Are fake copies of your Pharma products being sold in the market? In the last two years, with the onset of the Covid pandemic, there has been a sharp rise in the sale of fake medicines. This is due to the massive demand for medicines, vaccines, and medical products which has led counterfeiters to take advantage of the situation.


Also, the pandemic has led to supply chain disruptions, inventory delays, product diversions, and mismanagement. All this has made it easier for forgers to manufacture and infiltrate supply chains with counterfeits.


As a brand protection company, we suggest you take immediate steps to safeguard your Pharma products. And the very first step in this regard is to use anti-counterfeit security holograms or optically variable devices (OVDs). But, why security holograms? Aren’t there other brand protection solutions available in the market? Yes, there are other solutions, but holograms stickers provided by us are much more than simple brand protection devices. In this blog, we discuss the multiple benefits of our smart security holograms for Pharma companies.


Let’s find out.

Security holograms prevent counterfeiting of Pharma products

It is nearly impossible for counterfeiters/criminals to copy security holograms. Yes, that’s a fact because holograms are made through rigorous master origination technology which employs the most sophisticated machines. The resolution, depth, and combination of images and patterns are so complex that it is impossible to replicate them.


We at Holostik use nano-optical holographic images which keeps even the smartest counterfeiter at bay. Your Pharma products with our security holograms are safe from counterfeiting, tampering, and adulteration. Also, Pharma products with security holograms instill confidence in the end consumers by creating a genuine brand identity.


“More than 600000 dots per inch! Yes, that’s the resolution at which the master of nano optical image hologram is shot. Images, text, and patterns at the nanoscale cannot be copied even with advanced photocopying machines. This makes our holograms impeccable against duplication.”

Increases the visual appeal of products to boost sales

Pharma products with security holograms have high visual appeal. Such products on the shelf instantly catch the attention of the end consumer & help boost product sales and brand equity. Packaging security holograms are extremely shiny and include aesthetic artworks and designs. Due to these enticing qualities, they give a unique appearance to the product and its packaging. A product with a custom hologram has a higher chance of being picked up by the customer compared to a product without holograms. Our design lab can incorporate custom designs, logos, brand names, and patterns in the holograms.

Holograms with QR codes help with supply chain visibility

Security holograms printed with QR codes can help with real-time product authentication, GS1 track & trace, and other supply chain management functions. Just scanning the QR code with your phone helps you to implement a gamut of solutions. We have the capability to print QR codes on holograms and implement digital solutions in your supply chain. We have an in-house team of engineers who provide seamless digital software solutions. Being a CMMI Level 3 certified company we have organizational maturity in delivering such sophisticated software solutions.


“Smart holograms are a combination of physical and digital technologies. The addition of QR code on hologram extends its function from physical authentication to inventory monitoring, real time product tracking and much more.”

Can be used to implement loyalty programs to increase customers

A good loyalty scheme helps to retain loyal customers and increase the current consumer base. We can help you implement custom loyalty management to keep a track of loyalties and keep customer data insights. Our security holograms printed with QR codes can help to implement loyalty schemes that can be availed by the end consumer just by scanning the codes on the holograms.


We are pioneers and leaders in four generations of hologram technology. With a DSIR Government of India certified lab and state-of-the-art infrastructure, we ensure to provide optimum quality security holograms as per your needs. Our holographic offerings include holographic hot stamping foils, LD strip, holographic scratch, holographic shrink sleeves, induction sealing holographic wads, UV embossed folding cartons, and much more. To know more about our anti-counterfeit & digital solutions call us on +91-9905-124-124 or send us a mail at

Compromising product packaging can cost you a lot of money. We, therefore, suggest you consider your product packaging seriously.


If you are a manufacturer of bottled products, then you must use robust packaging. And your packaging must be secure and smart. It should be such that the contents of your bottled product remain safe and consumable until they reach your end consumer.


Poorly packaged bottled products are prone to spillage, counterfeiting, and tampering. When damaged products reach your end consumers, it spoils your brand’s reputation ultimately impacting your sales.  


