Are you using generic pouches to pack your products?


If yes, then switching to holographic pouches can save your business from counterfeiters.


But why holographic pouches? To answer this, let’s share the experience of one of our clients.


A few months ago a reputed FMCG company was facing duplication of its products & its packaging. The company was using generic quality pouches for its products. Eventually, forgers took advantage of it and got almost identical pouches manufactured by a local vendor. They managed to sell the fake products to the distributor network at much less prices.


The sale of fake products resulted in revenue loss for the genuine manufacturer and negatively impacted the brand’s reputation. At this critical time, the brand owner contacted us for help. After a thorough investigation, we suggested our holographic security pouches to him.


What were the reasons behind this advice?


Here are some points suggested by our packaging experts

  • Holostik’s holographic pouches eliminate duplicates and enhance the aesthetics of your product
  • The use of top-quality secure holographic pouches helps avoid counterfeiting and in increasing sales
  • Flexible printing, as well as optical functions, offer superior aesthetics and differentiate the product
  • High-quality holographic film and adhesives limit the risk of leakage and spillage
  • Highly customizable to meet your product’s packaging specifications
  • Using 4th generation nano optical holography can enhance the aesthetics and security of your product

Why you should choose Holostik for Holographic Pouches

Holostik is a well-known brand for its high-end holographic security pouches that are suitable for various industries. Holography is incorporated into the pouches, the ideal packaging solution to stop product duplicates. Depending on particular requirements and needs, these pouches in multiple designs are available for all products.


  • The only company in India with expertise in embossing, metalizing, and lamination under one roof. 
  • Pioneers in 4 generations of holographic technology in India – add to our credibility.
  • Holostik Chairman was awarded Brian Monaghan Award from the Global Authority on Holography- IHMA.
  • Aesthetic appeal due to years of R&D innovations improves the visibility at the point of sale of your product.
  • Holostik is one of the world’s largest producers of Holographic products.
  • Holostik is the founding member of HoMAI today ASPA (Authentication Solution Providers’ Association).


Holostik is one of the top brands in the anti-counterfeiting and packaging business that provides top-quality Holographic pouches that provide an authentication system and visual appeal to the product. Our pouches are printed with high-quality technology and a range of security features.


Utilizing advanced printing technology, Holostik ensures that the manufacturers provide all kinds of information about their products and marketing information on the packaging of their products. Security pouches are highly affordable and instantly draw consumers’ attention in the shopping environment.


With custom security pouches small businesses can increase their branding value in the market. Security pouches enable manufacturers to print appealing, high-quality designs that enhance the visibility of their products.


If you are eager to know more about our holographic pouches, holographic packaging, labels, or other solutions, call us at 9905-124-124 or send us a mail at

Poor quality induction sealing wads fail to secure your product’s contents from duplication, tampering, and leakage. Due to the lack of security features, the chances for duplication increases, thus bringing out the possibility of marketing failure. Many companies offer low-quality induction sealing wads that result in product pilferage. Poor quality wads also hinder product appeal and serve as a stigma for the brand.


“Poor quality induction sealing wads fail to secure your product’s contents from duplication, pilferage, spillage & tampering.”

How high-quality induction sealing wads help in maintaining the brand’s credibility


High-quality induction sealing wads by top hologram manufacturing companies help brands retain the customers’ trust and maintain the brand’s image.


Here are the top 5 reasons for choosing high-quality induction sealing wads:


  1. Spill-proof safety and anti-counterfeiting features: Use of holographic technology makes the sealing wads replication-proof. Along with it, robust manufacturing prevents any chances of spillage or leakage.
  2. Induction sealing: Induction sealing of these wads removes any possibility of contamination, duplication, and pilferage. Such assured product packaging boosts the authentic sales of the products as well.
  3. Anti-tampering feature: Anti-tampering feature prevents any tampering possibility and ensures top-quality products. This way, counterfeiters are unable to tamper with the original products.
  4. QR code integration: It ensures the digital authentication of products, resulting in a robust supply chain process. Products can be easily tracked to recognize the difference between fake and original products.
  5. Customization: These HDPE wads can be customized to adhere to the brand’s values and packaging needs. As per the containers of the products, be it eatables or medicines, the wads are designed and manufactured in different shapes and sizes.

