consider the use of holographic induction sealing wads for your products instead of non-holographic ones.

1. Secures your product from tampering and duplication

As a manufacturer of bottled goods, you are more likely to face duplication of your products. This non-perceived risk could be further raised by not paying proper attention to brand protection in packaging (in an attempt to reduce costs).

However, if you are avoiding sealing wads for your bottled products, then it could be one of your biggest mistakes. Absence of sealing wads from your products may lead to spillage and leaks. On the other hand, poor-quality sealing wads don’t guarantee safety of your products against duplication and are useless.

In order to safeguard the packaging of your bottled products it is highly recommended to use holographic induction sealing wads. These wads effectively prevent duplication and tampering of your products while eliminating the risk of spillage altogether. Due to the presence of high security features in these wads, it is impossible to copy/replicate them or tamper with the products in any way without making it obvious.

2. Keeps the contents of your product safe

Sealing wads help to keep the contents of your bottled products safe from spillage, leakage, adulteration, oxidation etc. Any negative impact on the contents impacts your product quality and sales. There could be chances that your procurement manager might overlook the use of sealing wads due to lack of knowledge and poor market research. However, it could be harmful for your product quality, profits and brand image in the long run.

Tightly sealed induction wads help to keep the contents of the product intact. Bottled products have to go through a lot of wear and tear in the supply chain. In such harsh environment wads perfectly preserve the quality of the contents of the products until they reach to the end-consumer.

3. Promotes your brand

Poor looking wads with bland designs are a big turnoff for your consumers. Cheap grade sealing wads without branding and aesthetics bring down the excitement of the consumer. Your consumers don’t just want a good quality product but are also lured by its attractive packaging.

Holographic induction sealing wads help to accentuate the branding of the product. Holographic wads are shiny and have unique designs to leverage brand value. While considering the different aspects of your packaging it is must to have an attractive sealing wad.

Holostik is an industry leader in providing state-of-the-art holographic induction sealing wads. Our sealing wads are made with high quality materials and can be customised as per your needs. Some of the security features of our wads include holography, track and trace, covert features etc.

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4 mistakes you shouldn’t make while choosing a hologram supplier

Security holograms are an important part of product packaging and are used in many industries. They offer brand protection and boost aesthetics of your products. However, you may be making some mistakes while choosing a hologram supplier, which could lead to big financial losses for you in the future.

To make things easier for you, we have explained below the 4 big mistakes which you should completely avoid.

1. Not checking the supplier’s production quality

There are times when your procurement manager may skip to check the production quality of the hologram supplier. One of the main reasons behind is to compromise on quality for low costs. While holograms with very high costs are a financial burden, but quality holograms at affordable prices is a worthy deal. Moreover, choosing low quality holograms will not prevent duplication and may bring down your business manifolds.

Before choosing a hologram supplier for your business you should ask your procurement manager to analyse the production quality of the hologram supplier. Some important points which you should consider while making the check are quality of imaging, raw materials, adhesives, foils, slitting etc. This can help you to take the right decision while choosing a hologram supplier.

2. Skipping the sampling process

One big blunder your procurement manager can make is to skip the sampling process before choosing the hologram supplier. This can be harmful for your business and brand image. It may lead to a mismatch with your specific requirements and a complete waste of money. A thorough sampling process ensures that you get only the best product for your business.

You should ensure that your procurement team gets the samples of holograms from the supplier. Thereafter, your quality testing team should get into action for making an assessment and present a report on the same. The sampling report will make you confident enough to take the right decision for your business.

3. Not visiting the supplier’s manufacturing facility

It is highly recommended for your procurement team to visit the manufacturing facility of the supplier. Well, distance and time could be one of the reasons for avoiding the visit. However, considering the stakes involved, it should not be avoided at all.

Your procurement team should personally visit the manufacturing facility to have a look and feel of the ground situation. Many times, suppliers will try to fool you by showcasing their technical capabilities- blown out of proportions. You must stay alert against such deceptions and should personally analyse the equipment, raw materials and manufacturing process before taking the final call.

