Are you planning to start a new venture? If you’ve set your foot in the world of business, and still don’t have any idea of managing the flow of goods in your system; well, this article has got you covered!


What is Inventory Management?


Inventory management is defined as having the right products at the right place & time. As simple as it may sound, without proper planning and organization, you are not very far from falling into a soup of problems that will hinder the process of your hard-earned business.


It’s a chain where each one in the pyramid right from the sourcing department to the retailers has equal roles to play.


Manufacturing companies, marketing and sales, all prefer more inventory. Deciphering problems in warehouse management by increasing the storage area and possessing knowledge about the number of warehouses in a particular area will also demand more inventory.


Let’s see this with a simple example.


A customer comes to a retail shop to buy a particular item. It isn’t available there, so the manager sends an employee to the warehouse to check. If there’s still no stock there, they need to contact the manufacturing unit that has to eventually contact the sourcing department for the supply of raw materials.


Due to mismanagement of the retailer, there’s a line of problems created which could be easily solved if the retailer had invested time and money in a reliable inventory management solution.


3 Main Reasons You Need Inventory Management


Saves time


Having a clear knowledge of the number of supplies at a given moment cuts off unnecessary running of employees here and there to check the warehouses. Instead, they can invest this time in some other fruitful tasks.


Saves money


Buying bulk of goods that have good demand is beneficial as it cuts down the overall cost to the company. Moreover, there’s no obstruction of cash flow from the customer.


Customer satisfaction


Market trends are ever-changing and if you can provide what the customer wants, not only do you retain a customer but also satisfy their need. There are various methods you can put these into practice. Preparing spreadsheets, ABC analysis, bulk shipment, demand forecasting, drop shipping, six sigma to name a few.


Do you think this is too much to handle?


If you want someone you can trust for warehouse management solutions, Holostik has your back. Founded in 1991, this company has been giving visible results with 100% customer satisfaction for three decades.


We are among few companies with CMMI Level 3 certification and have a team of inhouse software developers who can cater custom warehouse management solutions for your business. Our QR code printed labels or holograms can help implement warehouse management with ease. Right from the stock count, stock supply and customer satisfaction, you’ll get everything here!


Invest in the best inventory management solution today and reach your highest potential tomorrow! To know more about our products and solutions call us on 9905-124-124 or drop us a mail at

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Most marketers will agree to the fact that applying branding to products is very important. Shrink sleeves is the best option if you are thinking about great coverage for your products. In the past few years, this form of labelling has garnered immense popularity precisely because of the way it looks very classy. If you are still brainstorming for the best branding method for your containers, shrink sleeves are the way to go! These are usually printed colored labels applied with heat so that the label takes the form of the container or can where you are applying.

Types Of Shrink Sleeves:

There are quite a few variants, however, some of the most popular ones include:


  1. Neck-Band Sleeves:

These are very often addressed as tamper-evident sleeves. There is an extra layer of protection that goes over the neck of the container in the form of a label.


  1. Multi-Pack Sleeves: 

As the name suggests, these labels are usually wrapped around multiple products of the same genre as it helps in classification.


  1. Full Body Shrink Sleeves: 

Most commonly known as the shrink sleeves, these labels are usually wrapped around the entire container. However, the inclusion of the cap is a personal preference.


  1. Partial Body Sleeves:

These are also commonly addressed as belly bands, and most often they cover a part of the container but not the entire body.

Advantages of Shrink Sleeve Packaging:

Although a little bit new in the industry, shrink sleeve packaging has garnered a lot of popularity because of the following benefits:


  • They help to give the product a unique as well as classy branding. The inclusivity of the brand gets the best representation.
  • With a neck-back or any other heat shrink label, your product becomes temper-evident. It further enhances consumer confidence in your products.
  • The shrink sleeves packaging can easily be recycled as well. Hence, unlike other forms of packaging, these are extremely sustainable.
  • You can trust the durability of shrink sleeves with closed eyes. The material shrink sleeves are made up is extremely durable. The manufacturers use materials like plastic films and polyester in the production of this kind of labelling. It means shrink sleeves can stand harsh conditions like humidity and extreme temperature without leaving an impact on the product.

Which Industries Use Shrink Sleeve Packaging?