Reasons for choosing Holostik induction sealing wads?


Induction sealing wads are manufactured from high-quality raw materials. These sealing wads are used for sealing that prevents tampering, leakage, unauthorized dealing, and contamination. Holostik caters to multiple industries, such as food, automobile, cosmetics, agriculture, pharmaceutical, etc., with its high-quality HDPE wads. Some of the top reasons for opting for Holostik induction sealing wads are as below:

  • High-quality raw materials.
  • Research and development for the best technical advantages.
  • Classy aesthetic appeal.
  • 24×7 surveillance for confidentiality of the client’s business.
  • India’s leading holography technology player with its four generations of business credibility.

Launch your products in the safest way with quality induction sealing wads from the house of Holostik:


Holostik is successfully meeting the client’s needs over the decades, and it has been known as the manufacturing industry’s pioneer for packaging, sealing, and wading needs. The veteran professionals and designers offer the best packaging materials in accordance with the requirements of the clients while considering their sales and branding objectives. The experienced team ensures that no customer faces any issues while marketing and transporting their products.


If you are eager to know more about our digital supply chain, security printing, integrated labelling, and holographic packaging, call us at 9905-124-124 or send us a mail at

Pharmaceutical products need proper handling, packaging, and transportation. Quality packaging plays a pivotal role in the safety, maintenance, and shelf-life of pharma products. Packaging is done while aligning with factors such as light, moisture, oxygen, biological contamination, temperature variation, and so on.


Pharma packaging solution providers must adhere to the latest regulations and provide compliant packaging solutions. Any company providing pharma packaging solutions must be qualified to pack healthcare and pharma products. They must be well versed in handling and preserving sensitive medical products with uniquely designed packaging for the improved shelf life of the products.

Below are four important qualities that you must check while accessing the service of a pharma packaging supplier:

1. Certifications to handle pharmaceutical products

 The solution provider must have accreditation from the authorities where they are operating. It ensures the commitment to packaging safety and quality. The packaging service provider should meet the required standards for packaging, serialization, and environment. It is required to verify that the pharma packaging solution provider follows the latest packaging regulations. Some important certifications received by us are GS1 and Drug Masters File.


“Our anti-duplication, advance packaging and smart supply chain solutions secure your pharma products & supply chain ensuring customer trust and brand equity.”


2. The experienced team of employees

Some pharmaceutical products are packed in a highly complex way. Multiple packaging needs to combine multiple SKUs of the products in one package. Automation of complex packaging makes it simpler. Yet, packaging companies need to have an experienced team of employees who are well versed in such packaging processes. This guarantees that the quality of pharma products never gets compromised. With 30+ years of experience in anti-counterfeiting and packaging technology, Holostik helps you select the right packaging solutions for your Pharma products. 


3. Access to associated pharma packaging services

Proper packaging plays an important role in safeguarding pharma products along with it also creates brand awareness or impact among the consumers. 3D Folding Cartons and UV embossed labels as offered by Holostik result in a unique and high-value brand image of the products. The use of holographic films prevents product duplication or counterfeiting and increases customer sales.

Several types of packaging solutions offered by us are:

  • UV-Embossed 3D Lens Film
  • UV Embossed 3D Folding Cartons
  • Holographic Security Pouches
  • Holographic Packaging Films


4. The Ability to Offer End-to-End Services

From labels to packaging, once a product is finally packaged, some pharma companies need access to additional services for the guided entry into the marketplace. You need to make sure that whether the service provider is offering the add-on services or not. Some associated services are:


Anti-counterfeiting: Holographic products help the products against counterfeiting by integrating the products with digital bar codes. It ensures product authenticity and supply chain visibility.

