Security holograms as a unique security packaging concept have become overly popular in the last couple of years. And the best thing is that they exactly deliver what they promise. But before discussing how they help the FMCG industry against fraudulent activities & supply chain disruptions, let’s understand what these anti-duplication devices are all about.


Most companies don’t have much idea about security OVDs or holograms, and this, in turn, becomes detrimental to their business. In fact, they are not exposed to a hologram’s capability to deter counterfeiters/forgers and help their business grow.


Globally, FMCG items are at a high risk of counterfeiting. Hence, the related companies must start incorporating security holograms in their packaging. 


In India, FMCG sector loses 30% of its business due to fake products- Source : FICCI CASCADE

What Does Counterfeit Of FMCG Products mean?

The term FMCG refers to Fast Moving Consumer Goods, ranging from soap to oil.  The wide demand and scope of these products have made them highly prone to counterfeiting, tampering, adulteration, and diversion.


Counterfeiters use the latest technology to copy genuine products and infiltrate supply chains with cheap imitations. The problem of counterfeit FMCG products is not new. With every passing day, more fake items are coming into the market, making it tough to distinguish between genuine and fake items.


However, with anti-counterfeit technology by your side, you don’t have to worry about such fake imitations. You can deploy custom security holograms or stickers to ensure the genuineness of your products across the supply chain. With these brand protection devices, forgers have a hard time copying your products and their packaging.


Security holograms tend to work as a shield against counterfeiting and ensure that your product is not counterfeited under any circumstances.

How Does a Security Hologram or Hologram Sticker Serve As Protection Device Against Counterfeiting in FMCG Industry?

You might be wondering – how do hologram stickers work? What makes them work as a shield against counterfeiting? The rigorous production process of a security hologram is such that it cannot be replicated at all. Right from master origination, to embossing and printing – the embellishment of advanced optical features makes them foolproof against duplication.


The primary aim of security holograms or hologram stickers from Holostik is to deter counterfeiters. Hence if you are someone who has become tired of product replication, this is your ultimate resort. It has become a pertinent problem, and the use of hologram stickers will make your products completely safe from any form of illegal handling.


Our solutions help improve inventory tracking in your complex FMCG supply chain network We also help you run loyalty schemes, manage warranties, & maintain customer data with ease.


Hologram stickers also help to create a genuine identity for your products. Hence, they ensure that only the right products are used by consumers- which pass testing guidelines and are considered safe for consumption.

Why Trust Holostik for Security Holograms?

Being one of the best hologram manufacturers in India, our ultimate goal is to ensure that our clients in the FMCG industry do not face the perils of fake products and fight them in a smart way. Why us? Here are some reasons to partner with us for securing your products and brand image.

Use of 4th gen nano-optical holograms for superior visual appeal & increased security.


Over 30 security features (visible & invisible) guarantee your products’ safety in the supply.


-24×7 surveillance ensures the security of your assets, logos, and trademarks.


-End-to-end in-house physical & digital capabilities fulfill diverse requirements.


-Holographic & digital layers increase supply chain visibility to minimize product recall.


To get the best custom holograms for your products, call our anti-counterfeit experts at +91-9905124124 or mail at

Shrink sleeves offer 360-degree branding for your products. That’s amazing from the viewpoint of an average customer who has a limited attention span. Mostly a few seconds. Also, a shrink sleeve can accommodate more information compared to a conventional label. This gives you enough freedom to experiment with colours, text, typography, security features, and even images.


But what if you aren’t able to find the right shrink sleeve manufacturer/supplier? Talking with your industry peers might help to an extent as few like to share the secrets of the trade. Therefore, in this blog, we will help you with the points to find the right shrink sleeve supplier/manufacturer for your products. 


Let’s find out…

1. Raw Material Quality

Check if your supplier is providing shrink sleeves made with premium quality PET or PVC. We will suggest you do sampling to assess the durability of the shrink sleeve. Often a poor-quality shrink sleeve shows wrinkles and bubbles after application. Chances are such sleeves also wear down in the transit.


