Product labels showcase the product’s information and enhance the brand appeal. With the growth of packaging industry, labels are being used for a variety of purposes. To know about the same, we got in touch with the best of industry experts. In this blog, we are sharing the top five tips which we got from them.   

1. Prevent duplication

Labels should have anti-duplication features that prevent counterfeiting. A drop down in the scale of product counterfeiting will certainly increase your company’s profits, boost your brand’s image and most importantly increase your consumer base. Product labels can incorporate security features like holography, security inks, guilloche patterns, digital QR codes and much more.     

2. Ensure supply chain visibility

Product labels incorporated with QR codes or bar codes can help in the implementation of supply chain management solutions. This lets you to monitor your inventory at different stages of the supply chain. Moreover, supply chain visibility allows you to determine the current and utilised stock of raw materials, location of inventories in the warehouse and the inventory which needs to be sent to the retail.      

3. Implement loyalty programs

Product labels can be used to implement loyalty schemes, offers, discounts etc. Labels incorporated with QR codes are used to offer such schemes. Your consumers can avail the offers or schemes by scanning the QR codes. Organizations benefit hugely from such programs, their consumer base increases, and they witness a surge in sales and profits. 

4. Manage warranties

Smart labels or product labels with QR codes can be used to manage product warranties. Some benefits include tracking product warranty through its lifecycle, improved customer satisfaction and reduction in service costs. 

5. Prevent tampering and adulteration

Besides copying your products, forgers or counterfeiters can tamper with your product packaging and the contents of your products. For this you can use text tamper evident or pattern tamper evident labels. Most of the labels are used as seals on the cap of bottles, opening flap of mono cartons etc. Any attempt to tamper or alter with the same can alert you and prevent possible losses in the future. 

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