Some of the popular anti-counterfeiting solutions for the pharma industry are:

  • Security Holograms(OVDs)
  • Digital Product Authentication
  • Holographic Strip for Blister Packs
  • Holographic Hot Stamping Foils
  • Holographic Induction Sealing Wads


Labels: 3D labels with seamless integration to digital technology helps a brand with brand protection, supply chain visibility, and product aesthetics. Some of the most popular labels categories are:

  • Security Labels
  • Smart Labels
  • Specialty 3D Labels
  • Holographic Shrink Sleeves


“Our specialty 3D labels help in accentuating the brand image of your pharma product of on the shelf and give it a unique product identity.”


Supply chain visibility: A comprehensive supply chain management service ensures efficient use of raw materials, higher productivity, and increased productivity. Quality supply chain visibility by top pharma packaging partners such as Holostik helps the brands in preventing counterfeiting. GS1 track and trace standards and different digital solutions keep full proof in terms of quality and originality. Some customized supply chain services in demand are:

  • Track and Trace
  • Inventory Management
  • Reward Management
  • Warranty Management


You can go for a reputed pharma packaging company like Holostik, and get all the labeling, packaging, and supply chain visibility solutions required to market your pharmaceutical products. If you are eager to know more about our integrated pharma packaging solutions, call us at 9905-124-124 or send us a mail at

Do you wish for a high sales growth for your products? We know every manufacturer wants a steady business growth, a strong brand image, and unshakable consumer trust. But have you ever thought about what it takes to make your brand a hit in the market? Well, there are multiple reasons like a well-thought business idea, robust marketing, product innovation, and many other things. But one of the most important points often neglected by brand owners is ‘packaging’. 


Packaging is as important as the content of your product. An appropriate packaging adds to the product’s authenticity. Because it marks your product visibly different from others in the market.


Of late, manufacturers of bottled products are using folding cartons in large numbers. The consumer packaging industry benefits from the production of folding cartons. Folding cartons with high security and brand-enhancing features are being used by numerous big brands.


“Among the tons of positive affirmations making the folding cartons a necessity, the most prominent ones are aesthetics and security.” 

What are 3D Folding Cartons?


The name itself is pretty self-explanatory. It refers to the cartons made using folding paperboards. Not only do these cartons look fantastic, but the sustainability factor also makes them the best bet for packaging. You can also get hold of 3D folding cartons, which are popular for their embellishing 3D lens, dazzling finish, and printing effects.


Paperboard cartons tend to create a significant impact because they can be customized. You as clients can provide the designs or leave the onus on the cartons manufacturers. Before you settle upon a partner who gets you these folding cartons, there is an extensive process that needs to be taken care of, which includes the product design, aesthetic effects, and the material of the cartons.

Why Should You Choose 3D Folding Cartons?


Finally, it brings us to the question, why should you rely on 3D folding cartons? And what makes this choice better than any other normal folding carton in the market. Generally, folding cartons are not only used in the food and beverage industry, but also in the pharmaceutical, automobile, wellness, and even electrical industry. Some of the primary reasons why you should choose 3d folding cartons are:

Improves Brand Image

One of the most important reasons for switching to 3D folding cartons is that it creates a positive brand image.  Your brand’s message, product information, and logo can be printed on the cartons with highly aesthetic lenses, crystal relief images, platinum relief images, and much more.


Why 3D folding cartons from Holostik:

  • Folding cartons made with UV embossed films provide strong visibility to the product
  • A wide range of UV embossed films is available in-house for developing customized UV embossed & generic effect cartons with the help of our strategic partners.
  • In-house team of graphic designers to develop attractive artwork in the UV embossed films to grab consumer eyeballs.


