Compromising product packaging can cost you a lot of money. We, therefore, suggest you consider your product packaging seriously.


If you are a manufacturer of bottled products, then you must use robust packaging. And your packaging must be secure and smart. It should be such that the contents of your bottled product remain safe and consumable until they reach your end consumer.


Poorly packaged bottled products are prone to spillage, counterfeiting, and tampering. When damaged products reach your end consumers, it spoils your brand’s reputation ultimately impacting your sales.  


Amongst all the packaging solutions for bottled products, induction seal wads are the most commonly used. Wads can be beneficial in multiple ways and using the right wads can boost your business growth. Let’s dive deeper to know all about these amazing packaging solutions used generally in FMCG, Pharma, Agro, and Automotive industries.


Holostik provides different variants of induction sealing wads available as per the requirement of your product and its contents

What are holographic seal wads and its uses?

Holographic Induction seals, wads, or liners are used to seal and close the opening/lip/orifice of the bottle. This protects the product’s contents from moisture, contaminants, and bacteria. Holographic induction wads prevent counterfeiting, create genuine brand identity, ensure digital product authentication, and help manage inventory.

What holographic induction seal wads are made of?

Induction wads are made with paper board, wax, holographic film, aluminum, and poly.

During the seal application process, bottle caps are lined with the induction seal and passed under an electric current. The foil heats up and melts the wax after which the sealing material is bonded permanently to the opening of the container while the carrier material/ paper board remains inside the cap.

Why prefer holographic wads over generic wads

General wads lack security features. They can be easily copied. This risks the security of your products. With the easy availability of packaging machines, forgers can easily copy bottles, its contents, and even the packaging. But, with the addition of holography, it becomes nearly impossible to replicate packaging wads. Moreover, the use of nano optical hologram images completely deters forgers from copying your packaging. Holostik’s holographic wads can include logos, brands, and sophisticated designs that accentuate your visual appeal.

Integration of holographic wads with digital solutions

Our holographic wads can be printed with QR codes. This amplifies the functionality of these physical packaging solutions. Smart wads ensure digital authentication, track and trace, loyalty management, warranty management, and much more. It helps the manufacturer to keep a track of product inventory, raw material utilization, and location. Equipped with real-time data insights, manufacturers can make informed decisions, increase throughput, and save money.  


The use of high-quality raw materials enhances the efficiency of induction wads in harsh environments

Strong reasons to choose Holostik holographic induction wads

Leak prevention seal & pilferage protection keeps the product contents intact resulting in high product quality

-Incorporation of holographic features to prevent duplication & subsequently boost sales

-Tamper evident features to prevent adulteration & tampering ensures a high-quality end product

Integration of QR code results in managing digital product authentication & efficient supply chain


Variants: Holographic Wads, Printing on Chromo Paper, Wads with Printing on Aluminium on Top, & Registered Holographic Wads


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The concept of holographic stickers in India is gaining quite some importance, all for the right reasons. After all, who does not like proficient packaging, right? It is the safest option to go for if you want to secure your products from counterfeiting and tampering. There are major firms all over the world that are using holographic security stickers for their products. There are quality and sustainable options to choose from that have completely changed the proforma. If you also want a great option for holographic stickers, then Holostik is the way to go. We have got some of the most popular choices for you with a high level of customization. In this blog, we discuss why you should opt-in for custom holograms/holographic stickers.

Major Reasons to choose Holographic Stickers

You might be wondering, what is the need of opting in for a custom holographic sticker at all. We have thus explained the reasons to choose hologram packaging for your products.

Secures your products and brand name

One of the major reasons why you should opt-in for a hologram is because it is the best when it comes to protecting identity. It is very difficult to tamper with these stickers and hence the quality of your product remains intact for the long term. With holographic security the chances of counterfeiting are less and that is primarily the reason why so many brands choose holographic stickers for packaging.