Imagine your product reaching a distributor or retailer or consumer with a torn/damaged shrink sleeve. Unfortunately, such products are returned back with losses for the manufacturer.


“Holostik has state of the art production facilities equipped with European machines. Our DSIR certified labs promise innovation and quality in all the products”

2. Security Features

Your bottled products without security features are like sitting ducks for counterfeiters. Why? Perhaps they are aware of your gaps and want to utilize them to make easy money. Always look for security features in the shrink sleeve. It can be holography, tamper evidence, or even digital technology entirely depending on your supply chain and product specifications.


We suggest you use a combination of security features to reduce the chances of counterfeiting and tampering. Even the smartest criminals won’t dare to touch your packaging with well-crafted and integrated security elements.

3. Visually Appealing Features

Your product must look stunning to the customers. Isn’t it? Our eyes always look for visually appealing or aesthetic features in packaging. Perhaps, our brains are wired like that. Check if your supplier can provide a variety of optical, ink-based, or graphic features in the shrink sleeve.


The right interplay of different graphic elements will accentuate your brand image. People look for exclusivity so serve them what they need.

4. Integration with digital features

The power to monitor and manage your supply chain at the touch of a button is simply amazing. Check if your supplier has the capability to provide multiple supply chain functions. This can include product authentication, tracking, or even reward management.


“A barcode-printed shrink sleeve can help you allocate right warehouse location for inventory, assess real-time data insights, and prevent product diversions and recalls”

5. Capability to fulfill huge orders/requirements

Sometimes, shrink sleeve suppliers often fail to provide the required quantity on time. This can prevent the delivery of products on time in the market. Check if your supplier is equipped with the right infrastructure to provide the required quantity of shrink sleeves.


We are one of the reputed players to provide holographic shrink sleeves to multiple industries. As a trusted shrink sleeve supplier, we have all the above-mentioned qualities.


Some variants of shrink sleeves provided by us:

-Bottleneck holographic shrink sleeve

-Body holographic shrink sleeve labels

-Full body printed heat shrink sleeve labels


If you are interested in knowing more about holographic shrink sleeves call us at 9905-124-124 or mail us at Visit us at

Product counterfeiting is one of the most common issues among most brands. Counterfeiters can easily attack the products equipped with outdated anti-duplication technology, which is where the role of security hologram stickers comes into the frame.


If you want to secure your brand image, grow your market share, and increase trust among the end-user then investing in advanced security hologram solutions is a must for you. Moreover, this anti-counterfeit packaging not only takes your product security to a whole new level but also increases your revenue manifold.


Let us dig deeper and learn more about hologram security stickers and how these safeguard your products.


How Do Security Holograms Safeguard Your Product from Counterfeiting and Tampering?


Some crucial factors that encourage counterfeiting of products can be frail regional law enforcement, vulnerable supply chain mechanism, increased industrialization, enhanced consumerism, clement criminal penalties, etc. Therefore, holographic packaging technology is used as one of the most common and effective weapons against counterfeiters. In layman’s language holograms are 3D shimmering stickers curated via advanced technology used in industrial packaging to safeguard your products.


Wondering how do holograms perform against counterfeiters? Well, these holographic stickers are equipped with nano-optical technology. These holograms are embedded with nano features that are extremely small. Counterfeiters or criminals cannot copy such highly intricate and small patterns even with advanced machines.


Benefits of Incorporating Hologram Security Stickers for Your Supply Chain


1. Easy Identification of Your products in the supply chain

Products affixed with holograms can be distinguished from duplicate ones. Therefore, equipping a customized hologram sticker for your brand can help your consumers instantly know the originality or authenticity of your products.


2. Keeps counterfeiters at bay

One of the reasons hologram security stickers provide robust protection is because these are relatively easy to recognize but quite difficult to replicate. It is because counterfeiters would need access to the master hologram and technologically advanced equipment to copy holograms. Therefore, the chances of counterfeiting are reduced to zero.


3. Prevents chances of tampering and adulteration 

Holographic stickers can be incorporated with tamper-evident technology, which means they are self-destructive and break apart when counterfeiters try to replace them. It helps supply chain stakeholders recognize any attempt of alteration with the product & its packaging.


