Due to the rise of fake products globally, it has become highly important to use product authentication solutions. Some of the widely used product authentication solutions include smart labels or holograms. These solutions help in instant product authentication and has multiple benefits. In this blog, we have discussed how product authentication can boost your business growth.  

Prevents counterfeiting, tampering and diversion.

Product authentication prevents the sales of fake products. It also brings down the chances of tampering, adulteration and diversion. In the anti-counterfeiting industry product authentication is of two types i.e. physical and digital. While physical product authentication is done through holography, security inks and other overt and covert features, digital authentication utilises QR codes, bar codes etc. The latest trend in product authentication is an amalgamation of physical and digital authentication for example a product label or hologram with QR code.  

Ensures smooth functioning of the supply chain 

QR code-based security labels or holograms allows you to instantly verify the genuineness of the product. This functionality helps in easy authentication of products at different stages of the supply chain. Integrated security hologram or label has both holographic and digital features. While the digital features can be scanned with the help of mobile based scanner or machines, the holographic features are verified by supply chain inspectors etc. 

Empowers your end consumer 

Due to the rise of counterfeiting across the world, your consumer is always at the risk of receiving fake products. Smart labels or holograms affixed to your products help in instantly verifying the genuineness of the product. This increases the consumer’s trust in your brand. Besides this you can also offer a wide range of supply chain management solutions through smart labels or holograms.

Holostik is a leading player in catering product authentication through holography and digital QR codes. Our integrated authentication solutions provide double edged security for your products. We also offer supply chain solutions like warranty management, inventory management, loyalty management, marketing/promotional campaign and many more. 

To know more about product authentication solutions, you can call us on +91–785-785-7000 or drop us a mail at connect@holostik.com.   

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In a highly competitive market, your loyal customers can easily leave you for your competitors. This can bring down your sales and profits. In order to prevent the grim situation, organisations world over are using customised reward or loyalty management systems. In this blog, we describe the three key benefits of the same for your business.  

1. Retention of existing customers

Customer retention is highly important for your organisation. You have to spend a large amount of money every year just to ensure that your loyal customer does not approach your competitor. By applying well planned loyalty management or reward management system in your organisation you can increase customer retention. This in turn will increase referral sales and profit margins of your companies. We advise your to properly study the behaviour your consumer and his preferences before implementing reward management system for your business.  

2. Increase customer lifetime value

A loyalty management program will also help in increasing the customer lifetime value (CLV). CLV is the net profit attributed to a customer in an overall relationship with him or her. It helps in determining the value of an individual customer and the projected value for the future.  

A loyalty program helps you with the behavioural data of your end consumers and their buying habits. Moreover, there can be emotional factors into play which affect the buying choices of the consumers. With the help of loyalty program, you can monitor each of the buying steps of your consumer and implement new schemes, programs and offers to increase your CLV.  

3. Build personal relationships

The first step towards building an emotional connection with your consumer is to truly value them. We believe that this can be achieved by building strong bond with them. Always remember that your customers are unique so treat them accordingly. In order to move ahead with the same our advanced loyalty management system segregates customer data base don history, site activity, visits, referrals stats etc. This lets you to customise your services for every consumer.   

Holostik is a leading provider of customised reward management system. You can offer rewards, schemes and offers through our smart labels or holograms which are affixed to your products at the time of production.  To know more about reward management system you can, call us on +91–785-785-7000 or drop us a mail at connect@holostik.com.

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Security holograms are important packaging and anti-duplication products used in many industries. Holograms comes in different sizes, colours and features. In this blog we have discussed the 5 compelling reasons you need security holograms for your business. 

1. To prevent product duplication

Security holograms are one of the best products to prevent product duplication. Due to the presence of holographic and digital security features it is impossible to copy them. Besides security holograms are also be used as tamper evident seals on the opening of the product packaging. A combination of different security features as per your specific needs makes them an ideal product to counter duplication.  

2. To prevent tampering and adulteration

Holograms can have tamper evident qualities which makes them effective against product tampering and adulteration. Some of the tamper evident features include tamper text evident and tamper pattern evident. The tamper text evident can include a customised text as per your requirement or it can include the generic text similarly a customised pattern can be used in pattern evident hologram.