Amongst all the packaging solutions for bottled products, induction seal wads are the most commonly used. Wads can be beneficial in multiple ways and using the right wads can boost your business growth. Let’s dive deeper to know all about these amazing packaging solutions used generally in FMCG, Pharma, Agro, and Automotive industries.


Holostik provides different variants of induction sealing wads available as per the requirement of your product and its contents

What are holographic seal wads and its uses?

Holographic Induction seals, wads, or liners are used to seal and close the opening/lip/orifice of the bottle. This protects the product’s contents from moisture, contaminants, and bacteria. Holographic induction wads prevent counterfeiting, create genuine brand identity, ensure digital product authentication, and help manage inventory.

What holographic induction seal wads are made of?

Induction wads are made with paper board, wax, holographic film, aluminum, and poly.

During the seal application process, bottle caps are lined with the induction seal and passed under an electric current. The foil heats up and melts the wax after which the sealing material is bonded permanently to the opening of the container while the carrier material/ paper board remains inside the cap.

Why prefer holographic wads over generic wads

General wads lack security features. They can be easily copied. This risks the security of your products. With the easy availability of packaging machines, forgers can easily copy bottles, its contents, and even the packaging. But, with the addition of holography, it becomes nearly impossible to replicate packaging wads. Moreover, the use of nano optical hologram images completely deters forgers from copying your packaging. Holostik’s holographic wads can include logos, brands, and sophisticated designs that accentuate your visual appeal.

Integration of holographic wads with digital solutions

Our holographic wads can be printed with QR codes. This amplifies the functionality of these physical packaging solutions. Smart wads ensure digital authentication, track and trace, loyalty management, warranty management, and much more. It helps the manufacturer to keep a track of product inventory, raw material utilization, and location. Equipped with real-time data insights, manufacturers can make informed decisions, increase throughput, and save money.  


The use of high-quality raw materials enhances the efficiency of induction wads in harsh environments

Strong reasons to choose Holostik holographic induction wads

Leak prevention seal & pilferage protection keeps the product contents intact resulting in high product quality

-Incorporation of holographic features to prevent duplication & subsequently boost sales

-Tamper evident features to prevent adulteration & tampering ensures a high-quality end product

Integration of QR code results in managing digital product authentication & efficient supply chain


Variants: Holographic Wads, Printing on Chromo Paper, Wads with Printing on Aluminium on Top, & Registered Holographic Wads


To know more about holographic induction sealing wads and other packaging solutions call us on 9905-124-124 or mail us at

Today’s consumers are particular about the product, brand, and features they choose. With the mass adoption of social media and information availability, consumer awareness has increased by several notches. However, those trying to develop fake products are on the rise.


The Indian consumer market with a large population, evolving supply chain, and inherent challenges with law enforcement provide opportunities to fraudsters.  There is an urgent need to address this alarming situation through appropriate security measures.


Counterfeiters have improvised their methods, making it difficult for consumers to differentiate the original product from a fake one. Hence, there is a strong need for manufacturers to adopt security labels and holograms to ensure the reputation and goodwill of their products.


Sophisticated security packaging solutions can help manufacturers/brand owners to safeguard their products from counterfeiting, tampering, and other forms of illegal handling in the supply chain.

Safety and Security is a Priority

There is a growing awareness among consumers about their products, including the food, cosmetics, household items, and clothes they use. They do not just look at its generic use but are conscious of the branding, heritage, and quality that is purchased. The business owner needs to ensure the quality and features that their product has established in the market over the years remain unaffected.

Brand Protection

It takes several years, sometimes multiple decades, to establish a brand image in the market for a product, but few incidents of counterfeiting or tampering can ruin brand perception. There are several cases reported from across the world when counterfeit products have affected the health of consumers and ruined the brand image.


Hologram manufacturers in India provide business owners with solutions that safeguard their products from counterfeiting. Besides, product safety it also helps to enhance the product’s visual appeal and boost sales growth.

