Simple Ways to Identify Fake External Hard Drives

The data on the web (content, images, graphics, videos etc) has surpassed all levels. The ever-increasing data is increasing exponentially every second and now we have Big Data!

This is just the beginning of data revolution which will change our businesses and our lives altogether. According to a report by Forbes, there is an explosion of data and more data is created in the past two years than in the entire previous history of the human race. By 2020, about 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created every second for every human being on the planet.

There is a massive growth in video and photo data, where every minute up to 300 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube. By the end of 2017, nearly 80% of photos will be taken on smartphones.

The mass increase in data invariably means that the storage devices have to be extremely efficient in order to store this avalanche of unlimited data and for backing up purposes.

There is no dearth of storage devices like USB drives, flash drives, hard drives in the market for storing and backing up data. But beware, there are numerous cases of fake storage drives and devices in the market.

Loss of important data and files is a big loss especially when you have not stored it anywhere else. Imagine, you saved a very important file in your drive and when you needed it, it wasn’t there. Feels like a nightmare?

Well, we are not here to scare you but to educate you to be very cautious while purchasing your storage device the next time. We bring you some important tips to keep in mind while purchasing a hard drive.

  1. The Feeling of Spinning Vibration– The portable hard disk drives comes with a real 2.5-inch IDE/SATA hard disk drive fitted inside them. There is also circuit board that acts as a USB to IDE interface controller.

When an original portable disk drive is connected to the computer or a USB power source, it starts spinning and one can feel the vibration of spinning by placing a hand on the disk drive. One can also hear the spinning of the drive by bringing ears close to the drive. Since there are no mechanical moving parts in fake hard drives, one cannot hear any spinning or feel any vibration.

  1. Check the Device Manager– Connect the portable hard drive to Windows PC, and open the device manager (Win+R, type devmgmt.msc, press Enter) and check for the device name. The device name should match the portable drive brand.

You would not see anything or will see something else in case of the fake drives.

  1. Format the Portable Drive– The common practice of counterfeiters is that they modify the file table of the fake portable drives to make it look like a large size disk like 2 TB while it is only a few megabytes flash disk in reality.

To identify this and reveal the real size of the drive, format the disk drive in Windows using the FAT32 file system and it will reset the file table to reveal the true disk size of the portable drive.

These are few simple methods that will help you spot a fake portable external hard drive. We urge you to stay away from fake or counterfeited products by shopping only from reputed showrooms and online shopping websites

Hot Stamping Foils

All you need to know about hot foil stamping

In the field of packaging hot stamping is the process of using heat and pressure to apply metallic foil or holographic foil on materials like paper boards, papers, laminated boards, corrugated boxes etc. The stamping process is durable, cost effective and flexible. Due to its numerous features hot foil stamping is now being used in multiple industries. 

Lately, the process is being used on a wide range of products to give a decorative look and provide anti-counterfeiting features. Some of the industries where hot foil stamping is used include luxury goods packaging, tobacco, pharma, food and on product labels of high-end products. Foil stamping is also used in gift wrapping, wedding invitations, and much more. 

Hot stamping holographic foils are made up of multiple layers. The layers include a polyester carrier, a release liner, a layer of lacquer, images etc. In the hot foil stamping process heated die forces the foil against a substrate which is held firm by a counter cylinder. The double combination of pressure and heat activates the adhesive lining and the foil attaches to the substrate 

Hot foil stamping offers many benefits which can summarized under the following points:

Hot stamping is durable: The packaging of your product has to face harsh environment of the supply chain. Hot stamping is highly durable in nature and can withstand severe conditions. 

Hot foil stamping provides aesthetic looks: One of the primary features of hot foil stamping is that they have a lustrous appeal which attracts the consumers.

Hot foil stamping can be customised: You can ask for a customised look and features in hot stamping foils.

Holostik is a leader in providing customised hot stamping foils as per your requirements. Our holographic hot stamping foils are made of high-quality materials and can be used effectively for smart packaging needs. To know more about our hot stamping foils, you can call us on +91–785-785-7000 or drop us a mail at

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Inventory Management

How inventory management software helps you to grow your business

Inventory management is important for properly managing the inventories. Inventory management ensures the proper and smooth functioning of the supply chains. Your customers rely on proper inventory management to receive orders accurately on time. In this blog, we have discussed how inventory management software helps you to grow your business.  

Improves inventory accuracy 

Inventory management software allows you to accurately count the number of products in the warehouse or elsewhere in the supply chain. With inventory accuracy you can measure your production and supply in the market. 