The use of shrink sleeve packaging is quite widespread, and you can find the following industries using them on a widespread scale:


  1. The food and beverage industry
  2. Personal care as well as beauty industries.
  3. Major leading home care brands.
  4. Pet Care Industry
  5. Automotive industries produce substances like cleaners and additives.


What is The Application Process of Shrink Sleeves?

It is a very technical process and usually involves the work of special machines. During application, the sleeve is placed over the product and then the heat-shrink process and steam tunnel upholds the label to the product’s body very smoothly.

Trust only the Best

In case, you also are interested in shrink sleeve labelling for your products but are worried about which option to choose from, it is best that you trust the experts. Holostik has been serving in the industry for quite some time and have developed expertise in shrink sleeve manufacturing. All our packages are affordable, and this ensures that you do not have to spend a lot of money. Printed shrink sleeves are the future of labelling and the persona it adds to your products is simply remarkable.

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In today’s omnichannel fulfilment market consumers can buy, exchange, or return products from any location. To meet their demands, businesses must respond with warehouse management software that maximizes fulfilment capabilities.

A warehouse management solutions (WMS) is a software solution that provides visibility into a company’s inventory while managing supply chain fulfilment activities from the warehouse to the retail store shelf.

What Are the Functions of Warehouse Management Solutions?

Some major functions of warehouse management solutions are as follows:

  • When a product is dispatched, a warehouse management solutions can help reduce the chances of an error. The system can also assist a corporation in fulfilling orders and tracking ordered products throughout the warehouse in real-time.
  • Warehouse design allows businesses to adjust workflow to ensure that the warehouse is set up for optimal inventory allocation. The WMS creates bin slotting to maximize storage space and adjust for seasonal inventory fluctuations.
  • Inventory Management makes it possible to use current tracking, automatic identification, and data capture technology like RFID and barcode scanners to ensure that commodities are located when they need to move.
  • Receiving and putting away allows warehouse workers to locate products by putting them away and retrieving them, often using pick-to-light or pick-to-voice technology.
  • Zone picking, wave picking, and batch picking are all methods of picking and packing products. Pick-and-pack jobs can also be guided most by using lot zoning and task interleaving techniques.

The Benefits of Using a Cloud-Based Warehouse Management Solutions

Since the internet and digital technology impacts supplier markets, change customer purchasing behaviours, and increase supply chain complexity, fulfilment operations must respond with their own digitally connected solution. The advantages of using cloud-based Warehouse Management Solutions are numerous:

  • Versatility and scalability

In today’s world, efficiency is essential. WMS’s cloud-based solution provides the scalability you need to rapidly expand your supply chain operations in response to changing market conditions. To deal with peak seasons and other changes, scale up or down as appropriate. When fresh opportunities occur, you’ll be ready.

  • Low implementation costs

Cloud-based warehouse management solutions are managed without the need for hardware, software, or IT personnel. As a result, they have cheaper initial and recurring expenditures than on-premises systems. They also don’t necessitate changes or modifications, which can be expensive with on-premises systems. On-premises system upgrades can be costly, as they often include reinstalling and reconfiguring software as well as, in some circumstances, updating hardware.

  • Quick installation

To stay competitive in the new fulfilment economy, you must adapt quickly. You can quickly scale up your supply chain using a cloud-based system. Powerful logistics capabilities are available in weeks rather than months. Warehouse Management Cloud is pre-integrated with several systems to handle complex, multi-channel fulfilment processes.

What Should a ‘Modern’ Warehouse Management Solutions Include?

This means you can use a fast implementation strategy to get up and running rapidly on the system, and you can make software changes over time to address new difficulties.

This adaptability is crucial when it comes to tailoring the system to your client or industry requirements. It’s also crucial to find a system that can withstand the test of time. You need not only essential capabilities now, but you also need to be able to continue on the upgrade route as new advancements are introduced and you want your warehouse management system to keep up with them.

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Those gleaming seals on the tops of your medicine bottles? Holographic induction sealing wads, also known as an induction liner, looks like that. Wads prevent pills from being spilled, contaminated, or broken, as well as illegal dealers from selling medicinal products. They are named holographic wads since they employ holograms to showcase the emblem or trademark of the business being marketed.

How are These Seals Made?