Enhance Your Brand Image

When a product carries a security hologram and security label, it demonstrates how much emphasis the manufacturer has laid on his/her products and customers. Customers usually put trust in products that have a symbol of genuineness or authenticity. Holograms are the perfect mark or symbol of genuineness. Holostik high-security holograms are nearly impossible to replicate even with advanced machines.

Make Your Product Stand Apart

Besides providing security, holograms also give your product enhanced visibility on the store shelf. You can design your security hologram and security label with your brand logo, colour, name, and other product details, which help your customer instantly recognize your product.

Different types of Security Labels

You can choose your security label according to your requirement. It can be a QR Code label, hologram barcode label, tamper-evident label, holographic label with security cut, or custom tamper-proof label. One should choose the right security label based on the nature of the product, the number of labels required, and the cost factor.


It is amply evident that business owners need solutions to safeguard the interests of their business and customers. Security holograms and labels provide them with peace of mind and a solution that helps them grow their business. You can choose from the list of available labels or reach out to a hologram manufacturer for the right solution that meets product and business requirements.


For more details about security labels or holograms, call us on9905-124-124 or send us an email at


Choosing a hologram supplier/manufacturer for your products can be a herculean task. Hologram sticker manufacturing involves sophisticated optical, printing, and digital technologies which are difficult to understand. Your packaging or product manager might not be aware of all the points and can buy the wrong product. Lack of information can make it tough to select the best hologram manufacturer/supplier. Isn’t it?


In this blog, we have discussed 5 crucial points which you should always consider before choosing a hologram manufacturer. Our 30 years of expertise in hologram production & more than 10,000 satisfied clients worldwide in 90+ countries make us experts in holographic security packaging technology and therefore we are here to help you. Now, let’s discuss the points one by one.

1. Use of nano optical image holograms for unbreachable security

Nano security features & images are unimaginably small, that’s 1 billionth of a meter. Holograms with images on the nanoscale stand no chance of copying, even with the most advanced machines. You must check if your hologram supplier is capable to provide nano-optical image (NOI) holograms and has master origination capabilities for the same. That’s the surest & smartest way to prevent duplication and stay ahead of counterfeiters in this age.    


“Using latest 4th generation NOI security holograms secure your products from even the smartest criminals and increases your customer trust. Remember, upgrading packaging security is the best way to secure products and supply chain.”

2. Custom artwork, designs, and patterns for high visual appeal

Check if your hologram manufacturer is capable to provide custom artworks, designs, and patterns in the holograms. This increases graphic opportunities in the holograms of your choice. A reputed hologram supplier will always say yes to your requirements related to custom artwork, brand name, logos, or graphics of your choice.

3. Integration of QR codes for implementing digital solutions

Enquire if your supplier can provide QR code printing on holograms. Also, check if it can provide different supply chain functions like product authentication and track & trace. Your hologram supplier should have the infrastructure for in-house software development. Check if it is CMMI L3 certified and abides by the latest ISO certifications. Organizational maturity is must for developing & integrating digital solutions in physical packaging.

4. Use of high-quality PET films, adhesives, and liners for durability

Always check the quality of hologram stickers before finalizing the deal. Ask for samples of the hologram stickers that you want. This will give you an idea of the raw material quality. Hologram stickers that can’t stand abrasion and wear and tear in the transit are of no use. Also, check the adhesive strength of your stickers. Hologram stickers with poor adhesive can’t serve their true purpose.


“Compromising on hologram quality is a big mistake which can lead to decrease in sales and poor brand image”

5. Complete hologram stickers production under one roof

Your hologram stickers need to be delivered on time. Any delay in the hologram supply will affect the timely delivery of your products to the warehouse, dealer, and end consumer. Such a problem arises when the packaging/hologram supplier does not have a complete production infrastructure under one roof. In such situations, the work is generally outsourced to a third-party vendor. This leads to coordination issues and untimely production and integration. Also, check if your hologram supplier can integrate digital QR codes on your production line. This will save you precious time.


