Packaging plays an important role in safeguarding the product until it reaches the end consumer. However, with changing times as supply chains become more complex, packaging has become smart. Today, packaging is incorporated with advanced features like product authentication, augmented reality, tracking and much more. In this blog, we have discussed the five secrets of smart packaging to make better choices for your products.


Poor packaging can make your products highly susceptible to counterfeiting. This brings down your sales and brand image. The answer to this is smart packaging incorporated with security features which cannot be copied. Such packaging also helps in product tracking and tracing & ensures the safety of supply chains. 

2.Tamper evident

As incidents related to product tampering and counterfeiting continue to rise, packaging needs to have tamper evident qualities. This can include text tamper or pattern evident features. With this quality, forgers and counterfeiters find it hard to tamper with or adulterate your product. Tamper evident features can be customized as per your specific needs.  

3.High sustainability

With numerous environmental regulations in place, it has become important for you to use a highly sustainable packaging. Smart packaging must be made with materials that are not harmful for the environment with minimum carbon footprint. 

4.Enhanced consumer interface 

An important feature of smart packaging is that it should boost consumer interface. Packaging incorporated with digital QR codes can help in collecting consumer feedbacks, implementing loyalty schemes, managing warranties and other supply chain solutions. Besides this with the use of augmented reality you can add information to packaging which cannot be seen in the first look.  

5.Ample product information

Smart packaging can be used to show ample amount of product information. This can be done with the help of QR codes which can store large amount of information related to the product. This includes product information, batch number, expiry date, instructions, precautions and much more. 

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