Helps in saving costs

Usually you have to use human resource to manage different functions in the supply chain. However, with automated inventory management system you can cut down your workforce and save your costs. In addition, the software also prevents duplication and diversion of your products thus saving your costs again. 

Enhances data visibility

Inventory management software allows you to keep an eye on product inventories. With this you can make better and informed decisions for increasing your productivity. Moreover, you can easily track the quantity of raw materials and machinery in your manufacturing facility. 

Manages stock issues

You can face timely challenges and problems in your supply chain. There are times when the right stock does not reaches to the retailer or there can be a discrepancy in the number of products in a batch. Problems like these can be easily resolved if there is a inventory management software in place.

Improves customer service

No wonder, inventory management software ensures timely delivery of products to the end consumers. Besides this the software also allows you to customise your services for the consumers according to their locations and proximity to the retail network. 

Holostik is a leading player in providing customised inventory management software to different industries. Our inventory management software is implemented using smart labels or holograms. To know more about our customised inventory management software, you can call us on +91–785-785-7000 or drop us a mail at   

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Warrenty Management

3 ways warranty management can improve your business

Every year, organisations lose a large amount of money due to warranty claims processing issues. So, there is a dire need for effective warranty management that can reduce warranty spend, improve the quality of products, increase supplier recovery and enhance end-customer satisfaction. In today’s blog, we discuss three ways automated warranty management system can improve your business. 

1. Faster claims process

An automated warranty management system in place helps to easily track warranties across the merchandise lifecycle. The system also helps in optimizing product value. The process helps in making the warranty claims process faster. It saves your ample amount of time in warranty claim evaluation which otherwise is wasted in dealing with heaps of documents in case of a manual warranty management process. 

2. Improved client satisfaction

Implementation of warranty management system improves client satisfaction manifold. The system holds an integrated data framework which ensures swifter data recall for customers and other stakeholders. The system helps in boosting brand image of the company by providing services on time. 

3. No fraud claims and low operational cost

Warranty processes and policies are important part of a business enterprise. An automated warranty management system in place helps to make the data more transparent. This reduces the chances of false claims and thus helps in improving the warranty management of the organisation. Moreover, warranty management also improves product quality considerations, customer and manufacturer relationship and operational efficiency. This together brings down the costs of the organisation. 

Holostik provides an effective warranty management process through which one can track all warranties throughout the lifecycle of the product. The process not only ensures improved customer satisfaction but increases product quality and reduces service costs. We provide customised warranty management system through smart labels or holograms incorporated with QR codes. 

When the consumer scans the QR code all the product information like manufacturing date, expiry date, warranty period etc. feeds in the database of the manufacturer. This information later helps the manufacturer, retailer and the consumer in processing warranty claims with ease.

To know more about our customised warranty management system you can call us, on +91–785-785-7000 or drop us a mail at

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Lable Manfucturers

5 mistakes you can make while choosing label manufacturers

Product labels are very important packaging products and are used in multiple industries. As a manufacturer you might also require product labels for your products. In this blog we have discussed the five mistakes you can make while choosing label manufacturers.

1. Skipping the sampling process

If you are not conducting the sampling process for product labels, then you are making a big mistake. Skipping the sampling process can land you in trouble. Assessing the quality of product samples help you determine the quality and features of the labels with ease. Your procurement manager should always check for the samples before making a purchase decision.   

2. Not visting the manufacturing site in-person

Before making the final deal, you must send your procurement manager to visit the label manufacturing facility in person. This will give you a better idea of the standard and quality of the labels. You will also be able to assess the manufacturing standards of the supplier. 

3. Compromising quality for cost

There are chances when you compromise quality over costs. This could be disastrous for your company. While for a short term you can save money by cheap quality labels, however in the long run you can face problems which can be financially disastrous in the long run.

4. Overlooking the durability factor

Product labels should be highly durable because they have to face the extreme environment of the supply chains. Poor quality labels can tear apart or get damaged and this can be a complete waste of your money. Tattered or damaged product labels are of no use, your consumer is unable to read the information on the same and they lose their main purpose. 

5. Overlooking the security factor

Skipping the security factor in product labels can be a very big mistake. Poor quality generic labels without any security features are not able to prevent duplication or counterfeiting. Always look for different security features in the labels. This can include holography, security inks, QR codes, tamper evidence and much more.