4. Overlooking the factor of customisation in holograms

Is your procurement manager considering the factor of customization in holograms? If he’s not, then he is making a grave mistake. There are high chances, that generic non-customised holograms cannot be applied on your products. Such holograms cannot be customised as per the shape of your products, the applicator and lack security features according to your specific requirements.

You should avoid such mistake and must ensure that your hologram supplier has the capability to offer customised holograms.

Holostik is one of the leading hologram suppliers in the world. We offer high quality customised holograms that don’t just safeguard your products but also enhance the visual appeal of your brand. We offer security holograms with overt, covert, track and trace, tamper evidence, nano optical images and many other security features. Our wide range of holograms are also available in different colours to match your brand aesthetics.

To know more about our security holograms, you can call us on +91–785-785-7000 or drop us a mail at

Your mobile company may be losing business due to duplicate phones

It’s nightmarish for mobile phone manufacturers if their original mobile phones are replaced with counterfeits and sold in the market. Besides, drop down in sales it also leads to poor brand image and loss of consumer trust.

In a recent incident of counterfeiting in Bhopal, a delivery boy of a courier company has been booked for allegedly swapping genuine mobile phones with counterfeits.

The courier boy used to deliver duplicate phones to consumers who had booked the mobile phones online. Police officials investigating the case said that matter came to light when a customer who received duplicate phone complained to the shopping portal.

The online company then alerted the courier company, which found one of the delivery boys was involved in swapping phones. According to the owner of the courier company the online retailer was getting complaints of fake phones being delivered to end consumers for the past five months.

Some facts on duplicate phones

Mobile phone manufacturers in India have been facing the problem of duplicate phones. In December, police seized around 2000 fake Xiaomi products worth 13 lakh from the Ghaffar market in Delhi.

Earlier a sting operation revealed that Delhi has become a thriving place for the manufacturing of fake mobile phones. Technicians assemble smuggled parts to manufacture counterfeit phones which are available at a fraction of costs.

According to a trade expert, “First-copy” smartphone market is a “low-margin, high-volume business.” A study conducted by EUIPO said that 180 million fake mobile phones are sold globally per annum.

Such a huge scale of counterfeit mobile phones clearly impacts the sales of genuine mobile phone companies. The sale of counterfeit phones hampers the profits and ruins the brand image of the manufacturers.

Anti-counterfeiting solutions from Holostik

Holostik provides a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting solution for mobile phone manufacturers against counterfeiting and tampering. With the help of our tamper-evident labels, manufacturers can take a sigh of relief against any form of counterfeiting. Any attempt to meddle with our tamper-evident labels will give a clear hint.

In addition, our advanced track and trace solutions offer the highest security for your product right from the production to end-consumer.

Our unique product line has helped manufacturers to efficiently fight to counterfeit and leverage their profits and brand image over the years.

To know more about our tamper-evident labels and track and trace solutions, call us on +91–785-785-7000 or drop us a mail at

Source: TOI, ET,

Tamper-evident packaging solutions from Holostik

Whether its medicine, food or cosmetics people want to be sure that the products they are using have been tampered with or not. To deal with the same, manufacturers often use tamper-evident packaging for their products.

So, what is a tamper-evident packaging? In simple words, a packaging solution which clearly shows any form of tampering with the product or its packaging is known as tamper-evident.

According to U.S Food Drug Administration, “A tamper-evident package, is one having one or more indicators or barriers to entry which, if breached or missing, can reasonably be expected to provide visible evidence to consumers that tampering has occurred.”

Benefits of tamper-evident packaging

Tamper evident packaging helps manufacturers, supply chain inspectors and consumers to determine if the product has been tampered or not. Tamper evident packaging prevents the attempt of counterfeiting. A tamper-evident packaging incorporated with a QR code can further help in implementing gamut of supply chain solutions.