Method For Brand Identity

Hologram security sticker is one of the best ways by which you could enhance brand identity. The packaging gets elevated manifold, and this is the primary reason why there has been so much rising popularity. Getting hold of a good quality cheap hologram supplier is not difficult, however definitely tough. It is the primary reason why Holostik works as a brand and brings forth great options for its clients. We have strived to provide some of the best options to our clients, and customization has been our major giveaway.

Means of Tamper Proof Security

Hologram stickers are made as such that the tamper is very well evident. Hence, they serve the security of your product very well. Getting hold of good quality tamper evident custom holographic stickers ensures that under every circumstance the ingredients of your packaging remain safe and secured.

Why Trust Holostik for Custom Holographic Stickers?

Getting hold of custom holographic stickers ensures that you have creative ways to create an image of your brand for the long term. We have also brought in an array of vibrant colour options, which ensure that the stickers look catchy to the naked eyes.


If you are someone who is looking for holographic stickers in India, then we at Holostik we will be more than ecstatic to serve you with the best. Today we can say with conviction that custom holographic stickers are the best ways to secure your products & create an image for your brand.


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Are your products or documents safe from forgers? Which security printing measure have you taken to prevent your products/documents from falling into the wrong hands? Lack of security features in your product’s packaging can lead to counterfeiting, adulteration, forgery, poor sales, and a ruined brand image.


Security printing technology makes your products and documents safe from any form of illegal handling and also adds a visual appeal. In this blog, we discuss the benefits of using our security printing in product packaging and documents.

1. Security printing secures your product’s packaging from counterfeiting & tampering

One of the best applications of security printing is a currency note. It includes elements like watermarks, holograms, security designs, micro text, guilloches patterns, security inks, serial numbers, and much more. Similar features can be implemented in packaging products like labels, shrink sleeves, cartons, packaging tapes, lamination films, and other packaging solutions.


The combination of different security printing features in packaging makes products highly safe from duplication. Holostik’s advanced graphics design lab implements customized prepress security features in packaging solutions through advanced graphic software. We provide holographic hot stamping or holographic transfer on packaging solutions making them infallible against duplication. Our nano-optical image holograms require a microscope for authentication and cannot be copied by any reprographic techniques. We ensure that your products remain safe from duplication and tampering.


“Holostik has the capability to execute security printing on paper and polymer substrates that can be designed and manufactured with special features and considerations to secure products and documents.”

2. Security printing safeguards important documents from replication & forgery

Documents like educational certificates, stock certificates, non-judicial stamp papers, identity cards, and other such important records are critical for the security and safety of business organizations, consumers, educational, financial institutes, individuals, and associations.


Any attempts of forgery or tampering with these documents can cause monetary losses, breach confidentiality, and risk integrity. Security printing features like holograms, guilloche patterns, watermarks, UV security fibers, complex verifiable numbering, and barcodes provide high security to important documents. Forgers have a hard time copying products and documents that have different security printing elements embedded together.


“Holostik has IBA security printing certification that ensures high-security printing in documents and labels.”

3. Enhance the aesthetic value of the product packaging

Security printing also adds visual appeal to the product packaging and documents. The use of artworks, colors, and graphic elements play an important role in attracting the consumer to the market shelf.  Different market reports suggest that buyers are attracted to products that have visually attractive packaging. Our team of internal art designers can implement the best aesthetic designs in product packaging.


We are equipped with European standard machines with up to 12 color high-quality printing capabilities to ensure optimum quality of end product. We use high-quality inks with zero compromises on color, shade, effect, or raw materials for higher durability.


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Holographic foils can add value to any product. Since product packaging holds supreme importance, holographic foil can instantly add a touch of exclusiveness and uniqueness to the brand, which further helps with brand awareness.


The application of holographic hot foils involves machines that use pressure and heat to leave a stamp onto the foil. These are utilized with a variety of substrates, including paper and plastic for aesthetic purposes and anti-counterfeiting.


Holographic hot stamping foil is often regarded as an important part of the design, and the demand for these has escalated invariably.