Our company produces induction sealing wads by first bonding a holographic foil with aluminum foil to offer further security to bottle caps. To make them moisture-resistant, a coating of wax is applied first, followed by yet another application of LDPE(low-density polyethylene).

These caps are heated throughout the processing and packaging phase. It causes the wax to dissolve and adhere to all the layers securely. Our company, Holostik, expertly manufactures security holograms. We take great care to create high-quality induction sealing wads to guarantee that the medications within are not interfered with.

Benefits of Sealing Wad and Why it is a Necessary Investment

Tamper Proof

Prevents tampering, manipulation, and adulteration of the properties of the mixture from manufacturing to the user.

The freshness of the items

Ensures that the flavor and fragrance of the goods are preserved till consumption or usage, thanks to the induction sealing wads.

Prevention from Spillage, Corrosion, and Degradation

The ingredients of the product are not split or lost. The seal is an excellent way to protect medicines and reagents against contamination that may compromise purity and efficiency.

Least work

The induction sealing wads are placed in the cap by the manufacturer. As a result, just the induction cap sealing machine needs to be placed on the filling line.

Indirect Heat

Induction heat treatment allows heat-sensitive items such as lotions, oil products, insecticides, and other chemicals to be sealed more efficiently and smoothly than traditional conductive heat sealing, which might deteriorate or catch fire.

Promotional Sales

On the interior, there is a foil that may be utilized for advertising or marketing.

Holographic Wads in Various Forms

There are different types of induction liners, with holographic liners being one of them. Other variations are available depending on the client’s and product’s requirements. They are as follows:

  • Overprinting on holographic wads
  • Black bottleneck printing
  • Mirror transfer wads
  • Pressure-sensitive wads
  • Peel and release wads
  • Customized wads with lids

Where Are They Used?

As you would expect, these induction sealing wads aren’t simply utilized in the pharmaceutical sector to print brands or symbols over bottles; they are also employed in a variety of other industries that require leak-proof packaging, such as:

  • As previously stated, they are used for bottles, medical strips, labels, and seals in the healthcare industry.
  • They are primarily used as seals to keep lubricants like oil, petrol, and grease from leaking out.
  • These seals are frequently found below the entrance of tetra packs of milk or milk products such as curd bottles and cheese cubes.
  • Juices, jellies, sauces, fully prepared foods, and anything else that demands the item to be fresh and undamaged fall under this category.
  • Personal Grooming, Cosmetic and beauty goods closures, and seals.
  • Agrochemicals, such as pesticides and insecticides, require hologram liners and seals to avoid leakage.

Why your Business Needs Induction Sealing Wads

As one of the world’s top makers of induction liners and seals, our company Holostik is known for creating unique and personalized holograms for high-quality seals that prevent duplication and eliminate leakage.

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Various business organizations in the current times are constantly focusing on identifying ways to improve their supply chain management system. They employ all possible means in this direction. Track and trace solutions are among them because every business nowadays requires real-time tracking of their goods and shipments for the better supply chain management.


This is the reason why we at Holostik provide our clients with end-to-end and comprehensive GS1 track and trace solutions for expanding the efficiency of their supply chain management.

Why Choose our Extensive Track and Trace Solutions?

Regardless of where your business stands, the global marketplace has been pretty turbulent lately. That is not all; the standard methods in a supply chain have grown much more challenging globally. Still, there is an extensive assortment of regulations that an organization must comply with when operating globally.


This is the reason why your supply chain management demands to be extremely flexible and capable of adapting to evolving global requirements promptly.


At Holostik, we understand all these concerns, and hence we have built excellent track and trace solutions that are perfect for catering to the supply chain management needs of all business sectors. By using our end-to-end-track and trace solutions, you can easily reduce product duplications and generate a higher return on your investments and a competitive edge in the market.


Mentioned below are a few more reasons why you must go for our track and trace solutions for your supply chain management.

  • Reduces the chance of product duplication

One of the most significant problems that business enterprises face during their supply chain management is to overcome the difficulty of product duplication.

By choosing out track and trace solutions, you can easily track your products for any duplication and identify and fix problems early to reduce the duplication possibilities and save your valuable time for other operations.

  • Increase efficiency

With our comprehensive track and trace solutions in place, you can increase your functional and operational efficiency by an automatic and immediate update in your books of accounts, leading to zero human errors and delayed supplies and vendor payments.

