Security holograms are important packaging and anti-duplication products used in many industries. Holograms comes in different sizes, colours and features. In this blog we have discussed the 5 compelling reasons you need security holograms for your business. 

1. To prevent product duplication

Security holograms are one of the best products to prevent product duplication. Due to the presence of holographic and digital security features it is impossible to copy them. Besides security holograms are also be used as tamper evident seals on the opening of the product packaging. A combination of different security features as per your specific needs makes them an ideal product to counter duplication.  

2. To prevent tampering and adulteration

Holograms can have tamper evident qualities which makes them effective against product tampering and adulteration. Some of the tamper evident features include tamper text evident and tamper pattern evident. The tamper text evident can include a customised text as per your requirement or it can include the generic text similarly a customised pattern can be used in pattern evident hologram.

3. To track products in the supply chain 

Security holograms with digital QR codes which can be used to implement supply chain solutions. Product tracking is an important supply chain management task which can be executed with the help of QR code-based hologram. Product tracking helps to determine the location of the product in the supply chain. This assures the manufacturer and other stakeholders about the safety of the product and the time required for it to reach the end consumer.  

4. Instant product authentication

Security holograms with QR codes can be used for instant product authentication. Such holograms can be scanned at different stages and determines the genuineness of the product in less amount of time. Instant product authentication instils a sense of confidence in the manufacturer and the end consumer regarding the originality of the product.

5. To boost aesthetics of the product

Security holograms are not just meant for product safety but are also used to boost the look and feel of a product. Holograms have a lustrous look which accentuates the packaging of the product. An increase in visual appeal of the product gives it a unique identity on the shelf. 

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