Labels in Packaging Industry

The way of making an ordinary product into an extraordinary one or the reason why one picks a product can be attributed to labelling. Labelling is nothing but specific way of merchandising. No wonder, packaging is a silent salesperson for a product and it simply enhances the shelf life of a product.

As we all know the augmented marketing mix and the physical evidence plays a vital role in determining the buying pattern of a consumer or a customer and this is where the label comes into picture.

Labels can be game changer for a product and the simplest way for Market Penetration.

What is Labelling?

The art of applying or implementing labels over a product or specifically designing labels for a product is called labelling. Labels can be majorly divided into two categories depending upon their application viz. Paper label and Filmic Label.

A comprehensive classification for labels is as follows.

Types of Labels

(1.) PSL-Pressure Sensitive Labels/Self Adhesive Labels/Supported Labels

(a) Paper Labels which can be normal paper label or secure paper label.

(b) Filmic Labels which can be several types of viz. PP, PE, PET, Metalized Film, COC etc.

(c) Secure Filmic Labels which may have several security features and that will make them very hard to duplicate viz. Holographic Strip, Different Security Pattern with the help of some software, Security inks, Spot Holography, Hot Stamping Foil and Screen Printing.

(d) Special Purpose Label which is having certain tailor-made solution as per the product requirement viz. water indicator label or special film labels like UDV, Void etc.

(e) Smart Labels which is having a QR code and that can be useful for several operations viz Authentication, Loyalty, Supply Chain Management etc.

(f) 3D Labels which are the labels with generic and customized lens effects, and they are developed by using PET film.

(2.) Unsupported/Wet Glue Labels

(a) Normal Unsupported Labels like Beer Labels.

(b) Secure Unsupported Labels like certain Pharma Labels.

So, in a nutshell labels are the most potent way for the transformation of a product and we at Holostik India have the expertise and legacy in this segment and are fully equipped with high end machineries and  have the best expertise of the packaging and labelling industry.

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