4. Help digitize supply chains 

Holograms can be equipped with digital security features. For example, the hologram sticker can be printed with barcodes that provide an efficient way to track and trace your products throughout the supply chain. Also, barcode-based functions like loyalty management, warranty management, and warehouse management can be implemented with ease.


What Kind of Security Does Our Hologram Stickers Provide?


Hologram security stickers provide 360° protection to your products, including physical, digital, and physical + digital (Phygital) security:


1. Physical Security

This kind of security includes secure inks, optical elements, and other stock features. It deters counterfeiters from replicating the product & packaging while easily highlighting the pilferage.


2. Digital Security 

This kind of security features barcodes printed on the hologram sticker, enabling you to track and trace the products. The barcodes are encrypted to make sure external elements cannot access or copy product information.


3. Physical + Digital security (Phygital)

It is the fusion of physical and digital security that enables maximum protection of the products. This kind of security includes physical security features smartly integrated with digital features like real-time product authentication, GS1 track and trace, and many more.


If you don’t want to risk the security of your products at any stage throughout the supply chain, then hologram security stickers are an effective way to go. Being the world’s leading hologram supplier, we at Holostik produce 4th gen nano-optical holograms incorporated with more than 30 security features to ensure your product’s safety. So, when in doubt, trust Holostik! Call us at 9905-124-124 or mail us on

If you are a pharma manufacturer struggling with fake products, poor sales, and supply chain visibility then you can relate to this blog. We’ve written this blog based on the numerous feedback we have received from our anti-counterfeit experts. It will help you gain an insight into your general challenges & assess feasible solutions to drive your business growth.


Let’s suppose Mr. Harish Sharma is an owner of a pharma company that is drastically losing product sales due to counterfeiting. A reputed entrepreneur, Mr. Sharma had invested a huge corpus in his pharma business. Eventually, the launch happened, and the company’s cough syrup was rolled out. In the next few quarters, the sales soared up across India.


However, after two years, fake replicas of the syrup bottle flooded the market. The sales and brand reputation took a hit badly. Are you facing a similar situation? Stressed and confused Mr. Sharma sought the help of the police. But it was only a temporary relief. Counterfeit drugs were traced back to multiple locations. It was not practical to raid every single shipment. Moreover, the cost of litigation was adding up. This is the story of many pharma manufacturers who struggle with counterfeiting and tampering. But, with a reliable brand protection partner, they can select the right packaging, prevent counterfeiting and grow their business.


If you also looking for the right brand protection then we can surely help you, but before that let’s see how Mr. Sharma found a solution to his problem.


 In India, Pharma is among the top 5 sectors most affected by fake products (Source: ASPA)


Fortunately, one day while surfing the web, Mr. Sharma stumbled across our smart anti-counterfeit packaging. Without further ado, he got in touch with our experts. Our experts thoroughly assessed the product packaging and the company’s supply chain for gaps. Can you guess what were those gaps? Our anti-counterfeit experts identified three key gaps/problems in the packaging and supply chain.


Problem 1-The manufacturer was using generic labels for branding purposes. 

Problem 2-There was no means for product authentication in the supply chain.

Problem 3-There was no mechanism to ensure real-time inventory visibility.


After identifying the problems, it was time for our experts to get into action! Our experts suggested customized solutions to overcome these challenges. Let’s dig in to know how we helped Mr. Sharma.

We replaced the generic label with a holographic security label for uncompromised security

We provided custom labels with a holographic security strip. Holographic strip with all the intricate patterns, channel effects, raster images etc., cannot be copied by counterfeiters. Criminals can’t afford sophisticated hologram origination technology. Holography cannot be photocopied or replicated by even advanced photocopy machines. Holography is purely optical technology and does not entail any form of reprography. Also, with nano-optical holography, we have taken anti-counterfeit technology to the next level. How? As the name suggests nano optic holograms have security features that are at the nanoscale- unbelievably small. Isn’t it? Imagine your pharma labels with nano-optical holographic strips. Will anyone attempt to copy it. The answer is no!