3D folding cartons encompass a variety of visually enticing features giving your brand an edge over other competing brands. The folding cartons also ensure a strong shelf position in shopping malls, retail stores, and shops; hence the impact is quite far-reaching.

Safe Packaging Choice

Using materials like plastic or polyester might not be the best suggestion for product longevity, especially if you are from the food and beverage industry. Instead, switching to folding cartons ensures that the quality of the product is protected until they reach the end consumer.

Easily Transported

Lastly, it is also important to mention that the folding cartons can be transported swiftly.  The shape and durability of the folding cartons help them stack easily even in limited space. Folding cartons secure the main products from any kind of wear & tear and keep intact the content of products. Hence it is not a big problem to get them from the source to the destination.

Trust Holostik for Highest Quality Folding Cartons

Want to shift to folding cartons but are unsure which option can make a difference? Then the name to rely upon is Holostik. We boast of the most fantastic range of holographic products, and one of our stellar products, which you can rely upon, is the 3D mono carton. Our UV embossed folding cartons are designed and manufactured to amplify your product appeal and enhance your sales manifold. To know more connect with our packaging experts at 9905-124-124 or mail us at 

Shrink sleeves offer 360-degree branding for your products. That’s amazing from the viewpoint of an average customer who has a limited attention span. Mostly a few seconds. Also, a shrink sleeve can accommodate more information compared to a conventional label. This gives you enough freedom to experiment with colours, text, typography, security features, and even images.


But what if you aren’t able to find the right shrink sleeve manufacturer/supplier? Talking with your industry peers might help to an extent as few like to share the secrets of the trade. Therefore, in this blog, we will help you with the points to find the right shrink sleeve supplier/manufacturer for your products. 


Let’s find out…

1. Raw Material Quality

Check if your supplier is providing shrink sleeves made with premium quality PET or PVC. We will suggest you do sampling to assess the durability of the shrink sleeve. Often a poor-quality shrink sleeve shows wrinkles and bubbles after application. Chances are such sleeves also wear down in the transit.


Imagine your product reaching a distributor or retailer or consumer with a torn/damaged shrink sleeve. Unfortunately, such products are returned back with losses for the manufacturer.


“Holostik has state of the art production facilities equipped with European machines. Our DSIR certified labs promise innovation and quality in all the products”

2. Security Features

Your bottled products without security features are like sitting ducks for counterfeiters. Why? Perhaps they are aware of your gaps and want to utilize them to make easy money. Always look for security features in the shrink sleeve. It can be holography, tamper evidence, or even digital technology entirely depending on your supply chain and product specifications.


We suggest you use a combination of security features to reduce the chances of counterfeiting and tampering. Even the smartest criminals won’t dare to touch your packaging with well-crafted and integrated security elements.

3. Visually Appealing Features

Your product must look stunning to the customers. Isn’t it? Our eyes always look for visually appealing or aesthetic features in packaging. Perhaps, our brains are wired like that. Check if your supplier can provide a variety of optical, ink-based, or graphic features in the shrink sleeve.


The right interplay of different graphic elements will accentuate your brand image. People look for exclusivity so serve them what they need.

4. Integration with digital features

The power to monitor and manage your supply chain at the touch of a button is simply amazing. Check if your supplier has the capability to provide multiple supply chain functions. This can include product authentication, tracking, or even reward management.


“A barcode-printed shrink sleeve can help you allocate right warehouse location for inventory, assess real-time data insights, and prevent product diversions and recalls”

5. Capability to fulfill huge orders/requirements

Sometimes, shrink sleeve suppliers often fail to provide the required quantity on time. This can prevent the delivery of products on time in the market. Check if your supplier is equipped with the right infrastructure to provide the required quantity of shrink sleeves.


We are one of the reputed players to provide holographic shrink sleeves to multiple industries. As a trusted shrink sleeve supplier, we have all the above-mentioned qualities.


