Business organisations are constantly developing new strategies to bolster their sales and growth. As per the ever-changing dynamics of the market, they are working to find ways through which they can expand their consumer base and retain the current one. Among the many new marketing concepts, loyalty management has shown astounding results across different industries. According to Frederick Reichheld, “The greater the loyalty a company engenders among its customers, employees, suppliers, and shareholders, the greater the profits it reaps.”

What is loyalty management?

Loyalty management involves a set of activities for properly serving its customers. It helps organizations to acquire, engage and retain their customers. Loyalty management also helps in better understanding of the relationship between customers and the company’s business. The management system also helps to fairly reward people by developing and implementing strategies and policies which act rightfully and consistently in accordance with their value to the company. An efficient loyalty management system should clearly define the loyalties and the customers should be well acquainted with them.

Loyalty management system from Holostik

Holostik is not just one of the leaders in anti-counterfeiting technologies but also provides a range of IT-enabled solutions. Holostik provides a unique QR code printed with a smart holographic label or a smart hologram to its clients. The digital solution helps in keeping a track of all the loyal customers and rewards to be given but will lead to increased customer satisfaction and fair distribution of rewards.

The simple loyalty management process

  • The products are secured with a smart holographic label/smart hologram printed with a unique QR code.
  • On purchasing the product, the consumer authenticates the product by scanning the QR code.
  • On authentication, the user gets alerts for various rewards and other important notifications.
  • The database is updated regularly, and the customer gets regular updates pertaining to rewards.
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