We fused two levels of authentication in the bottle label- that’s the power of ‘phygital’ (physical + digital)

At Holostik we believe that counterfeiters cannot breach multiple levels of security. That’s why we combined physical and digital technology in the labels. While the holographic security strip served as a physical security device to determine the product’s genuineness, the variable barcode ensured real-time product authentication.

We provided custom inventory software for increasing complete supply chain visibility

We deeply understand the supply chain challenges of our customers. It’s not just limited to duplication and extends beyond to poor product traceability, weak inventory management, low customer retention. Our team of software engineers understood the supply chain architecture and gaps before developing a custom digital solution for the pharma company. Our barcode-enabled digital inventory solution helped the Pharma company track every single item in the supply chain. It resulted in the prevention of raw material wastage and product diversions. All this summed up to a healthy supply chain and flourishing business.



The use of smart & secure labels from Holostik can help Pharma manufacturers to grow their business, boost supply chain visibility and increase new customers

7 key outcomes after implementation of our solutions

  1. Duplication of cough syrup bottles was reduced drastically.
  2. -The product sales increased manifold.
  3. Proper allocation of inventory in the supply chain.
  4. Streamlined operations in manufacturing and raw material handling.
  5. Timely delivery of products by the logistics
  6. -Increase in brand value and number of customers.
  7. -And of course, a happy Mr. Sharma!


So, by now you must have understood the benefits of our solutions for Pharma manufacturers. We also provide our anti-counterfeit packaging and digital solutions to different industries across geographies. To know more, call us on 9905-124-124 or mail us at

In India, the liquor industry has been the major revenue contributor in most states. The industry is one of the prime sources of excise collection for most of the states in the country. Reportedly, taxes on liquor and beer bring in nearly INR 90,000 crores to state governments annually. 


Now we see that the excise collection is a matter of hundreds of billions & arming the revenue stamps with the latest security features is a must. Even plans for new holographic tax stamps in Asia have showcased how holograms have been instrumental in securing alcohol excise revenues globally.


“Tax stamps with holography and digital authetication are effective in preventing tampering, adulteration and poor inventory managemnet finally leading to optimized excise collection”


In 2020, Goa and Rajasthan announced a new excise policy for 2020-21, featuring holographic tax stamps to prevent counterfeits and protect liquor revenues. Even the IHMA (International Hologram Manufacturer Association) highlighted these moves made by the state governments. Enabling revenue stamps with nano-optical holograms make the excise collection process simplistic, and now the state governments have begun to realize the potential of holographic tax stamps.


Let’s figure out the importance of holography in digital tax stamps.


Understanding the Concept of Holography in Revenue Stamps:


One of the significant aims of nano-optic holograms is to ensure completely secured stamps that cannot be fabricated under any circumstances. The holograms in tax stamps ensure that the level of security is par excellence, and none can indulge in tampering with it. Often there are fraudulent activities that can duplicate the stamps, which often leads to tax evasion. However, this factor can be taken special care of with the nano-optical holograms!


Revenue stamps without holograms are prone to mishaps. It is one of the primary reasons state excise authorities and government organizations must consider employing a solution like holograms along with QR codes. Over the years, this system has been developed more so that there is absolutely no scope for tampering. Moreover, the holograms in tax stamps make inventory management easier with the digital tracking feature.


Why Is It Important to Depend on Reliable Names for Hologram Enabled Revenue Stamps?


Now that we have already understood what revenue stamps are and the need for equipping these with holographic solutions, it is also imperative to analyze why you need to depend on professionals and reputable names in the industry. The first reason for this is that the quality of tax stamps cannot be compromised. If enforcement agencies choose to do so, the innate requirement of high security will not be fulfilled. Hence, it is essential to depend on professional revenue stamp manufacturers who know precisely how to go about the process.


The following important factor to keep in mind is applicability. Holostik has been in this domain for years and can develop promising counterfeiting-proof digital tax stamps to simplify and rationalize the excise collection. The primary goal of the revenue stamps is to ensure hassle-free excise collection and avoid tampering. A reliable solution provider will always pay special attention to this factor.