3. To track products in the supply chain 

Security holograms with digital QR codes which can be used to implement supply chain solutions. Product tracking is an important supply chain management task which can be executed with the help of QR code-based hologram. Product tracking helps to determine the location of the product in the supply chain. This assures the manufacturer and other stakeholders about the safety of the product and the time required for it to reach the end consumer.  

4. Instant product authentication

Security holograms with QR codes can be used for instant product authentication. Such holograms can be scanned at different stages and determines the genuineness of the product in less amount of time. Instant product authentication instils a sense of confidence in the manufacturer and the end consumer regarding the originality of the product.

5. To boost aesthetics of the product

Security holograms are not just meant for product safety but are also used to boost the look and feel of a product. Holograms have a lustrous look which accentuates the packaging of the product. An increase in visual appeal of the product gives it a unique identity on the shelf. 

Holostik is leading player in providing customised security holograms. We offer holograms in different variants. Our smart holograms are integrated with digital product authentication features that can be used for wide variety of supply chain solutions. To know more about our security holograms call us on +91–785-785-7000 or drop us an email to connect@holostik.com.

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Product tracking can work wonders for your company growth. They system allows you to monitor your inventory through the supply chain with many other functions. With so many benefits the system can help you grow your business manifold. In this blog, we have discussed three ways in which product tracking can help your grow your business.  

1. By keeping a real time track of inventory

Product tracking can help you to keep a track of your inventory in real time. This lets you to assess the pitfalls of your supply chain like any barrier in the flow of products in supply chain or maybe a wrong placement of products. Moreover, with the real time tracking you can determine which batch of product needs to be assigned for dispatch to specific retail outlet or elsewhere.   

2. By notifying immediately in case of product diversion or duplication

Supply chains are always susceptible to the threat of counterfeiting, tampering and diversion. Without proper security solutions in place your products can be tampered, copied and adulterated. You can suffer from a huge monetary loss due to all these problems. In addition, it also affects your brand image. Product tracking prevents all these problems. The system immediately notifies you in case of product diversion or any other discrepancy.    

3. By helping in custom manufacturing 

There can be chances that your customer can ask for tailor made products, for example you usually make red colour shoes, but your particular customer asks for blue colour shoes. In such a scenario, a product tracking system will ensure that the right products go to the right consumer. 

Holostik provides customised track and trace solution for your organisation. We provide QR code enabled labels or holograms through which the system can be easily set in place. Besides this we also offer a wider range of other supply chain management solutions. 

To know more about track and trace solutions, call us on +91–785-785-7000 or mail us at  connect@holostik.com

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Along with the rise of business growth, there has been a considerable rise of different challenges. For example, businesses nowadays are facing the threat of counterfeiting, tampering, diversion etc. This has affected the profits of the companies and have seriously affected their brand image. Moreover, there are many other problems which have affected companies’ world over. Due to the same, it has become necessary to implement supply chain tracking for your business. Let’s understand the main reasons behind its implementation.  

To prevent counterfeiting, tampering and diversion 

Over the past few years there has been a drastic rise in the incidents of counterfeiting. Supply and sale of fake products has led to a loss of millions of dollars across the world. Product tracking can play an indispensable role in the prevention of counterfeiting and tampering. The system can help track down inventory in the supply chain without any chance of error.   

Better fleet management.

The implementation of product tracking in the supply chain leads to better management of the manpower. It has been observed that in the absence of a product tracking system there has been a rise in mismanagement and improper utilization of workers.  

Better Security.

Product tracking allows for better security and safety of the inventory. It also ensures safety of the raw materials in the production stage. Moreover, with the help of tracking you can easily monitor the status of product manufacturing at different stages of the supply chain.  

Boost  Customer Service.

Supply chains are always susceptible to different kinds of problems. There can be chances of error in production, quality control or even packaging. This leads to poor customer experience leading him to look for other options in the market. Product tracking brings down the chances of error in the overall product process. This leads to high quality product and better customer experience. 

Holostik is a leading player in providing customised product tracking solutions. We provide advanced track and trace solutions through smart holograms and labels. To know more about our solutions, call us on +91–785-785-7000 or drop us a mail at connect@holostik.com.