Apart from this, fewer reconciliation requirements enhance the speed of transactions and diminish the expenses for the organizations.

  • Better Inventory management

The most significant reason to invest in our business is that we understand how the mismanagement of inventories can lead to substantial losses for your business.

This is the reason why we have developed extensive and far-reaching track and trace solutions that allow you to manage your inventory in a better way. In addition to this, our track and trace solutions can further enhance on-time delivery by regulating all activities across your supply chain and point towards more efficient demand planning.

  • Reduce operation time

Lack of automated track and trace solutions can take up a lot of your valuable business time in manual tracking and paperwork, which is additionally more prone to human errors. By choosing our automated track and trace solutions, you can reduce your operations time greatly.


You can foster better interaction and collaboration between suppliers, partners, and distributors. After looking at the points mentioned above, you can infer that you can have a more centralized view of your supply chain with the right track and trace solutions.


Holostik is a market leader in presenting high-grade track and trace solutions tailored to your distinct industry needs. We hold the expertise of more than 3 decades in this industry. Our impeccable assistance and bug-free software solutions always ensure high-level profit and productivity.


So, what are you waiting for? Try Holostik’s track and trace solutions to avoid any losses due to supply chain inefficiency.

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Ever wondered what revenue stamps on liquor bottles signify? Or what is the reason behind using printed labels on different products? In this blog, we will clarify the importance of using these security packaging solutions for your products.


What are revenue stamps& security labels?


Revenue stamps are security packaging solutions used by authorities to prevent counterfeiting and collect taxes on tobacco, alcoholic drinks, and other items. Security labels are used to protect the products from counterfeiting, provide product information, and enhance the product’s visual appeal.


Why is it mandatory to affix revenue stamps and security labels?


Revenue stamps determine if tax has been paid on the products or not. Moreover, revenue stamps deter counterfeiters from adulterating or tampering with products. Tax stamps embedded with QR codes enables authorities, supply chain inspectors, and manufacturers to easily track and trace the product in supply chain and prevent any fraudulent activity. Multiple layers of security printing, holography, and digital QR codes in revenue stamps ensure the high safety of such products.


As the value of fake products reaches 1 lakh crore in India, manufacturers are finding it hard to fight legal battles and invest in new packaging. Security labels embedded with anti-counterfeit features and QR codes can play a decisive role in preventing the sale of fake products. The labels can be customized as per the requirements of the customer and provides a comprehensive supply chain monitoring of every single product.




We are one of the largest suppliers of anti-counterfeiting solutions globally. We aim towards providing the best services and make them fraudulent-free.


Our security labels are made of high-quality materials to provide durability. We provide a better market drive through our aesthetic and high-tech designs. Holostik’s revenue stamps are incorporated with digital QR codes and security printing features. Our stamps are secure to promote safe sales and eradicate duplication.


Holostik makes authentication easy for agencies. It has digital tracking codes to make products trackable, traceable, and avoid duplication. We help to promote the sales of quality liquor that is trusted by the government.We ensure the safety of products through our high-end printing techniques. Our products are developed in-house under 24 hours surveillance.


Our sophisticated designs increase the brand value of products. We are capable of providing nanotech optical images. Get our high-end stamps and security labels to make your products safe from duplication and counterfeiting practices.

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The product labels are normally designed to showcase the product information & enhance brand appeal by having multi-coloured graphic design, logo & a list of product ingredients, but do they really excite customer & help you drive traffic towards your brand? Today the challenge for brands lies in replacing the three seconds of ‘at-shelf’ experience with a meaningful social media message to drive e-commerce growth & increase customer engagement loops. With continual technology upgradations, the scope of a product label in branding & consumer engagement is constantly getting upgraded too. Let us explore some of them:

1. Consumer engagement is a two-way communication process

Product labels now can be used for implementing loyalty schemes, offers, discounts coupons, provide information on recipes, using QR Codes / NFC/RFID & Block Chain. Brands should consider these tools to build a deeper relationship with consumers alongside an understanding of their products which will help them increase their consumer base and a surge in sales and profits. 