Some variants of shrink sleeves provided by us:

-Bottleneck holographic shrink sleeve

-Body holographic shrink sleeve labels

-Full body printed heat shrink sleeve labels


If you are interested in knowing more about holographic shrink sleeves call us at 9905-124-124 or mail us at Visit us at

As a manufacturer have you ever personally noticed your product on the market shelf?

What is its first impression on your mind? We believe it is appealing enough to grab your attention for at least a few seconds. It must look distinct and alluring enough to attract customers.  


Well, if this is not the case, then it’s time to revamp your packaging – especially if it is a generic folding carton. We also know like most manufacturers you are reluctant to invest in new packaging because you have a false notion that it is an expense. In this blog, we will clear this misconception and give you 5 promising reasons- backed by thorough market research to let you see the bigger picture and go for Holostik’s 3d folding carton to maximize your profits.


Now let’s dig in…

1. Around 52% of online buyers repurchase from brands if they receive products in premium packaging – Market Reports

Premium packaging is here to stay for long, this is what most market reports suggest. In today’s omnichannel market buyers are highly conscious of the choices they make. They want to have holistic, interactive, and friendly buying experiences. Why would they ever buy products with dull, flimsy, and bland packaging? Folding cartons with 3d lens effects, vivid colours, and choicest typography work like magnets to attract your customers. The idea behind 3D folding cartons is to increase product repurchase and catch the attention of the new customers on the market shelf.


2. Fortify product security when duplication, tampering, and adulteration are record high

Rs 1 lakh crore! This is the unimaginable amount of loss to the Indian economy due to fake products. For counterfeiters, it is quite easy to replicate your poorly packaged products. First, they will monitor your packaging, look for loopholes, copy the product and packaging and finally infiltrate your supply chain with counterfeits. All this while you won’t have the faintest idea that a criminal is sneaking into your profits. Laminated with UV embossed films with sophisticated optical effects, 3D folding cartons cannot be replicated. This guarantees the safety of your products from any unwanted handling.

3. Ensuring supply chain stakeholders validate your product at multiple touchpoints

We at Holostik can integrate physical packaging and digital supply chain solutions under one roof. This can save your time and money as you don’t have to seek services from multiple packaging and digital vendors. Our one-stop solutions enable the printing of barcodes and the implementation of custom supply chain software. Our 3D folding cartons printed with barcodes help implement real-time product authentication throughout the supply chain with ease. Right from the manufacturer to the end consumer instant product authentication determines the product’s genuineness.

4. Ensuring end-to-end visibility of inventory in your ever-growing supply chain network

3D cartons with barcodes can help to implement inventory management in your supply chain. This helps to keep a real-time record of SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) across multiple locations. The end-to-end SKU visibility helps to mitigate company spending, optimize production, and expedite delivery. Our team of software engineers develops custom software algorithms in sync with your production capabilities, warehousing facilities, and logistics.


5. Attract more customers and retain loyal ones in a highly competitive market

You can also implement a variety of loyalty schemes to retain and engage your current customers and create new ones in the process. This gives you an edge over your competitor and helps you redefine budget allocation for robust market growth. Customers stay with companies that run multiple loyalty consumer programs throughout the year. We have provided digital tailor-made loyalty management solutions to numerous companies reducing their paperwork and errors.


So, what’s your call now? Are you ready to change your normal folding carton with a 3D carton? We will guide you in the process and help you with a custom solution as per your requirements. Our packaging experts will help you at each step and help transform your packaging for the best results. Talk to our experts on 9905-124-124 or mail us at  

After a sluggish market of two years, we know you wish to see a rise in your sales graph. For this, you must be planning a new business strategy to push your business growth.


But, despite your well-planned efforts, things can go wrong if you haven’t considered your packaging seriously. Packaging is the first thing seen and felt by your customer, making the initial impact of your product and brand on his/her mind.