Holostik is a leading player in providing high quality security labels to different industries. Our product labels are made premium quality raw materials, incorporate best of security features and much more. To know more about our security labels, call us on +91–785-785-7000 or drop us a mail at

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Loyalty Management

3 reasons why loyalty management will grow your business

Companies across the world swear by loyalty schemes. Loyalty or reward schemes have numerous benefits. With a loyalty management system in place your company can reap many benefits from the same. In this blog we have discussed the reasons why loyalty management system will grow your business. 

Will increase customer retention

Loyalty schemes, reward points, gift coupons, help in retaining the current customers and rope in new ones. In times when your loyal customer can easily switch to your competitor, loyalty or reward points help in keeping the customers engaged with you. A loyalty management system helps to easily offer loyalty or reward points to your customers. Similarly, the customer has to just scan the QR code on the smart label or hologram to claim the loyalties or prize points. With an increased customer retention, the value of sales also increases.  

Will increase repeat purchases

Consumers are attracted to freebies and offers. A consumer will always choose a product which comes along with offers and schemes. This motivates the customers to make repeat purchase. Repeat purchases finally help in increasing the sales of your company which ultimately leads to an increased business growth. A customised loyalty management scheme helps you to achieve all this.

Will create brand loyalty among consumers

Loyalty management is intended to create brand loyalty among consumers. With regular offers, prizes and coupons you can win the trust of your consumers. Studies have shown that organisations which implement loyalty management system effectively help in growing sales and business efficiency. 

Holostik is a leading player in providing customised loyalty management solutions for your organisation. We offer loyalty systems through smart labels or holograms. Our unique supply chain solutions have increased the growth and productivity of companies across the world. To know about our customised loyalty management system, call us on +91–785-785-7000 or drop us a mail at 

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Supply Chain

5 compelling reasons you need supply chain visibility for your business

With the growth of businesses, supply chains have become more complex. In this scenario it has become increasingly difficult to assess different aspects of your supply chain for better productivity and profits. In this blog, we have discussed the importance of supply chain visibility for your business. 

1. Better inventory management 

Supply chain visibility solution allows better management of the inventory in an organisation. Due to the rising complexity of supply chains it has become challenging for you to keep an eye on different types of products in your company’s supply chain. Every different product goes through a different production process and has to reach the end consumer at a different time. Supply chain visibility lets you manage all these issue successfully 

2. Raw material management 

Keeping a record of raw material in your supply chain can be a daunting task. From the storage of raw materials to their usage in production and to the placement of leftover can be challenging. However, with the application of supply chain visibility you can track the status of raw material in real time at different stages of the supply chain.    

3. Product tracking 

An increased risk of product diversion and counterfeiting can give you sleepless nights. But, with supply chain visibility in place you can prevent all of these. Supply chain visibility solution allows you to keep a track of products in the supply chain and also identifies any blockages in the same. 

4. Lowers delay process 

A product not reaching the end consumer on time is of no use. This affects your sales and brand reputation. In order to prevent this supply chain visibility is highly important for your organisation. It allows better coordination between different stakeholders of the supply chain and thus prevents any form of delay in the process.

5. Raises business profit level 

Companies using supply chain visibility for their organisations have shown effective results. It helps you to easily monitor different stages of your supply chain, assess the production control and moreover lets you to improve the cost effectiveness. In a nutshell, supply chain visibility helps you raise your profit levels.

Holostik is a leading player in providing supply chain visibility solutions for your business. Our solutions include product tracking, inventory management, loyalty management and much more. To know more you can, call us on +91–785-785-7000 or drop us a mail at

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Holostik India

How preventing fake products will triple your consumers

Fake products are a big threat for your company’s growth. Moreover, they infringe your trademarks and copyrights, steal your product innovation and most importantly downsize your consumer base.

With the help of anti-duplication solutions, you can deter counterfeiters from copying your products and its packaging. This definitely prevents the sale of fake products in the market and your consumers only purchase your genuinely manufactured products. Market studies have shown that the sale of fake products drastically brings down your consumer base every year. Companies loose thousands of consumers every year to counterfeits. Therefore, taking steps to curb down the sale of counterfeits increase your consumers manifolds.  

Preventing duplication leverage your sales. If there is no availability of fake products, then your consumers buy only genuine items. Moreover, people who knowingly buy fakes are also compelled to buy only genuine goods. This positive trend upscales your sales growth manifold from which you can make new business strategies to rope in more new consumers. 