Trust Holostik for High-security Revenue Stamps


“Holostik has set a high precedent by supplying state-of-the-art tax stamps to multiple state excise authorities in India. We have received praises from presigious government organizations across India”


If you are searching for an excellent option for holographic revenue stamps, then it cannot get better than Holostik. The stamps we manufacture with nano-optical holographic images have a resolution of more than 6 lacs dpi. Moreover, our aesthetic and ultra-modern designs boost the brand value of the products.


To know more about smart holographic tax stamps, call us at 9905-124-124 or mail us at 

Are you stuck with finding the right hot stamping foil supplier for your products? No wonder, stamping foils with all the packaging technicalities can bring a lot of confusion. But don’t worry, as we bring forth the much-needed do’s and don’ts shared by our hot stamping foil experts to simplify your decision-making. Before, sharing the points let’s discuss a bit about hot stamping foils and their uses, especially for packaging professionals dealing with such foils for the first time.


Hot stamping is the process of using heat & pressure to apply metallic or holographic foil on materials like paper boards, papers, laminated boards, & corrugated boxes. The stamping process is durable, cost-effective, and flexible. Due to its many features, hot foil stamping is being used in different industries.


Lately, the process is being used on a wide range of products to give a decorative look and provide anti-counterfeiting features. Some of the industries where hot foil stamping is used include luxury goods packaging, tobacco, pharma, food, and apparel. Foil stamping is also used in gift wrapping, wedding invitations, and  many other applications.


In the hot foil stamping process a heated die forces the foil against a substrate which is held firm by a counter cylinder. The double combination of pressure and heat activates the adhesive lining, and the foil attaches to the substrate

Until now you might have understood the basics of a hot stamping foil, now let’s discuss the do’s and don’ts.


-Look for stamping foils with holography. This ensures that your product and packaging remain safe from duplication. Counterfeiters find it really tough to copy holography as it requires sophisticated origination machines and a rigorous process.


-Do check for the visual appeal. Yes, stamping foils must have aesthetic and appealing elements to make your products look attractive. Look for good designs, patterns, and optical effects.


-Stamping foils with two side-scan marks are always better than those with just one. Scan marks help with the uniform and accurate application of the foil on the application.


-Check the background of your stamping foil supplier. Now, this is the most important aspect. Overlooking your supplier’s background and reputation can land you in trouble.


-Is the price cost-effective? Pricing plays an important role. Plan with procurement & packaging managers on the budget assigned for packaging. Don’t go for too pricey and or too cheap foils.


-Never finalize your supplier without the sampling process. Overlooking this step can result in a waste of your time, efforts, and investment.


-Don’t compromise with foil quality. You or your procurement manager must always check the durability factor in the foils.


-Don’t buy foils that can’t be customized as per the stamping machine available with you or your packaging partner.


-Never finalize the deal with a foil supplier that can’t fulfill your customized requirements.


-Don’t go for suppliers that have a bad market reputation when it comes to meeting delivery deadlines.


So, these are the major points that you must adhere to while finalizing your holographic hot stamping foil supplier.


We can provide more than 30 visible and invisible security in our holographic stamping foils. This ensures the safety of your documents, ids, credit cards, access cards, and other applications


Holostik is a renowned name in providing holographic hot stamping foils to different industries worldwide. Our stamping foils provide security & aesthetics resulting in high sales and increased brand value. Being one of the largest manufacturers of holographic packaging products we have nano-optical hologram origination machines and state-of-the-art embossing and lamination capabilities.


With 24×7 surveillance we ensure the security of your assets, logos, and trademarks providing durable, sustainable, and cost-effective anti-counterfeit packaging products as per global standards.


Variants of holographic hot stamping foils provided by us:

To know about our holographic hot stamping foils as per your product requirements, call us on 9905-124-124 or send us a mail at

Are fake copies of your Pharma products being sold in the market? In the last two years, with the onset of the Covid pandemic, there has been a sharp rise in the sale of fake medicines. This is due to the massive demand for medicines, vaccines, and medical products which has led counterfeiters to take advantage of the situation.