Holostik has complete hologram manufacturing capabilities under one roof. We can supply 4th generation nano-optical holograms with QR code printing. Our team of software professionals can provide custom supply chain management software. What sets us apart is the capability to integrate physical packaging with digital solutions. And this is what the present and future of security packaging is all about.

If you have any queries related to hologram stickers, digital QR code-based solutions then call us on 9905-124-124 or send us a mail at

The distribution phase during the supply chain is the most critical one, as it can lead to product theft at any point. One of the reasons contributing to product theft during the phase is a great deal of confusion.


However, one thing that has proven to be immensely beneficial are the security labels. These labels are proven to be quite functional, which have been used widely for a long time.


Not to forget, product theft is responsible for black market sales, and therefore it is essential to safeguard the interest of manufacturing companies. After all, no manufacturers want the goods to get lost in transit, which ultimately leads to profit and confidence loss of retailers and customers in the brand.

How Do Security Labels/Holograms Work?

We have already talked in detail about what security labels are. However, to incorporate these into our daily life, understanding how they tend to work is essential. Quite a several ways are generally kept into consideration:


  1. The first step is by which it can be shortlisted as a part of the production line. It ensures exclusivity, and once the product gets stolen or misplaced there can be an alert generated. It helps the market to be on alert and start looking for the product and the perpetrators.
  2. The label also guarantees a seal of trust and can help the product from getting spoilt. It also ensures that the product is kept safe from copying because the security hologram is quite hard to replicate.
  3. There are plenty of prestigious hardware production companies that have also incorporated security labels. The way these are constructed is hard to replicate, and once broken, it is next to impossible to put back together. It not only helps in product safety but also ensures that you do not have to worry about the client experience as well.

Benefits of Using Security Labels Other Than Product Theft

There are many benefits of using product labels. Hence, these are widely adopted by most product manufacturers. Even though it is a slight extra expense, the product safety is ensured, which automatically makes you more credible to the clients.

Some of the major advantages of using these labels are:

1.   Reduces Product Duplication and Increases Authenticity:

It is one of the primary reasons why one should always go for security holograms or labels. It helps the manufacturers to be extra safe with the production and not fall prey to those who regularly produce first copies. It is also essential that more companies take up this initiative because it will put an end to the regular production of black-market items. If you are in pursuit of a premium security label manufacturer, then a great option to consider is Holostik Security Labels.

2.   Identify The Perpetrators:

We have already discussed how the labels help against design copy. But it also assists with identifying the chain which is involved in the theft process. The code is always unique to each product and hence a great option.


3.   Customized Design:

The best part about this is that you get designs, which as individuals you can choose easily. Hence for the producing company, it becomes a respite that they can design the unique labels.


To stand up against continuous product theft, every production company must take the responsibility of incorporating the concept of security labels.  It acts as a seal of trust among the retailers as well as the end-users. Whether you are a small manufacturing firm or a well-established one, incorporating product labels can cut huge uninvited trouble off your shoulders and safeguard your brand’s reputation.

Are you facing product counterfeiting, damaged packaging, and poor sales? Finding solutions to all these different problems can be frustrating and takes a lot of investment.

We at Holostik provide custom solutions to all these problems under one roof.And this saves you lot of money.

Our packaging & supply chain experts perform an in-depth analysis to find gaps in your packaging & supply chain. After this, we provide custom packaging solutions as per your need.

In this blog, we will discuss compelling reasons to invest in holographic packaging films for your products and brand. So, let’s dig in.

“Holostik holographic films include aesthetic, security, and design patterns which increase brand value, prevent duplication, and grab customer’s attention”


Holographic films secure your products from counterfeiting & illicit handling

Your product packaging without holography is prone to counterfeiting, tampering, and adulteration. This leads to wastage of your investment & brings down your sales. Holographic security & unique design elements in our packaging films are impossible to replicate. It guarantees the genuineness of your product in the supply chain and prevents tampering & adulteration.

We can provide nano-optical images in our holographic films having a resolution of more than 6 lacs dpi. Criminals don’t stand a chance against such ultra-secure features. It also includes intricate designs, patterns, logos, trademarks, and other branding features.