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Lately, loyalty management programs are being implemented by different companies. This includes loyalty points, gift vouches, seasonal offers and much more. Previously loyalty or reward schemes were implemented manually through printed cards and vouchers, but now automated systems have replaced them. Organisations are nowadays utilising customised loyalty management software for offering loyalty points to the consumers. This is done with the help of QR code enabled labels or holograms. Your consumer has to just scan the label or hologram to avail the loyalty points and claim for gifts, offers or schemes. Let’s discuss the most important benefits of implementing loyalty management software in your company.

1. Customer retention
The implementation of loyalty management software helps in increasing the loyalty of your consumers towards your company. This further helps in customer retention. Loyalty management software also helps in giving away the loyalty points only to the rightful end consumers and prevents any type of wrong usage of the same.



2. Repeat sales
Loyalty points or reward points attract your customers to make repeat purchases. No wonder, in a highly competitive market, consumers are attracted to offers and schemes. You can clearly utilise this trend and help your company grow with repeat purchases.



3. Consumer loyalty
Loyalty management software helps in increasing your consumer’s loyalty towards your company. Reward points and offers help in drawing the attention of the consumer towards your products and brand. An increase in consumer loyalty further helps in increasing your consumer base.



4. Product feedback
One of the biggest advantages of loyalty management software is that it helps in properly assessing the feedbacks of your customers. With a reward management software in place your consumers can instantly provide you with genuine feedbacks which will help you to evaluate your performance.



5. Expanison
Last but not least loyalty programs and reward points brings along huge popularity and growth of your company. If planned wisely, it can help you company to rope in new consumers across diverse locations.


Holostik is a leading player in providing tailor made loyalty management software through smart labels or holograms. We are certified by renowned organisations like DSIR, ISO, DMF, CRISIL etc. and follow global standards for setting supply chain systems in place. To know more about our customised loyalty management software call us on +91–9905-124-124 or drop us a mail at connect@holostik.com.

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As your business grow manifold and supply chain become more complex, it becomes challenging for you to keep a track of inventory, analyse the profits & losses, determine consumer retention and much more. Moreover, with the growth of fake products, adulteration and tampering you are continuously under the threat of facing huge monetary losses. Amidst this scenarioit becomes highly important to have a supply chain management software in place. Besides this there are many other reasons to use supply chain management software for your business. Let’s discuss them one by one.

 1. Prevents fake products and tampering

One of the biggest reasons for having a supply chain software in place is to prevent the counterfeiting of your products. Digital product authentication through smart labels or holograms helps in determining the genuineness of your product. Moreover, you can also track and trace your product in the supply chain with the same.  

 2. Improves inventory management system 

Supply chain management helps in improving inventory management system and eliminates waste items by allocating the right storage space. The system helps you to rightly assess your customer requirements and develops strong relations with other stakeholders of the supply chain. 

 3. Helps in achieving production outputs 

Supply chain management software helps you to develop better communication with your logistics, vendors and retailers. This major benefit helps you to determine the amount of raw materials, money and time involved in achieving the required production output. 

 4. Increases customer retention and repeat sales 

With the help of supply chain management software, you can easily implement loyalty or reward schemes for your consumers. A smart hologram or label with QR code enables your customer to redeem loyalty points by the scanning the same. This motivates your consumer for repeat purchases and thus increases your sales.  

Holostik provides a gamut of supply chain management solutions through smart labels and holograms. The QR code enabled labels are easy to implement and take less time for product authentication. One of the biggest advantages of our smart labels and holograms is that they are the perfect combination of holography and digital solutions.  

To know more about our supply chain management solutions, connect with us @twitter you can call us on 078578 57000 or drop us a mail at connect@holostik.com  

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Hot stamping foils are important packaging solutions for brand aesthetics and security. Of late, these foils are being used in industries like FMCG, Pharma, Agro, leather, etc. Available in different colours, shapes and sizes the foils can be customized as per your needs. However, there are many important points which you might skip before choosing them. In this blog we are giving you four helpful tips on buying stamping foils. 

 1. Check the production quality 

Poor quality hot stamping foils cannot withstand the harsh environment of the supply chain. You can lose your money and efforts by investing in such foils. Therefore, it is highly recommended to assess the production quality of hot stamping foils before purchasing themIn order to ensure production quality, it is necessary to do the sampling of the products on time. Moreover, it is better if you personally visit the manufacturing facility and have a personal experience of the production process and raw materials.    

