In the last decade, hot stamping foils as an aesthetic and secure feature have caught the attention of packaging innovators & big brands across the world. Attention-grabbing products usually come packaged in highly aesthetic packaging. They instantly turn on heads to lure customers. Brands are utilizing different printing and packaging technologies to make their products stand out from the rest.


An important application of holographic technology- holographic stamping foils are useful for securing and enhancing the visual appeal of products. With attractive optical features and patterns, these foils make products look exclusive and unique on the market shelf.


The application of hot stamping utilizes heat & pressure to apply metallic foil or holograms on substrates such as papers, boards, and plastic. In the market, holographic hot stamping foils have great demand since it escalates the entire look of the packaging which is very important for brands.


“Highly aesthetic holographic hot stamping foils increase the visual appeal of your products boosting sales & brand value”

What is the Structure

Holographic hot stamping foil is composed of different layers, this includes a polyester carrier, release liner, lacquer, and holographic layer. The application of heat and pressure makes the foil attach to the substrate with the melting of the release layer.

Uses of stamping foils across industries

The holographic hot stamping foils are used in various areas and have a lot of purpose and usage.

  • The holographic hot stamping foils are used for stamping on various certificates. This can be easily transferred on paper and certificate for registration purposes.
  • Holographic hot stamping foils are used for ID cards. It is a high-security factor for identity card printing.
  • The holographic hot stamping foils are very essential when it comes to brand awareness and recognition. It can be used for branding which is easily found on cartons, tickets, and labels.

“Holostik offers high-quality holographic stamping foils to secure products and create brand awareness.” 

Different variants provided by Holostik

-Running pattern

-Registered pattern

-Registered pattern with dual side-scan marks

-Registered pattern with scan marks


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