The sale of fake products not just hinders the financial growth of your company but also impacts your brand image. Continuous negative news of fake products in the market deters your investors, consumers and other stakeholders. No wonder, in a highly competitive market consumer don’t think twice and instantly switch over to your competitor. 

Therefore, preventing fake products instils a sense of confidence in every individual who doubts about your product or your company’s image. With a strong brand image and market reputation you can expand your market presence in diverse geographies and further increase your consumer base. 

Preventing duplication stops monetary losses, fortifies supply chains and boosts brand image. These together help in increasing your consumers up to three times. 

Holostik is an leader in the anti-duplication industry and has been securing companies worldwide from the menace of fake products. We provide customised anti-duplication and supply chain visibility solutions for you. To know more about our products and solutions, call us on +91–785-785-7000 or drop us a mail at  

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5 tips about product labels from industry experts

Product labels showcase the product’s information and enhance the brand appeal. With the growth of packaging industry, labels are being used for a variety of purposes. To know about the same, we got in touch with the best of industry experts. In this blog, we are sharing the top five tips which we got from them.   

1. Prevent duplication

Labels should have anti-duplication features that prevent counterfeiting. A drop down in the scale of product counterfeiting will certainly increase your company’s profits, boost your brand’s image and most importantly increase your consumer base. Product labels can incorporate security features like holography, security inks, guilloche patterns, digital QR codes and much more.     

2. Ensure supply chain visibility

Product labels incorporated with QR codes or bar codes can help in the implementation of supply chain management solutions. This lets you to monitor your inventory at different stages of the supply chain. Moreover, supply chain visibility allows you to determine the current and utilised stock of raw materials, location of inventories in the warehouse and the inventory which needs to be sent to the retail.      

3. Implement loyalty programs

Product labels can be used to implement loyalty schemes, offers, discounts etc. Labels incorporated with QR codes are used to offer such schemes. Your consumers can avail the offers or schemes by scanning the QR codes. Organizations benefit hugely from such programs, their consumer base increases, and they witness a surge in sales and profits. 

4. Manage warranties

Smart labels or product labels with QR codes can be used to manage product warranties. Some benefits include tracking product warranty through its lifecycle, improved customer satisfaction and reduction in service costs. 

5. Prevent tampering and adulteration

Besides copying your products, forgers or counterfeiters can tamper with your product packaging and the contents of your products. For this you can use text tamper evident or pattern tamper evident labels. Most of the labels are used as seals on the cap of bottles, opening flap of mono cartons etc. Any attempt to tamper or alter with the same can alert you and prevent possible losses in the future. 

Holostik is an industry leader in catering customised product labels for different industries. We manufacture premium quality labels made with high quality raw materials. To know more about our labels you can call us on +91–785-785-7000 or drop us a mail at  

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5 secrets of smart packaging that you must know

Packaging plays an important role in safeguarding the product until it reaches the end consumer. However, with changing times as supply chains become more complex, packaging has become smart. Today, packaging is incorporated with advanced features like product authentication, augmented reality, tracking and much more. In this blog, we have discussed the five secrets of smart packaging to make better choices for your products.


Poor packaging can make your products highly susceptible to counterfeiting. This brings down your sales and brand image. The answer to this is smart packaging incorporated with security features which cannot be copied. Such packaging also helps in product tracking and tracing & ensures the safety of supply chains. 

2.Tamper evident

As incidents related to product tampering and counterfeiting continue to rise, packaging needs to have tamper evident qualities. This can include text tamper or pattern evident features. With this quality, forgers and counterfeiters find it hard to tamper with or adulterate your product. Tamper evident features can be customized as per your specific needs.  

3.High sustainability

With numerous environmental regulations in place, it has become important for you to use a highly sustainable packaging. Smart packaging must be made with materials that are not harmful for the environment with minimum carbon footprint. 

4.Enhanced consumer interface 

An important feature of smart packaging is that it should boost consumer interface. Packaging incorporated with digital QR codes can help in collecting consumer feedbacks, implementing loyalty schemes, managing warranties and other supply chain solutions. Besides this with the use of augmented reality you can add information to packaging which cannot be seen in the first look.  

5.Ample product information

Smart packaging can be used to show ample amount of product information. This can be done with the help of QR codes which can store large amount of information related to the product. This includes product information, batch number, expiry date, instructions, precautions and much more. 

Holostik is a leading player in providing anti-duplication, smart packaging and supply chain visibility solutions. We have catered to more than 90 countries around the world. To know more about our products and solutions call us on +91–785-785-7000 or drop us a mail at

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