Also, the pandemic has led to supply chain disruptions, inventory delays, product diversions, and mismanagement. All this has made it easier for forgers to manufacture and infiltrate supply chains with counterfeits.


As a brand protection company, we suggest you take immediate steps to safeguard your Pharma products. And the very first step in this regard is to use anti-counterfeit security holograms or optically variable devices (OVDs). But, why security holograms? Aren’t there other brand protection solutions available in the market? Yes, there are other solutions, but holograms stickers provided by us are much more than simple brand protection devices. In this blog, we discuss the multiple benefits of our smart security holograms for Pharma companies.


Let’s find out.

Security holograms prevent counterfeiting of Pharma products

It is nearly impossible for counterfeiters/criminals to copy security holograms. Yes, that’s a fact because holograms are made through rigorous master origination technology which employs the most sophisticated machines. The resolution, depth, and combination of images and patterns are so complex that it is impossible to replicate them.


We at Holostik use nano-optical holographic images which keeps even the smartest counterfeiter at bay. Your Pharma products with our security holograms are safe from counterfeiting, tampering, and adulteration. Also, Pharma products with security holograms instill confidence in the end consumers by creating a genuine brand identity.


“More than 600000 dots per inch! Yes, that’s the resolution at which the master of nano optical image hologram is shot. Images, text, and patterns at the nanoscale cannot be copied even with advanced photocopying machines. This makes our holograms impeccable against duplication.”

Increases the visual appeal of products to boost sales

Pharma products with security holograms have high visual appeal. Such products on the shelf instantly catch the attention of the end consumer & help boost product sales and brand equity. Packaging security holograms are extremely shiny and include aesthetic artworks and designs. Due to these enticing qualities, they give a unique appearance to the product and its packaging. A product with a custom hologram has a higher chance of being picked up by the customer compared to a product without holograms. Our design lab can incorporate custom designs, logos, brand names, and patterns in the holograms.

Holograms with QR codes help with supply chain visibility

Security holograms printed with QR codes can help with real-time product authentication, GS1 track & trace, and other supply chain management functions. Just scanning the QR code with your phone helps you to implement a gamut of solutions. We have the capability to print QR codes on holograms and implement digital solutions in your supply chain. We have an in-house team of engineers who provide seamless digital software solutions. Being a CMMI Level 3 certified company we have organizational maturity in delivering such sophisticated software solutions.


“Smart holograms are a combination of physical and digital technologies. The addition of QR code on hologram extends its function from physical authentication to inventory monitoring, real time product tracking and much more.”

Can be used to implement loyalty programs to increase customers

A good loyalty scheme helps to retain loyal customers and increase the current consumer base. We can help you implement custom loyalty management to keep a track of loyalties and keep customer data insights. Our security holograms printed with QR codes can help to implement loyalty schemes that can be availed by the end consumer just by scanning the codes on the holograms.


We are pioneers and leaders in four generations of hologram technology. With a DSIR Government of India certified lab and state-of-the-art infrastructure, we ensure to provide optimum quality security holograms as per your needs. Our holographic offerings include holographic hot stamping foils, LD strip, holographic scratch, holographic shrink sleeves, induction sealing holographic wads, UV embossed folding cartons, and much more. To know more about our anti-counterfeit & digital solutions call us on +91-9905-124-124 or send us a mail at

Compromising product packaging can cost you a lot of money. We, therefore, suggest you consider your product packaging seriously.


If you are a manufacturer of bottled products, then you must use robust packaging. And your packaging must be secure and smart. It should be such that the contents of your bottled product remain safe and consumable until they reach your end consumer.


Poorly packaged bottled products are prone to spillage, counterfeiting, and tampering. When damaged products reach your end consumers, it spoils your brand’s reputation ultimately impacting your sales.  


Amongst all the packaging solutions for bottled products, induction seal wads are the most commonly used. Wads can be beneficial in multiple ways and using the right wads can boost your business growth. Let’s dive deeper to know all about these amazing packaging solutions used generally in FMCG, Pharma, Agro, and Automotive industries.


Holostik provides different variants of induction sealing wads available as per the requirement of your product and its contents

What are holographic seal wads and its uses?