“Holostik custom holographic films are available in PET (polyethene terephthalate) (minimum thickness 12 microns) and BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) (minimum thickness 18 microns)”

Holographic films improve your product’s visual appeal on the shelf

Our packaging films with holography have the unique property of diffracting light. And this feature grabs the attention of your customer. The unique designs, patterns, and images in these packaging films give a unique identity to your product on the shelf. A market study says that 63% of consumers buy products with unique packaging aesthetics. Holographic films add value to your product and convey your brand story effectively.


Holographic packaging films increase the shelf life of your products

Your products packaged in our holographic films stay safe from oxidation, moisture, & damage in the supply chain. This increases the shelf life of your products and safeguards you from possible losses due to wear & team and contamination.


Holographic packaging films boost your product sales and number of customers

Using holographic packaging films for your products can give you many long-term benefits. the films upgrade your packaging, prevent duplication, improve brand perception, and increase your sales. Also, this allows the number of your new customers to increase over a period of time. 

These films can be laminated with sealable films to make flexible bags & WPP (Woven Polypropylene) bags, in addition, the films can be laminated with paper to make gift boxes and chopped into glitter powder to provide holographic effects to the products.

If you want to buy custom holographic films for your product packaging, then call us on +91-9905-124-124 or visit our website:

Holographic stickers are widely used in every sector. These stickers are used for sale security reasons and are very hard to forge. Like most other stickers, holographic security stickers are manufactured. The word ‘Holographic’ simply implies that your design has an iridescent vinyl finish that gives your design a fascinating rainbow look. Hologram stickers are flat labels that make you feel like 3D pictures.

How are Holographic Security Stickers Made?

Ink is printed on vinyl; then, the layer is covered with a transparent laminate. The sticker is thus protected, which makes it sturdy, waterproof and resistant to fading in the sun.

Significance of Security Holograms in India

Yes, as the title says, “A NEW WAY OF SECURITY”, the most significant way to avoid the selling of counterfeit products is through holographic security stickers.


These stickers are encoded that use light to display the image that you are looking at. This pattern makes holograms distinctive since the encoded pattern cannot be repeated by fraudsters. And that’s where everyone can tell between the original and the imitation. You may even use them to certify documents or various stuff.


There is something known as the ‘Anti Counterfeit Label’, which is a security label. It is a blend of micro text and a variety of photographic elements. For instance, you can find them on ID cards, passports, currencies, etc. Because of the construction of several layers, they ensure guarantee and protection for your goods. This avoids fraud and duplication for your brand and organization. These Anti Counterfeit labels are also holographic security stickers.


Not only for security, but it also advertises the brand name better than the normal version of the sticker. This is because of its eye-catching 3D look and vibrant colour scheme. They are also considered for brand promotion being one of the best digital marketing strategies.


Holographic stickers are used for purposes like;

  • Packaging
  • Product Security
  • Brand protection
  • Authentication
  • Labelling

Apart from this, they are used in various industries like cosmetics, pharmaceutical, academic purposes (certificates), textile industries, etc. For verification purposes like tax, insurance, or any technical inspections, one can see these stickers being used in windshield glasses of cars.

How to choose the best hologram supplier for your company?

There are ample companies that manufacture holographic stickers in India. You should check particular aspects and make sure that the packaging holograms consist of high-quality, eco-friendly raw materials.

  • The labels should be robust and resist all forms of wear and wear with high production standards.
  • Always check the adhesive and hologram print quality. It would be preferable if your product quality manager received a sample from the hologram manufacturers in India before the purchase is finalised.
  • You must also look at the variety of the stickers produced. More variety of designs means the company is innovative.
  • Another fact that is to be considered is whether the company is used to making customizable stickers.

The pandemic saw counterfeiters a day in the field, particularly with increasing demand for pharmaceutical products. The recent forgery of medicine vials of Remdesivir jeopardised the lives of patients from Covid-19 throughout India and has put genuine producers in danger.