According to one survey, 52% of online customers report they will continue purchasing from the same company if they receive their orders in premium packaging. (Source:


Premium packaging is secure, aesthetic, convenient, and durable. Surprisingly, all these elements are found in our holographic packaging solutions. Let’s understand how holographic packaging works wonders for your products.

Holographic packaging guarantees the safety of your products from counterfeiting & tampering.

Product safety is a big concern for any business. Duplication or tampering of your products can straightaway decline your sales. In case, you are compromising with your packaging then your business can go for a toss. With easy access to packaging technology, it’s no big deal for counterfeiters to copy your packaging.


This is where holography comes into the picture. Holographic packaging solutions are nearly impossible to copy. Why? The answer lies in hologram origination which requires sophisticated machines, lasers, and of course expertise to make it. It can’t be achieved in a factory backyard.


We at Holostik provide holographic wide web packaging films with nano-optical images – shot at a resolution of more than 600,000 dots per inch. Hologram images on the nanoscale are unbelievably small which makes them foolproof against duplication. Even the smartest criminals will never attempt to replicate nano-optical holograms.

Holographic packaging accentuates the visual appeal of products

According to market reports, customers have an attention span of less than 4 seconds on the market shelf. Is your product packaging appealing enough to grab customers’ attention among many other products? Is the brand name, typography and colours scheme up to par? Well, if you haven’t considered these points as of yet, then it’s time to revamp your packaging.


Holographic packaging renders a variety of designs, patterns, logos, and typography in three-dimensional visibility. Holography exhibits colours of the rainbow spectrum giving altogether a unique visual appeal to the product.


Our holographic and UV embossed packaging can optimize the point-of-sale visibility of your products on the market shelf resulting in high product sales and brand perception.

Holographic packaging safeguards products from moisture and contamination

There are high chances of product damage in the supply chain. Also, poorly packaged goods are prone to moisture and contaminants. Imagine your consumers receive bad quality damaged products in the market. What impact it will have on them? Will they ever buy your products? Perhaps never, they will switch to your competitor. The market is flooded with numerous products and taking packaging for granted can leave you behind in the market race.


Our holographic packaging is made with the finest quality PET, BOPP, CPP, and PVC materials. Our holographic embossing and lamination standards are matchless. The reason behind this is our legacy of 30 years in the holography business. Our solutions protect your products from moisture and air thus increasing their shelf life.


We are among few companies in India with mastering, metallizing, and embossing performed in house under 24×7 surveillance

Range of holographic packaging solutions provided by Holostik

Holostik provides custom holographic packaging films, holographic blister films, UV embossed films, UV embossed cartons, holographic laminates, holographic security pouches, and holographic wads to meet your diverse packaging needs.

To know about our holographic packaging solutions call us on 9905-124-124 or mail us at

Compromising product packaging can cost you a lot of money. We, therefore, suggest you consider your product packaging seriously.


If you are a manufacturer of bottled products, then you must use robust packaging. And your packaging must be secure and smart. It should be such that the contents of your bottled product remain safe and consumable until they reach your end consumer.


Poorly packaged bottled products are prone to spillage, counterfeiting, and tampering. When damaged products reach your end consumers, it spoils your brand’s reputation ultimately impacting your sales.  


Amongst all the packaging solutions for bottled products, induction seal wads are the most commonly used. Wads can be beneficial in multiple ways and using the right wads can boost your business growth. Let’s dive deeper to know all about these amazing packaging solutions used generally in FMCG, Pharma, Agro, and Automotive industries.


Holostik provides different variants of induction sealing wads available as per the requirement of your product and its contents

What are holographic seal wads and its uses?

Holographic Induction seals, wads, or liners are used to seal and close the opening/lip/orifice of the bottle. This protects the product’s contents from moisture, contaminants, and bacteria. Holographic induction wads prevent counterfeiting, create genuine brand identity, ensure digital product authentication, and help manage inventory.

What holographic induction seal wads are made of?

Induction wads are made with paper board, wax, holographic film, aluminum, and poly.

