Product tracking can work wonders for your company growth. They system allows you to monitor your inventory through the supply chain with many other functions. With so many benefits the system can help you grow your business manifold. In this blog, we have discussed three ways in which product tracking can help your grow your business.  

1. By keeping a real time track of inventory

Product tracking can help you to keep a track of your inventory in real time. This lets you to assess the pitfalls of your supply chain like any barrier in the flow of products in supply chain or maybe a wrong placement of products. Moreover, with the real time tracking you can determine which batch of product needs to be assigned for dispatch to specific retail outlet or elsewhere.   

2. By notifying immediately in case of product diversion or duplication

Supply chains are always susceptible to the threat of counterfeiting, tampering and diversion. Without proper security solutions in place your products can be tampered, copied and adulterated. You can suffer from a huge monetary loss due to all these problems. In addition, it also affects your brand image. Product tracking prevents all these problems. The system immediately notifies you in case of product diversion or any other discrepancy.    

3. By helping in custom manufacturing 

There can be chances that your customer can ask for tailor made products, for example you usually make red colour shoes, but your particular customer asks for blue colour shoes. In such a scenario, a product tracking system will ensure that the right products go to the right consumer. 

Holostik provides customised track and trace solution for your organisation. We provide QR code enabled labels or holograms through which the system can be easily set in place. Besides this we also offer a wider range of other supply chain management solutions. 

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