Product labels are very important packaging products and are used in multiple industries. As a manufacturer you might also require product labels for your products. In this blog we have discussed the five mistakes you can make while choosing label manufacturers.

1. Skipping the sampling process

If you are not conducting the sampling process for product labels, then you are making a big mistake. Skipping the sampling process can land you in trouble. Assessing the quality of product samples help you determine the quality and features of the labels with ease. Your procurement manager should always check for the samples before making a purchase decision.   

2. Not visting the manufacturing site in-person

Before making the final deal, you must send your procurement manager to visit the label manufacturing facility in person. This will give you a better idea of the standard and quality of the labels. You will also be able to assess the manufacturing standards of the supplier. 

3. Compromising quality for cost

There are chances when you compromise quality over costs. This could be disastrous for your company. While for a short term you can save money by cheap quality labels, however in the long run you can face problems which can be financially disastrous in the long run.

4. Overlooking the durability factor

Product labels should be highly durable because they have to face the extreme environment of the supply chains. Poor quality labels can tear apart or get damaged and this can be a complete waste of your money. Tattered or damaged product labels are of no use, your consumer is unable to read the information on the same and they lose their main purpose. 

5. Overlooking the security factor

Skipping the security factor in product labels can be a very big mistake. Poor quality generic labels without any security features are not able to prevent duplication or counterfeiting. Always look for different security features in the labels. This can include holography, security inks, QR codes, tamper evidence and much more.

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