For example, a scannable label carrying Facebook Messenger codes allows consumers to connect directly to the Brand’s Facebook Messenger page, via their smartphones, and interact with a sophisticated ‘chat bot’ driven by artificial intelligence software. Besides offering consumers a personalized, login-free engagement via their Facebook profiles, this ‘Chat-Bot” can also provide product information, get customer feedback & engage customer by facilitating entry to the ‘Spin and Win’ competition

2. Giving back to your customers

There are many ways in which you can give back to your customers, some of which can be included into the label design. For example, you could include coupons for special offers using peel and reveal label design, or you could use the same label technology to create booklets for customers to fill out for a competition. Another option is to use QR code printing technology& link it to a social media page or a website which will provide the customer with the ability to fill out a form and take part in the competition.

3. Prevent Counterfeiting & Anti Tampering & Prevent Adulteration

Counterfeiting is a social evil & most brands are not secure against it. They are also spending heavily to counter the menace of counterfeiting. Product labels can incorporate security features like holography, security inks, guilloche patterns, digital QR codes and much more to prevent counterfeiting, tampering, adulteration etc. This boosts your company’s profits, enhances your brand’s image, and most importantly increases your consumer base.

4. Supply chain visibility & Managing Product Warranty, Marketing Campaign Etc.

Product labels incorporated with QR codes or bar codes can help in the implementation of supply chain management solutions, warranty management solution, authentication solutions, marketing campaigns, payment collection & so much more.

Look at this latest example of how a product label can change the customer perception about your brand. Here is how it all works:


  1. The Word  “100% WHEY” comes out so clear that it draws customers attention towards it.

  2. The Lens design depicting the human body is thoughtfully crafted to depict the power the product gives to the customer.

  3. This is followed by a lenticular certification design which instils the sense of trust & increases consumer confidence.

  4. Lastly, “Scan Me” QR Code takes customer to the brand website where customer engagement activity & customer feedback cycle can be initiated very easily.

Holostik is an industry leader in catering customised product labels for different industries. We manufacture premium quality labels made with high quality raw materials. To know more about our labels, you can call us on +91-9905-124-124 or drop us a mail at   

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Consumers today spend just a few seconds making a decision at the store shelf to identify themselves with a brand. The label is the most obvious means to communicate and associate your brand with the consumer. This is an important part of a customer journey. Ironically when brand owners look for cost reduction of their packaging, often target labels first which contributes very marginal to the entire cost of the package.

This article examines the total cost associated with label decoration & tries to highlight the missing elements in cost comparison between different labelling technologies. Companies typically look only at material costs based on the relatively straight price-per-thousand-labels approach when comparing different decoration technologies. It is an easy but incomplete analysis because if you want an accurate assessment, you have to include other application factors related to operations, logistics and maintenance.

Examining each cost associated with different decorative technologies can definitely influence which labelling method provides the best and most costeffective options.There are many labelling choices available – direct print, wet-glue,
in-mould, shrink sleeves and pressure-sensitive.

One needs to look at the full cost of applying alternate decoration technologies to the package & compare both technologies together to bring more realistic perspective on the cost to decorate a package. The comparison needs to consider range of factors that includes cost and efficiency of label application, investment in capital equipment
and machinery change parts, logistics, and inventory control, application flexibility, application speed & downtime.


Total Cost Elements


Price/Thousand Labels
  • Material Cost
  • Printing & Conversion Cost
  • Manufacturing Window/Lead Times
Other Costs
  • Application Equipment Investment
  • Application Speed
  •  Application Downtime
  •  Logistics & Inventory Control


Soft Costs which are often missed are:

In-mould Labelling Applications

  1. Typically, a manufacturer needs to store large quantities of pre-labelled containers on-site to cope with demand variables.
  2. Different flavours, fragrances, new product introductions, regional promotions, etc., have to be considered when a product is produced. These factors create complexity when running different labels on the same line, along with more downtime when changing between variations, which ultimately increases labour and production
  3. Pre-decorated containers also need extra storage space and inventory management costs, as well as obsolescence costs for containers that cannot be used due to SKU or label change.

Glue Applied Labels

  1. Additional time needed for machine setups and start-ups with glue-applied applications,
  2.  Downtime that occurs during change-over,
  3. Messy clean-ups and machine maintenance activities,
  4. Cost of misapplied labels and the significant costs of change parts.

