Security printing is one of the most recommended services that each brand, institution, or individual needs to avail of. Lack of security printing can result in multiple losses.


Without security print capabilities, labels and official documents are easily reproduced by forgers, costing money. Government documents lacking security printing may reveal extremely confidential information. If security printing measures do not properly secure the documents, counterfeiters can change your documents to suit their needs. Lack of security printing alternatives can erode customer confidence and harm the perception of your business.


“Lack of security printing features in your products or documents can make your business prone to counterfeiting resulting in forgeries, thefts, and breach of confidentiality.”


Benefits of security printing solutions

The integrity of your documents and products is completely protected against forgery and duplication thanks to security inks that are modern and have a strong resistance to counterfeiting. These sophisticated design patterns are impossible to copy, provides excellent asset security. To avoid duplication and financial loss, institutions and banks have multi-level security alternatives. Complex data printing and verifiable numbering increase the protection and safety of assets and private papers prints of the highest quality that don’t suffer from colour loss, shade effects, or weakening of the raw materials. Integration of physical and digital technologies ensures that the supply chain is as secure and transparent as possible.

Unique advantages of Holostik security printing

  • The highest security printing for documents and labels is ensured by the IBA certificate of security for printing.
  • Exclusive and unique designs that are impossible to replicate are created by a dedicated internal design and art team.
  • With software-based management solutions, response time is quick.
  • The best quality of the finished product will be ensured by using premium solvents, inks, and adhesives.
  • The use of European-standard machinery that can print in up to 12 high-quality colours ensures that the final result is of the highest quality.
  • A reputed and highly regarded member of an acclaimed label organization such as the LMAI.

Why you should choose Holostik security printing? 

As a top hologram manufacturer, Holostik provides the finest security printing options in its products. The company utilizes high-quality solvents, inks, and adhesives, that provide top print quality for security. Skilled graphic design professionals use sophisticated software to create intricate patterns, logos, designs, and additional typographic features. Hologram stickers and associated solutions can be easily embedded with exclusive security printing options, increasing aesthetics and security.


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