During the seal application process, bottle caps are lined with the induction seal and passed under an electric current. The foil heats up and melts the wax after which the sealing material is bonded permanently to the opening of the container while the carrier material/ paper board remains inside the cap.

Why prefer holographic wads over generic wads

General wads lack security features. They can be easily copied. This risks the security of your products. With the easy availability of packaging machines, forgers can easily copy bottles, its contents, and even the packaging. But, with the addition of holography, it becomes nearly impossible to replicate packaging wads. Moreover, the use of nano optical hologram images completely deters forgers from copying your packaging. Holostik’s holographic wads can include logos, brands, and sophisticated designs that accentuate your visual appeal.

Integration of holographic wads with digital solutions

Our holographic wads can be printed with QR codes. This amplifies the functionality of these physical packaging solutions. Smart wads ensure digital authentication, track and trace, loyalty management, warranty management, and much more. It helps the manufacturer to keep a track of product inventory, raw material utilization, and location. Equipped with real-time data insights, manufacturers can make informed decisions, increase throughput, and save money.  


The use of high-quality raw materials enhances the efficiency of induction wads in harsh environments

Strong reasons to choose Holostik holographic induction wads

Leak prevention seal & pilferage protection keeps the product contents intact resulting in high product quality

-Incorporation of holographic features to prevent duplication & subsequently boost sales

-Tamper evident features to prevent adulteration & tampering ensures a high-quality end product

Integration of QR code results in managing digital product authentication & efficient supply chain


Variants: Holographic Wads, Printing on Chromo Paper, Wads with Printing on Aluminium on Top, & Registered Holographic Wads


To know more about holographic induction sealing wads and other packaging solutions call us on 9905-124-124 or mail us at

Today’s consumers are particular about the product, brand, and features they choose. With the mass adoption of social media and information availability, consumer awareness has increased by several notches. However, those trying to develop fake products are on the rise.


The Indian consumer market with a large population, evolving supply chain, and inherent challenges with law enforcement provide opportunities to fraudsters.  There is an urgent need to address this alarming situation through appropriate security measures.


“Manufacturers must incorporate brand protection solutions in their products to safeguard against counterfeiters and ensure the safety of consumers.”


Counterfeiters have improvised their methods, making it difficult for consumers to differentiate the original product from a fake one. Hence, there is a strong need for manufacturers to adopt security labels, security holograms, and other anti-counterfeit solutions to ensure the reputation and goodwill of their products.


Sophisticated security packaging solutions can help manufacturers/brand owners to safeguard their products from counterfeiting, tampering, and other forms of illegal handling in the supply chain.

Safety and Security is a Priority

There is a growing awareness among consumers about their products, including the food, cosmetics, household items, and clothes they use. They do not just look at its generic use but are conscious of the branding, heritage, and quality that is purchased. The business owner needs to ensure the quality and features that their product has established in the market over the years remain unaffected.

Brand Protection

It takes several years, sometimes multiple decades, to establish a brand image in the market for a product, but few incidents of counterfeiting or tampering can ruin brand perception. There are several cases reported from across the world when counterfeit products have affected the health of consumers and ruined the brand image.


Hologram manufacturers in India provide business owners with solutions that safeguard their products from counterfeiting. Besides, product safety they also help to enhance the product’s visual appeal and boost sales growth.

Enhance Your Brand Image

When a product carries a security hologram and security label, it demonstrates how much emphasis the manufacturer has laid on his/her products and customers. Customers usually put trust in products that have a symbol of genuineness or authenticity. Holograms are the perfect mark or symbol of genuineness. Holostik high-security holograms are nearly impossible to replicate even with advanced machines.

Make Your Product Stand Apart

Besides providing security, holograms also give your product enhanced visibility on the store shelf. You can design your security hologram and security label with your brand logo, colour, name, and other product details, which help your customer instantly recognize your product.