Holographic Induction seals, wads, or liners are used to seal and close the opening/lip/orifice of the bottle. This protects the product’s contents from moisture, contaminants, and bacteria. Holographic induction wads prevent counterfeiting, create genuine brand identity, ensure digital product authentication, and help manage inventory.

What holographic induction seal wads are made of?

Induction wads are made with paper board, wax, holographic film, aluminum, and poly.

During the seal application process, bottle caps are lined with the induction seal and passed under an electric current. The foil heats up and melts the wax after which the sealing material is bonded permanently to the opening of the container while the carrier material/ paper board remains inside the cap.

Why prefer holographic wads over generic wads

General wads lack security features. They can be easily copied. This risks the security of your products. With the easy availability of packaging machines, forgers can easily copy bottles, its contents, and even the packaging. But, with the addition of holography, it becomes nearly impossible to replicate packaging wads. Moreover, the use of nano optical hologram images completely deters forgers from copying your packaging. Holostik’s holographic wads can include logos, brands, and sophisticated designs that accentuate your visual appeal.

Integration of holographic wads with digital solutions

Our holographic wads can be printed with QR codes. This amplifies the functionality of these physical packaging solutions. Smart wads ensure digital authentication, track and trace, loyalty management, warranty management, and much more. It helps the manufacturer to keep a track of product inventory, raw material utilization, and location. Equipped with real-time data insights, manufacturers can make informed decisions, increase throughput, and save money.  


The use of high-quality raw materials enhances the efficiency of induction wads in harsh environments

Strong reasons to choose Holostik holographic induction wads

Leak prevention seal & pilferage protection keeps the product contents intact resulting in high product quality

-Incorporation of holographic features to prevent duplication & subsequently boost sales

-Tamper evident features to prevent adulteration & tampering ensures a high-quality end product

Integration of QR code results in managing digital product authentication & efficient supply chain


Variants: Holographic Wads, Printing on Chromo Paper, Wads with Printing on Aluminium on Top, & Registered Holographic Wads


To know more about holographic induction sealing wads and other packaging solutions call us on 9905-124-124 or mail us at

Today’s consumers are particular about the product, brand, and features they choose. With the mass adoption of social media and information availability, consumer awareness has increased by several notches. However, those trying to develop fake products are on the rise.


The Indian consumer market with a large population, evolving supply chain, and inherent challenges with law enforcement provide opportunities to fraudsters.  There is an urgent need to address this alarming situation through appropriate security measures.


“Manufacturers must incorporate brand protection solutions in their products to safeguard against counterfeiters and ensure the safety of consumers.”


Counterfeiters have improvised their methods, making it difficult for consumers to differentiate the original product from a fake one. Hence, there is a strong need for manufacturers to adopt security labels, security holograms, and other anti-counterfeit solutions to ensure the reputation and goodwill of their products.


Sophisticated security packaging solutions can help manufacturers/brand owners to safeguard their products from counterfeiting, tampering, and other forms of illegal handling in the supply chain.

Safety and Security is a Priority

There is a growing awareness among consumers about their products, including the food, cosmetics, household items, and clothes they use. They do not just look at its generic use but are conscious of the branding, heritage, and quality that is purchased. The business owner needs to ensure the quality and features that their product has established in the market over the years remain unaffected.

Brand Protection

It takes several years, sometimes multiple decades, to establish a brand image in the market for a product, but few incidents of counterfeiting or tampering can ruin brand perception. There are several cases reported from across the world when counterfeit products have affected the health of consumers and ruined the brand image.


Hologram manufacturers in India provide business owners with solutions that safeguard their products from counterfeiting. Besides, product safety they also help to enhance the product’s visual appeal and boost sales growth.

Enhance Your Brand Image

When a product carries a security hologram and security label, it demonstrates how much emphasis the manufacturer has laid on his/her products and customers. Customers usually put trust in products that have a symbol of genuineness or authenticity. Holograms are the perfect mark or symbol of genuineness. Holostik high-security holograms are nearly impossible to replicate even with advanced machines.