In this context, Noida-based Holostik India, which came into existence to authenticate supply chains to safeguard lives, is ideally positioned to aid manufacturers and consumers with their anti-counterfeit packaging.


Holostik is one of the only worldwide firms that provide physical and digital security solutions under one roof that has secured products for more than 10,000 enterprises in over 90 countries. It is also one of the biggest security labels suppliers in the world.

As a business owner, you might be facing the double whammy of pandemic & business loss. We know you are making extra effort to boost your product sales. But are the results satisfactory? Maybe not. So, where are you lacking? Have your loyal consumers switched to your competitors? Is there a problem with your logistics? Or are your products getting copied?

The reason could be any. A gap in your packaging or supply chain results in duplication, poor sales, and a ruined brand image. Using a security hologram can save you from this grim situation & help to grow your business. Let’s find out how.

Security Holograms prevent product duplication& potential loss of sales

Our market research suggests that around 20% of products in the market are fake. So, there could be a high chance that fake copies of your products are being sold at cheap prices. Applying security holograms to your products reduces duplication by up to 90%. (Conditions Apply).


Our custom security holograms make your product safe from any illegal activity. Criminals are not able to copy your products secured with holograms. We provide custom visible, invisible, forensic, and digital features in a single hologram. Multi-layered security keeps your products intact until the end consumer.

Boosts packaging aesthetics to attract consumers

Poor visibility of your products can be a big turnoff for your consumers. Your products affixed with holograms grab customers’ attention. Holography takes your product packaging to the next level making it visually distinct.

Holography allows the incorporation of your brand names, logos, trademarks, and other designs. This creates your rapport with consumers. A product with aesthetic packaging has a high chance of being picked from the shelf up compared to a bland one. Upgrade packaging with holograms to attract more customers & drive more sales.

Seamless inventory visibility for informed decisions

To get more profits from your business, it is a must to have thorough visibility of the supply chain. It includes inventory tracking, warehouse management, loyalty management, and real-time data insights.


Our holograms with QR codes enable many supply chain solutions. Thorough monitoring of your supply chain allows you to assess each stage of the supply chain with clarity. This ensures high outputs & the least wastage of your precious resources. Real-time data insights help you to make informed decisions. You can also execute product positioning in the market which converts to high sales.

We help you choose the right security hologram for your products

Choosing the right security hologram manufacturer can be a tough task if you lack experience. Investing in the wrong holograms can be risky.


Our anti-counterfeiting experts guide you to select the best hologram for your products. Having goodwill of more than 30 years in brand protection and packaging. We integrate & offer holography and digital solutions under one roof. Our production line includes European-built machines to maintain precision in our offerings. If you need our help then we are just a call away. Contact us, at +91-9905-124-124 or visit our website:

3D holograms are the talk of the town in every business sector nowadays. According to a survey, the size of the global anti-counterfeit packaging market is estimated to witness a surge from USD 106.3 billion now to USD 188.2 billion by the end of 2025. Why? The answer is simple. Today competition in every business sector is fierce. To remain ahead of others, business owners believe that boosting consumer engagement is a must.

The same old advertising techniques are not going to work. 3D holographic technology is the newest avenue that can increase sales & protect the authenticity of a product. A 3D hologram can authenticate your products in seconds and impress your potential customers with its high-built quality and visual appeal.

Perks of 3D Holograms and why you must use it for taking your business to new heights.

  • Most cost-effective solution to use

3D holograms have hidden features within the hologram itself and have embedded security marks. Recreating it with a photocopier is not possible. Therefore, it is a very cost-effective security solution that will safeguard your brand against counterfeiters quickly, without hassle.

  • Modern features

Do you know that 3D holograms are customizable according to a company’s requirements? The best thing is, 3D holograms today come with digital QR codes, barcodes, and tracking features which make warehouse & supply chain management much easier.

  • Suitable for various sectors

According to a report published by the Statista Research Department, annual sales losses from counterfeiting in 2020 in the pharmaceutical industry amounted to 10.2 billion euros & the clothing industry 26.3 billion euros.

