Holographic security labels are favourable for securing and enhancing the visual appeal of products. Security labels printed with QR codes can help with digital product authentication, warehouse management, loyalty schemes and offering other supply chain functions.

While holographic labels serve as a means to distinguish one’s brand, they can also help with regulatory adherence and anti-counterfeit actions.

Are you too, looking for an impressive security label for your product but are concerned if they would safeguard your product from counterfeiting and look attractively unique at the same time? Then you should consider purchasing security labels from an honest and accountable manufacturer with the following qualities:

-Reasonable prices and transparency

The security label manufacturer you prefer should ensure the lowest feasible rates on direct security labels without compromising on quality and customer satisfaction. Prices should not burn a hole in your pocket and must be within your budget.

Sustaining a level of translucency with regards to pacts and negotiations also builds faith and reliance between the manufacturer and the client. All prerequisites should be well-defined from the onset of the meeting and should be formally listed in an agreement.

-The highest degree of quality

No matter the requirement, you should always demand the highest quality security labels from the manufacturer. High-quality security labels can help printheads last longer, decreasing the total expense of ownership over time. There should be strict quality checks at every phase of production which would result in high-quality labels. Usage of high-quality inks, solvents, glues guarantees the ultimate quality of labels. Industrial security labels are subject to harsh environment in the supply chain, so they must be manufactured to maintain adhesion, form, and readability.

Having years of hands-on experience in providing security label manufacturing services along with encouraging reviews and responses from the firm’s recent and former customers is a pointer that your company will most probably receive the same quality of service.

Professional services

What good is cheap, deformed, ugly security labels if they peel off or fail to adhere properly? If security labels are not suited to your requirements and are not delivered on time, it is a complete waste of time and energy. If the labels are damaged during shipment, then not only would lead it to money losses but business losses as well.

Therefore, choosing a reliable manufacturer is very important as the adept industry experience, expert service and honest commitment help you optimize your security label expenses and such mishaps are kept at bay. We provide live, expert support whenever you need it so that any issue you face can be resolved as quickly as possible.

If you do not want a drop-down in your sales and brand trust due to duplication, then you must consider authentic and striking security labels from a reputed & reliable label supplier.

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Labels in Packaging Industry

The way of making an ordinary product into an extraordinary one or the reason why one picks a product can be attributed to labelling. Labelling is nothing but specific way of merchandising. No wonder, packaging is a silent salesperson for a product and it simply enhances the shelf life of a product.

As we all know the augmented marketing mix and the physical evidence plays a vital role in determining the buying pattern of a consumer or a customer and this is where the label comes into picture.

Labels can be game changer for a product and the simplest way for Market Penetration.

What is Labelling?

The art of applying or implementing labels over a product or specifically designing labels for a product is called labelling. Labels can be majorly divided into two categories depending upon their application viz. Paper label and Filmic Label.

A comprehensive classification for labels is as follows.

Types of Labels

(1.) PSL-Pressure Sensitive Labels/Self Adhesive Labels/Supported Labels

(a) Paper Labels which can be normal paper label or secure paper label.

(b) Filmic Labels which can be several types of viz. PP, PE, PET, Metalized Film, COC etc.

(c) Secure Filmic Labels which may have several security features and that will make them very hard to duplicate viz. Holographic Strip, Different Security Pattern with the help of some software, Security inks, Spot Holography, Hot Stamping Foil and Screen Printing.

(d) Special Purpose Label which is having certain tailor-made solution as per the product requirement viz. water indicator label or special film labels like UDV, Void etc.

(e) Smart Labels which is having a QR code and that can be useful for several operations viz Authentication, Loyalty, Supply Chain Management etc.

(f) 3D Labels which are the labels with generic and customized lens effects, and they are developed by using PET film.

(2.) Unsupported/Wet Glue Labels

(a) Normal Unsupported Labels like Beer Labels.

(b) Secure Unsupported Labels like certain Pharma Labels.

So, in a nutshell labels are the most potent way for the transformation of a product and we at Holostik India have the expertise and legacy in this segment and are fully equipped with high end machineries and  have the best expertise of the packaging and labelling industry.

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Having a pair of Adidas sneakers or shoes in your closet boosts your fashion statement. Globally celebrities and fashion icons swear by the brand name Adidas. Revered by the Millenials, Adidas shoes are on the top of their buying checklist.

adidas green grass shoes
Adidas shoes are famous world over

But, most Adidas shoes are quite expensive that burn a hole in your pocket. This leads you to buy cheap replicas of Adidas shoes to satiate your desire. On the flip side, there are many who buy fake considering them as real ones.

Shoe lovers swear by Adidas shoes

Many times, it’s impossible to identify fake Adidas shoes. This is because counterfeits look exactly like genuine ones. At a first glance, it might look like you are holding an original shoe but looking closer reveals that the item is fake.

fake adidas shoes
Fake Adidas shoes are rampant in the market

Adidas is one of the top-notch athletic apparel companies in the world. The brand provides the best quality and has earned a massive global reputation.

Adidas products
Beware of fake Adidas shoes. Buy genuine ones

Counterfeiters or forgers try their best to mimic authentic Adidas products. But it is impossible to copy all the features. Here are 6 tips from our anti-counterfeit experts to differentiate between fake and original Adidas shoes.

5 Tips to check fake Adidas shoes

Tip 1: Check out the heel tag on the back of a pair of Adidas shoes

Fake shoes have a stitched triangular pattern at the point where the upper layer meets the second layer of leather on the heel. Genuine Adidas shoes do not have such faults.

Check the heel of Adidas shoes to spot a fake

Tip 2: Genuine products don’t have features for granted

New Adidas shoes come with extra laces that are neatly rolled and sealed in a plastic bag whereas, fakes will have them loosely packed.

New shoes come with neatly rolled laces

Tip 3: All genuine Adidas products have serial numbers on the tags affixed to them

The tags have the size and product information on the inside of the shoe (behind the tongue). Real Adidas shoes will have tags with different serial numbers for the left and right shoe, but a fake product will have the same serial number. THAT’S THE CATCH.

Check the serial numbers of your shoe pair

Tip 4: Stitching is one of the aspects which need close observation

Real Adidas items are uniformly and neatly stitched. Fake ones will have shoddy and loose stitch work. Uneven stitching often makes it easy to spot a fake Adidas product.

Poorly stitched shoes are a big NO

Tip 5: Last but not the least, price is one of the most important factors in determining the genuineness of an Adidas item

It’s easy to cross-check the updated prices of different products on the Adidas website. A high difference in values can point to the fact that the product is fake.

Adidas item
Is the shoe price too good to be true

While you must pay attention to the above-shared tips, manufactures must use secure packaging to deter forgers from copying their products.

Also, check for hidden signs in the packaging or product labels


Notice the quality and printing of packaging. Any sign of typos, spelling errors, or poor printing is a major sign of a fake item. Check for the presence of labels, holograms, and QR codes. Forgers find it difficult to copy secure packaging. Digital solutions like authentication & track and trace to further enhance product security. With more than 30 years of experience in securing 10,000+ brands in 90+ countries, our smart & secure packaging guarantees that your products stay safe from duplication.


We also help with inventory visibility, track & trace, loyalty schemes, and other supply chain functions.


If you are concerned about the security of your products and brands, loss of sales and decreasing customers then call us on 9905-124-124 or send us a mail at marcom@holostik.com