What Is Foil Stamping?

In the simplest terms, foil stamping can be referred to as the presidia, with the help of which metallic prints and foils are applied on a host of substances like paper or cards, usually involving heated die and pressure. The best part about this procedure is that numerous textures can be introduced. Be it a glossy finish, a metallic one or even matte, everything can be ensured to perfection.


Holographic hot stamping foil is different from that of pad printing or even silk screening for that matter. It is usually absolute for the product deep surface because the procedure does not use ink, which means it remains unaffected by the texture or color of the medium.


This process is not very new and has been in vogue for centuries now. The most common practice with this process was to make cards for birthdays or even for invitations. However, with time the process has become more formalized, and hence a lot of innovations have slowly made their way to the list.

Where is Hologram Hot Stamping Foil Used?

We have already discussed in detail the process of hot stamping foil holograms is not new, and hence it involves multiple implications. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Widely used for certificates and can easily be transferred on the certificate for easy registration as well.
  • Perfect for ID cards. They are used for having the security factor enhanced on any identity card.
  • Hot stamping foils are widely used for branding purposes and can be found on labels, cartons, tickets etc.

What Is the Process of Hot Foil Stamping?

In theory, hot foil stamping involves applying metallic foil or holograms to materials such as light papers, carton boards, laminated boards, plastics, and corrugated boards using heat and pressure.

The term “hot foil stamping” refers to the following:

  • Foil stamping on a flat surface
  • Application of holograms and holographic foil
  • Combining foil stamping with micro and structural embossing
  • Foil stamping with embossing as well as the deep variant.

Trust Holostik for Holographic Hot Stamping Foil

Be it for holographic foil stickers or any other requirement, trust completely on Holostik. We have been in the business for several years, and our pillars are stronger than ever. Some of the primary reasons why you should consider choosing us for all your requirements are:

  1. Curated with raw and robust materials, our hot stamping foils can withstand harsh weather, offers counterfeiting protection and boost brand awareness.
  2. Top manufacturers with a wide-scale manufacturing procedure.
  3. Can offer tailor-made solutions depending upon your requirements. It ensures that the uniqueness is upheld and each brand has something which is its feature.
  4. Trusted by 10,000+ brands worldwide.
  5. Constant surveillance and assistance for the immediate redressal of any kind of discrepancy.
  6. Budget-friendly and cost-effective solutions with equal importance to quality.
  7. Won numerous accolades like the Brian Monaghan Award by our honorable chairperson for exemplary services.
  8. One of the founding members of the Authentication Solutions Provider’s Association


So, get in touch with our experts to discuss the requirements for holographic foil stickers and find the quality services at your disposal.

Fake Auto Parts in India

Can you believe in India fake auto parts business worth Rs.22,000 crore sold in wrappers of branded companies (source: ASPA)

Lot of fake auto parts warehouse operated in Indian cities  a large number of fake motorcycle, bike parts, cars parts, accessories part, clutch parts, air filter, engine oil, fuel filters, suspension, brake pads, gear parts etc. can be easily counterfeited.  This can cause risk to passenger safety .

Counterfeiters also use fake wrappers and rate slips of various well-known auto companies in India.

Cheap auto components don’t just damage your vehicle but are also a threat to your life.


Around 20% of road accidents in India are caused due to fake automotive parts- FICCI CASCADE

The FICCI report also states that fake auto parts led to a revenue loss of Rs 2,200 crore to the government in the past years.

Negative impacts on the automotive industry

No wonder, counterfeit auto parts have many negative impacts including accidents and even death. Remember, the idea of deliberately buying a fake & cheap auto part may cost your life. Fake auto parts usually break down or malfunction without a hint. For example, a fake brake pad may fail in an emergency situation and may lead to a fatal accident.

Counterfeit auto parts also lead to major revenue losses for manufacturers every year. Besides, they also overburden the manufacturers with extra costs for fighting fakes. Along with consumers and manufacturers, the government loses a large amount of taxes due to the sale of counterfeit auto parts. Quite evidently, huge evasion of taxes is a bane for the country’s economy.