In times, when the product’s genuineness if of highest concern tamper-evident packaging can give a sigh of relief.

Tamper-evident packaging from Holostik

Holostik provides tamper-evident foil in many variants. These foils can be used in holograms or labels to give them tamper-evident qualities. Some of the variants are as follows:

  • Honeycomb pattern: Leaves behind a honeycomb pattern on the substrate if tampered with.
  • Void/Text tamper pattern: Leaves ‘VOID’ or customised text on the substrate.
  • Self-destructive (breakable vinyl) tamper evidence: Tears apart or self-destructs if an attempt is made to tamper with it.

These holograms or labels can be applied on plastic, glass, PVC, wood, paper and fabric. Some of the industries where these packaging solutions can be used are FMCG, liquor, lubricants, pharma, personal care etc.

To know more about our tamper-evident packaging solutions, call us on +91–785-785-7000 or mail us at

Counterfeit auto parts, a big threat for the automotive industry in India

According to media reports, counterfeit auto parts industry in India has reached to a value of around Rs 22,000 crore leaving behind car and bike sales in the last five years. In India, some of the most commonly counterfeited auto spare parts include brake pads, spark plugs, lamps, cables, alloy rims, grills, filters etc.

Cheap auto components don’t just damage your vehicle but are also a threat to your life.

Around 20% of road accidents in India are caused due to fake automotive parts- FICCI CASCADE

The FICCI report also states that fake auto parts led to a revenue loss of Rs 2,200 crore to the government in the past years.

Negative impacts on the automotive industry

No wonder, counterfeit auto parts have many negative impacts including accidents and even death. Remember, the idea of deliberately buying a fake & cheap auto part may cost your life. Fake auto parts usually break down or malfunction without a hint. For example, a fake brake pad may fail in an emergency situation and may lead to a fatal accident.

Counterfeit auto parts also lead to major revenue losses for manufacturers every year. Besides, they also overburden the manufacturers with extra costs for fighting fakes. Along with consumers and manufacturers, the government loses a large amount of taxes due to the sale of counterfeit auto parts. Quite evidently, huge evasion of taxes is a bane for the country’s economy.

Solutions to prevent counterfeiting

Holostik is an industry leader in providing anti-counterfeiting solutions for the automotive sector. Its vast range of anti-duplication products combined with IT-enabled solutions helps to secure the products and supply chains. Holostik’s approach of catering customised anti-duplication solutions had shown effective results for automotive companies.

The auto component after-market reached to a staggering value of Rs 67,491 in 2018-19 crore however, the counterfeit market is also growing at a fast pace. In such a scenario, diligent use of anti-counterfeiting solutions can prevent counterfeiting by securing products and supply chains at the same time.

To know about our anti-counterfeiting & IT-enabled supply chain solutions, call us on +91–785-785-7000 or drop us a mail at

Two people in Mumbai held with counterfeit currency worth over Rs 5 lakh

In a recent incident, two persons were nabbed by the police for allegedly possessing counterfeit currency with a value of Rs 5.44 lakh.

The police first caught Chunilal Suthar, a resident of Jhalor in Rajasthan, at a check post in Gujarat’s Surat city as confirmed by a police official from Pune police station. A school bag containing fake currency worth Rs 3.38 lakh were recovered from the accused, who was travelling in a luxury bus from Rajasthan, he said.

The official said that the accused was travelling from Rajasthan and had the fake currency worth Rs 3.38 lakh in a school bag. During the interrogation, Chunilal revealed that he was going to deliver the notes to Chandrakant Shah a resident of Adajan in Surat.

After the tip-off police arrested Shah and confiscated fake notes worth Rs 2.06 lakh from his house. Around 642 counterfeit currency notes in the denominations of Rs 2000, Rs 500, Rs 200 and Rs 100 were recovered from the duo with an overall value of Rs 5.44 lakh.

The accused have been arrested under sections 489B (using as genuine forged currency notes) and 114 (abettor present when offence committed) of the Indian Penal Code.

Source: PTI