Make Your Product Stand Apart

Besides providing security, holograms also give your product enhanced visibility on the store shelf. You can design your security hologram and security label with your brand logo, colour, name, and other product details, which help your customer instantly recognize your product.

Different types of Security Labels

You can choose your security label according to your requirement. It can be a QR Code label, hologram barcode label, tamper-evident label, holographic label with security cut, or custom tamper-proof label. One should choose the right security label based on the nature of the product, the number of labels required, and the cost factor.


“Lately, manufacturers have realized the importance of anti-counterfeit features in their product packging and are incorporating the same. The positive step has increased their sales and number of customers.” 


It is amply evident that business owners need solutions to safeguard the interests of their businesses and customers. Security holograms and labels provide them with peace of mind and a solution that helps them grow their business. You can choose from the list of available labels or reach out to a hologram manufacturer for the right solution that meets product and business requirements.


For more details about security labels, security holograms, and other solutions call us at 9905-124-124 or send us an email at

Choosing a hologram supplier/manufacturer for your products can be a herculean task. Hologram sticker manufacturing involves sophisticated optical, printing, and digital technologies which are difficult to understand. Your packaging or product manager might not be aware of all the points and can buy the wrong product. Lack of information can make it tough to select the best hologram manufacturer/supplier. Isn’t it?


In this blog, we have discussed 5 crucial points which you should always consider before choosing a hologram manufacturer. Our 30 years of expertise in hologram production & more than 10,000 satisfied clients worldwide in 90+ countries make us experts in holographic security packaging technology and therefore we are here to help you. Now, let’s discuss the points one by one.

1. Use of nano optical image holograms for unbreachable security

Nano security features & images are unimaginably small, that’s 1 billionth of a meter. Holograms with images on the nanoscale stand no chance of copying, even with the most advanced machines. You must check if your hologram supplier is capable to provide nano-optical image (NOI) holograms and has master origination capabilities for the same. That’s the surest & smartest way to prevent duplication and stay ahead of counterfeiters in this age.    


“Using latest 4th generation NOI security holograms secure your products from even the smartest criminals and increases your customer trust. Remember, upgrading packaging security is the best way to secure products and supply chain.”

2. Custom artwork, designs, and patterns for high visual appeal

Check if your hologram manufacturer is capable to provide custom artworks, designs, and patterns in the holograms. This increases graphic opportunities in the holograms of your choice. A reputed hologram supplier will always say yes to your requirements related to custom artwork, brand name, logos, or graphics of your choice.

3. Integration of QR codes for implementing digital solutions

Enquire if your supplier can provide QR code printing on holograms. Also, check if it can provide different supply chain functions like product authentication and track & trace. Your hologram supplier should have the infrastructure for in-house software development. Check if it is CMMI L3 certified and abides by the latest ISO certifications. Organizational maturity is must for developing & integrating digital solutions in physical packaging.

4. Use of high-quality PET films, adhesives, and liners for durability

Always check the quality of hologram stickers before finalizing the deal. Ask for samples of the hologram stickers that you want. This will give you an idea of the raw material quality. Hologram stickers that can’t stand abrasion and wear and tear in the transit are of no use. Also, check the adhesive strength of your stickers. Hologram stickers with poor adhesive can’t serve their true purpose.


“Compromising on hologram quality is a big mistake which can lead to decrease in sales and poor brand image”

5. Complete hologram stickers production under one roof

Your hologram stickers need to be delivered on time. Any delay in the hologram supply will affect the timely delivery of your products to the warehouse, dealer, and end consumer. Such a problem arises when the packaging/hologram supplier does not have a complete production infrastructure under one roof. In such situations, the work is generally outsourced to a third-party vendor. This leads to coordination issues and untimely production and integration. Also, check if your hologram supplier can integrate digital QR codes on your production line. This will save you precious time.


Holostik has complete hologram manufacturing capabilities under one roof. We can supply 4th generation nano-optical holograms with QR code printing. Our team of software professionals can provide custom supply chain management software. What sets us apart is the capability to integrate physical packaging with digital solutions. And this is what the present and future of security packaging is all about.

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