Solutions to prevent counterfeiting

Holostik is an industry leader in providing anti-counterfeiting solutions for the automotive sector. Its vast range of anti-duplication products combined with IT-enabled solutions helps to secure the products and supply chains. Holostik’s approach of catering customised anti-duplication solutions had shown effective results for automotive companies.

The auto component after-market reached to a staggering value of Rs 67,491 in 2020-21 crore however, the counterfeit market is also growing at a fast pace. In such a scenario, diligent use of anti-counterfeiting solutions can prevent counterfeiting by securing products and supply chains at the same time.

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Having a pair of Adidas sneakers or shoes in your closet boosts your fashion statement. Globally celebrities and fashion icons swear by the brand name Adidas. Revered by the Millenials, Adidas shoes are on the top of their buying checklist.

adidas green grass shoes
Adidas shoes are famous world over

But, most Adidas shoes are quite expensive that burn a hole in your pocket. This leads you to buy cheap replicas of Adidas shoes to satiate your desire. On the flip side, there are many who buy fake considering them as real ones.

Shoe lovers swear by Adidas shoes

Many times, it’s impossible to identify fake Adidas shoes. This is because counterfeits look exactly like genuine ones. At a first glance, it might look like you are holding an original shoe but looking closer reveals that the item is fake.

fake adidas shoes
Fake Adidas shoes are rampant in the market

Adidas is one of the top-notch athletic apparel companies in the world. The brand provides the best quality and has earned a massive global reputation.

Beware of fake Adidas shoes. Buy genuine ones

Counterfeiters or forgers try their best to mimic authentic Adidas products. But it is impossible to copy all the features. Here are 6 tips from our anti-counterfeit experts to differentiate between fake and original Adidas shoes.

5 Tips to check fake Adidas shoes

Tip 1: Check out the heel tag on the back of a pair of Adidas shoes

Fake shoes have a stitched triangular pattern at the point where the upper layer meets the second layer of leather on the heel. Genuine Adidas shoes do not have such faults.

Check the heel of Adidas shoes to spot a fake

Tip 2: Genuine products don’t have features for granted

New Adidas shoes come with extra laces that are neatly rolled and sealed in a plastic bag whereas, fakes will have them loosely packed.

New shoes come with neatly rolled laces

Tip 3: All genuine Adidas products have serial numbers on the tags affixed to them

The tags have the size and product information on the inside of the shoe (behind the tongue). Real Adidas shoes will have tags with different serial numbers for the left and right shoe, but a fake product will have the same serial number. THAT’S THE CATCH.

Check the serial numbers of your shoe pair

Tip 4: Stitching is one of the aspects which need close observation

Real Adidas items are uniformly and neatly stitched. Fake ones will have shoddy and loose stitch work. Uneven stitching often makes it easy to spot a fake Adidas product.

Poorly stitched shoes are a big NO

Tip 5: Last but not the least, price is one of the most important factors in determining the genuineness of an Adidas item

It’s easy to cross-check the updated prices of different products on the Adidas website. A high difference in values can point to the fact that the product is fake.

Is the shoe price too good to be true

While you must pay attention to the above-shared tips, manufactures must use secure packaging to deter forgers from copying their products.

Also, check for hidden signs in the packaging or product labels 


Notice the quality and printing of packaging. Any sign of typos, spelling errors, or poor printing is a major sign of a fake item. Check for the presence of labels, holograms, and QR codes. Forgers find it difficult to copy secure packaging. Digital solutions like authentication & track and trace to further enhance product security. With more than 30 years of experience in securing 10,000+ brands in 90+ countries, our smart & secure packaging guarantees that your products stay safe from duplication.


We also help with inventory visibility, track & trace, loyalty schemes, and other supply chain functions.


If you are concerned about the security of your products and brands, loss of sales and decreasing customers then call us on 9905-124-124 or send us a mail at