Different types of Security Labels

You can choose your security label according to your requirement. It can be a QR Code label, hologram barcode label, tamper-evident label, holographic label with security cut, or custom tamper-proof label. One should choose the right security label based on the nature of the product, the number of labels required, and the cost factor.


“Lately, manufacturers have realized the importance of anti-counterfeit features in their product packging and are incorporating the same. The positive step has increased their sales and number of customers.” 


It is amply evident that business owners need solutions to safeguard the interests of their businesses and customers. Security holograms and labels provide them with peace of mind and a solution that helps them grow their business. You can choose from the list of available labels or reach out to a hologram manufacturer for the right solution that meets product and business requirements.


For more details about security labels, security holograms, and other solutions call us at 9905-124-124 or send us an email at

Induction sealing wads are used to seal containers and preserve their contents from degradation or contamination caused due to exposure to air, moisture, or any other unwanted impurity. Because it is impossible to remove and reapply the wads without leaving visible evidence, induction sealing wads also prevent product tampering and counterfeiting.


The Process of Applying Induction Sealing Wads

An induction current is formed and transferred through a conducting aluminium foil disc present in the induction sealing wad, heating it up, after the containers have been filled and capped. A layer of the polymer film is laminated to the aluminium disc, which melts and clings to the mouth of plastic or glass containers to create an airtight seal. It just takes a few seconds for the process to finish, and neither the container nor its contents are impacted by temperature variations.

Induction Sealing Wads Come in Two Varieties

The container’s cap or closure is independent of the induction sealing wad. The wads come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they are all typically multi-layered. In general, they can be divided into the following categories:

A. Cap Sealing Wads

1. Single Piece Sealing Wads

A single piece sealing wad is screwed around the container’s mouth and inserted into the cap. These capped containers have been designed to work with an induction heat sealer. As the threaded cap on the bottle applies the necessary pressure, the sealing layer clings to the bottle and creates a perfectly sealed surface.

2. Two-piece sealing wads

Two-piece sealing wads are made from an upper and a lower layer of paperboard (that may be glued to the cap). The following layer is wax, which is used to adhere an aluminium foil layer to the paperboard. A polymer film is laminated to the foil at the lowermost layer.


The container is passed over an induction coil, which creates an oscillating electromagnetic field after the cap or closure is screwed on the container. The conductive aluminium foil begins to heat up as the induction coil heats up.


The wax melts and is absorbed into the paperboard layer, allowing the foil to be loosened from the cap. The polymer film also warms up and pours over the container’s lip. When the polymer cools, it forms a bond with the container, resulting in an airtight seal. When the induction seal is removed from the mouth of the container, two-piece sealing wads are used to leave some sort of a secondary seal in the cap to prevent leakage.

B. Capless Sealing Wads

Capless sealing wads are used on the containers or bottles that are meant for single use. The cap seals that are applied to the containers are only limited to providing a spill-proof seal to the container.

Advantages of Using Induction Sealing Wads

1. Tamper-proof

The container’s mouth seal cannot be removed and replaced without leaving visible signs of tampering. It also aids to distinguish genuine products from imposters with similar appearances.


2. Protecting against leaks

The use of induction sealing wads to prevent leakage and improve shelf life is common in the food and beverage sector. To prevent liquid chemical items from spilling over other shipments, it is often necessary to seal them before transportation.


3. Freshness 

Induction sealing wads prevent contaminants in the environment from contaminating food products, and can even extend their shelf life.


4. Anti-pilferage measures

When induction sealing wads are removed, they cannot be replaced without leaving a trace of the original wad on the container’s mouth. It aids in determining whether or not there has been any pilferage. Pharmaceutical businesses, in fact, desire to buy wads that leave film or foil remains on containers as a deterrent to tampering or counterfeiting.


5. Long-term viability

In some cases, using induction sealing wads decreases container weight. The seal provides enough security to eliminate the requirement for a robust neck/closing.

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