Understanding total cost comparison can help brand owners make better informed packaging decisions versus relying on just cost-per-thousand comparisons. Apart from the tangible benefits that one considers while costing, a true brand owner also needs to consider the intangible benefits & value addition a particular technology brings on the table. Some points to ponder here are:

Shelf Appeal & Its impact on consumers decision

  • Outstanding print graphics & visual effects
  • Enables sub-surface printing technology & No-Label Look
  • Supports dynamic label shapes, visual, tactile, & other sensory effects
  • Sophisticated and contemporary image


  • Nearly unlimited choice of label materials – Clear Films, Metallic Foils, Holographic & Lens effect films, Textured, Tactile Finish Papers, Color Radiant & Luminescent Papers.
  • Suitability for a broad variety of container types & materials
  • Various decorative techniques including metallic inks, cold foil and hot foil stamping, thermal sensitive inks, reactive, conductive & non conductive inks

Functional advantages

  • Sustainability & Recycling
  • Security, integrity, & track-n-trace features (e.g. Tamper, RFID, Barcodes)
  • Convenience – Reclose & Removable, No Stain Effect, Conformability
  • On-product promotions
  • Durability & longevity

Capital & Operational Efficiency

  • Labeling speeds & line capacities
  • Process scrap rates
  • Setup, cleanup, & changeover times
  • Physical inventory & carrying costs
  • Opportunity Costs

Wide variety & diversity of printing and converting techniques available in pressure sensitive labelling, In mould labelling, shrink sleeves & glue applied labelling such as metallic inks, embossing, and hot and cold foiling, to sub-surface printing and resealable designs can help CPG brands accelerate sales growth.

In mould label eliminates the use of adhesives and the issues that adhesives can cause during the application process. IMLs are also more durable and tamper proof as they are permanently integrated within the finished injection molded part, so something like condensation from the product will not cause any issues. These are ideal for use with high volume products because they can make a big impact. IML can be done on any side, top or bottom of a container, giving lots of real estate for your decoration, brand message.

Glue applied labelling is most prevalent in the beverage industry, which uses the blow moulding process to manufacture their typically round, cylindrical, or curved containers. It is a technical alternative to the IML process for those who wish to decorate their round, cylindrical, or curved containers with high-quality graphic
images. Although glue applied labels are not permanent, they nonetheless offer a vast choice of films (thin, thick), inks, and finishes (special coatings, foil-stamping, embossing, etc.). Glue applied labels are an advantageous and economical choice, accommodating both short-run or high-volume production quantities.

One of the biggest advantages of shrink sleeve labels over other technologies is that it can wrap around an entire container/cover for a product, giving the customer essentially 360-degrees viewing area even to different & difficult contours of containers. Shrink sleeve labels can fit many differently shaped containers where traditionally made product labels might not. Shrink sleeves have an added benefit in terms of adding security in a sense we can extend the sleeve up the neck of the product to create a tamper-evident holographic seal to increase security.

Different & difficult application substrates limits the possibility of innovation & packaging design most of the time. For E.g: Bags, boxes and tubes; glass, rigid and semi-rigid plastic, or “squeezable” bottles; stand-up, zippered or freezable pouches; to re-closures, lidding applications, folding cartons, gusseted bags, single-servers— every package can be made more appealing with a pressure-sensitive label.Due to the ease of application, different shapes, sizes and designs, pressure-sensitive labels can be applied with minimal changeover costs. This flexibility enables
promotional labels, regionalization, seasonal specials and themed campaigns to be deployed more cost-effectively. Security elements like tamper-proof labels, and item-level tracking through RFID labels can also be implemented.

Looking at the complete picture

CPG companies and brand owners have many options to decorate and promote their products Each decorating alternative must be carefully evaluated before making a decision, but most of the times it is the label and graphics that ultimately drives a consumer’s decision to purchase

Hence selecting the most appropriate method of product decorative technology requires taking a holistic view of the costs associated with different decorative technologies, cost benefit analysis & benefits of intangible advantages it offers for brands to be consumers preferred choice in the crowded market place.

What do we offer?