To combat these counterfeiters, different sectors, including pharmaceuticals, food medical technology, telecommunications, banking, automotive, Liquor, etc., today use 3D holograms.

  • Overt, covert, and digital features

3D Holograms have layers of security features, are attractive, and are encrypted that makes forgery difficult. With features like full colour, moving display, three-dimensional images, individual customized text, and serial numbers, illegal replication becomes impossible.

  • Reliable, durable, tamper-resistant

The best thing about 3D holograms is that they are tamper evident. Therefore, attempts to tamper with the 3D holograms can be effortlessly recognized. So why not upgrade your product packaging with a 3D hologram? Use it to see the increase in ROI now!

  • Marketing with attractive designing plus security

The 3D holograms today offer visuals that have the potential to grab attention, inform, promote, and even entertain customers. Therefore, to draw the customers’ attention and increasing interaction, these 3D holographic holograms remain unparalleled.

  • Difficult to make but easy to check

Creating a 3D holograms is very technical and time-consuming. These 3D holograms are made with the latest technology & can be integrated with other technologies.

To conclude

Customers today trust companies that care about the quality of their products and use 3D holograms for packaging. Now, this trustworthiness in your business leads to loyal customers. Result? Buyers quickly recognize your products as top-quality and make a purchase fast.

Probably, the biggest invention in the field of packaging is the usage of holography. Packaging is often deemed to be the first communicator of the firm & its products. Brands utilize various types of packaging formats to make their merchandise more secure, saleableand impressive. 


Holography is a technique that facilitates the display of three-dimensional effects or images to the viewer. While holographic images serve as a means to differentiate one’s brand, they can also help with regulatory adherence and anti-counterfeit measures. 


Given below are three qualities of security holograms that boost the overall product appearance and brand appeal. We also recommend you to consider these points while choosing a hologram supplier for your products.    

1. Use of Nano Optical Images Deters Counterfeiting

Holograms with nano-optical images are highly safe against any kind of fraud or replication. Nano OVDs (Optically Variable Devices)/holograms with a resolution of more than 6 lacs dpi meet the necessities of security, flexibility, and performance and keep counterfeiters at bay. This includes different kinds of covert, overt, forensic, and digital characteristics, which add numerous layers of security to the packaging of the product. 


“Nano Optical Security holograms enhance product security to the next level due to sophisticated master origination and incorporation of highly secure elements”


The origination technology is used to develop safety features that are impossible to copy by counterfeiters. The use of anti-copy background, micro text, imperceptible UV, guilloche pattern, taggants, hidden security marks, tamper evidence, security cuts make duplication nearly inconceivable. Also, the incorporation of serialization and QR codes empowers end consumers, retailers, dealers, and manufacturers.

2. Great Quality Raw Materials Ensures Durability

Holostik security holograms make your product packaging durable. You should always ensure packaging holograms are made of high-quality raw materials. With high standards of manufacturing, the labels should be durable and resist any form of wear and tear. Always ensure to check the adhesive quality and print quality of the holograms. It would be better if you or your product quality manager gets a sample for the same from the hologram supplier before finalizing the order. 


“Holostik Security Holograms are made with finest quality raw materials and undergo rigorous quality checks through different stages of production.” 


3. High Level of Personalization for Specific Branding

When it comes to product packaging, Holostik brings lots of modern and new options to experiment with, both functionally and aesthetically. A decent-quality hologram sticker should be customizable. This means that the hologram can encompass extraordinary designs, digital supply chain functions, covert security features, vivid colors, and typography for reinforcing your brand value. This captivates the clients and also helps to win their trust. With an authentic and customized hologram, the brand gets the attention and leads it deserves.


Security Holograms are favourable for a wide variety of product security and eye-catching applications. Boosting product security, supply chain security, enabling instant product authentication, catching the client’s eye, and reviving the packaging designs are some of them.


If you are interested in knowing more about us and our product lines, log on to or contact us at 09905124124.