 2. Check if the foil aligns with the applicator/stamper 

If the hot stamping foil does not fits into the applicator or stamper then it is of no use. There are chances that you might overlook this important factor before choosing the foil and it could be disastrous. Always check to ensure that the dimensions of the hot stamping foil matches with the applicator or not. This little check can save you from a lot of problems in the future.  

 3. Check for the affordability 

Stay away from foils that are too expensive or too cheap. As a manufacturer, you must be aware of your investments. There are many suppliers in the market who will try to dupe you by selling generic hot stamping foils at high prices. You must always look out for high-quality foils available at affordable prices.  

 4. Check for the security factor

Hot stamping foils don’t just serve the purpose of brandingbut are also important security products. While selecting the foil look for holography, overt, covert and other features. This will ensure that your product remains safe from the menace of counterfeiting.  


Holostik provides customized holographic hot stamping foils to different industries. To know more about our hot stamping foils, connect with us @facebook call us on +91–785-785-7000 or drop us a mail at connect@holostik.com  


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Tyvek labels are generally used for apparels, toys, home furnishings, and other products. The labels are made to withstand the harsh conditions of the environment. They are made with high-density polyethene fibres which makes them stronger than paper and more affordable than fabric. The labels have a paper-like finish and are highly resistant to water, harsh chemicals, food items etc.


You can print different type of information on these labels which include product-related information like types of materials, instructions on usage, care and even bar codes. The bar codes can be used to track your product in the supply chain and also provide supply chain visibility. 


The most important feature of Tyvek labels is that they can be customized as per your specific needs. Some of the variants of these are sewn-in labels, rolled labels with or without adhesive backing and labels with reinforced holes. This high level of customization helps you to choose from a variety of Tyvek labels. Moreover, as a manufacturer, you have the choice to select either of these labels for your different product requirements.


Tyvek labels are available in different forms like instruction labels, warranty labels, caution labels, product tags and care labels. Due to their durability, Tyvek labels can withstand high temperatures, moisture, abrasion and other form of wear and tear. Due to their extended life cyclethe labels have gained immense popularity among manufacturers. 


Holostik is a leading player in catering customized Tyvek labels for your products. Our labels are made with high-quality raw materials and advanced manufacturing processes. We have the most advanced industry certifications from organizations like DSIR, ISO, CRISIL, DMF, etc. 


To know more about our Tyvek labels, connect us with @LinkedIn you can call us on +91-9905124124 or drop us a mail at connect@holostik.com.  

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Blister packs are used for packaging medicines, toys, and many other small consumer goods. They usually provide a barrier against the environment and a certain degree of tamper resistance to the product. These unique packaging solutions can be transported easily and are quite convenient for the end consumer. A blister pack not just effectively secures the product but also showcases the product informationManufacturers can also incorporate different security features like holography, digital product authentication, etc. in themA blister pack can be customized as per the requirement of the consumer.   


The packs can be incorporated with different kinds of security features. These features help in product authentication and prevent counterfeiting, adulteration, and tampering. The product supply chain involves different stages and many complex processes. Dues to thisit is highly important to make the product and the inventory secure. Pharma manufacturers have to stay extra cautious regarding their products. For this, they can include a range of security elements in the product packaging. A blister pack can include different kinds of holographic and digital product authentication features. 


Of late, manufacturers are using a holographic strip on blister packs. This is to ensure that your end consumer receives only genuine goods. The holographic strip is affixed to the PVC side of the blister packs. It allows easy identification of the genuine products. Moreover, manufacturers can also use digital authentication features along with the holographic strip to make the packaging more secure.


Holostik provides customized holographic stickers/strip for blister packs. This feature gives them a unique identity on the shelf. Our holographic strips are made with high-quality raw materials and include a wide range of holographic security features. We are certified by prestigious institutions like ISO, DSIR, CRISIL, etc. which give us an edge over others.


To know more about our holographic strips, connect us with @LinkedIn for blister packs call us on +91–9905124124 or drop us a mail at connect@holostik.com.  

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