Holostik India Ltd. with its 40+ years of experience in security & printing industry expertise helps CPG companies acquire a larger market place by comparing different decoration technologies. As a solution expert, we are equipped to handle all types of labelling technologies available in the industry & hence are never biased towards promoting anyone technology over other which instils a sense of trust in the minds of brand owners & offers significant brand value. We educate companies about the overall value labels can deliver to the brand, as well as the operation. For
more information about our products & services, please visit

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The data on the web (content, images, graphics, videos etc) has surpassed all levels. The ever-increasing data is increasing exponentially every second and now we have Big Data!


This is just the beginning of data revolution which will change our businesses and our lives altogether. According to a report by Forbes, there is an explosion of data and more data is created in the past two years than in the entire previous history of the human race. By 2020, about 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created every second for every human being on the planet.


There is a massive growth in video and photo data, where every minute up to 300 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube. By the end of 2017, nearly 80% of photos will be taken on smartphones.


The mass increase in data invariably means that the storage devices have to be extremely efficient in order to store this avalanche of unlimited data and for backing up purposes.


There is no dearth of storage devices like USB drives, flash drives, hard drives in the market for storing and backing up data. But beware, there are numerous cases of fake storage drives and devices in the market.


Loss of important data and files is a big loss especially when you have not stored it anywhere else. Imagine, you saved a very important file in your drive and when you needed it, it wasn’t there. Feels like a nightmare?


Well, we are not here to scare you but to educate you to be very cautious while purchasing your storage device the next time. We bring you some important tips to keep in mind while purchasing a hard drive.


  1. The Feeling of Spinning Vibration– The portable hard disk drives comes with a real 2.5-inch IDE/SATA hard disk drive fitted inside them. There is also circuit board that acts as a USB to IDE interface controller.

When an original portable disk drive is connected to the computer or a USB power source, it starts spinning and one can feel the vibration of spinning by placing a hand on the disk drive. One can also hear the spinning of the drive by bringing ears close to the drive. Since there are no mechanical moving parts in fake hard drives, one cannot hear any spinning or feel any vibration.

  1. Check the Device Manager– Connect the portable hard drive to Windows PC, and open the device manager (Win+R, type devmgmt.msc, press Enter) and check for the device name. The device name should match the portable drive brand.

You would not see anything or will see something else in case of the fake drives.

  1. Format the Portable Drive– The common practice of counterfeiters is that they modify the file table of the fake portable drives to make it look like a large size disk like 2 TB while it is only a few megabytes flash disk in reality.

To identify this and reveal the real size of the drive, format the disk drive in Windows using the FAT32 file system and it will reset the file table to reveal the true disk size of the portable drive.

These are few simple methods that will help you spot a fake portable external hard drive. We urge you to stay away from fake or counterfeited products by shopping only from reputed showrooms and online shopping websites

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In the field of packaging hot stamping is the process of using heat and pressure to apply metallic foil or holographic foil on materials like paper boards, papers, laminated boards, corrugated boxes etc. The stamping process is durable, cost effective and flexible. Due to its numerous features hot foil stamping is now being used in multiple industries. 


Lately, the process is being used on a wide range of products to give a decorative look and provide anti-counterfeiting features. Some of the industries where hot foil stamping is used include luxury goods packaging, tobacco, pharma, food and on product labels of high-end products. Foil stamping is also used in gift wrapping, wedding invitations, and much more. 


Hot stamping holographic foils are made up of multiple layers. The layers include a polyester carrier, a release liner, a layer of lacquer, images etc. In the hot foil stamping process heated die forces the foil against a substrate which is held firm by a counter cylinder. The double combination of pressure and heat activates the adhesive lining and the foil attaches to the substrate 


Hot foil stamping offers many benefits which can summarized under the following points:


Hot stamping is durable: The packaging of your product has to face harsh environment of the supply chain. Hot stamping is highly durable in nature and can withstand severe conditions. 


Hot foil stamping provides aesthetic looks: One of the primary features of hot foil stamping is that they have a lustrous appeal which attracts the consumers.


Hot foil stamping can be customised: You can ask for a customised look and features in hot stamping foils.


Holostik is a leader in providing customised hot stamping foils as per your requirements. Our holographic hot stamping foils are made of high-quality materials and can be used effectively for smart packaging needs. To know more about our hot stamping foils, you can call us on +91–785-785-7000 or drop us a mail at

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