Labels are packaging products which act as first communicators of the company. Labels are meant to provide first glace information related to the brand and its product. Among the many types of labels, holographic security labels have emerged as an ideal solution for securing the product from counterfeiting. Due to its holographic property, it is difficult to copy or replicate these types of security labels.

Holographic security labels enhance the brand value of the product. These security labels play an important role in creating a visual appeal for the product. Different kind of security features including holography are embedded in these labels which act as a deterrent against duplication.

Holostik is one of the largest manufacturers of security labels in India. The anti-counterfeiting company not just makes different types of security labels but creates an identity that effectively reflects your brand to your customers and protects it from tampering, adulteration and counterfeiting. Holostik not just makes product protection much more secure for its clients but also makes it impossible to copy or replicate the security label.

Different kinds of labels offered by Holostik include FMCG labels, pharmaceutical labels, label on label, automotive labels, high-security labels, in-mould labels, lubricant labels, Tyvek label, beer labels, tags, apparel tags, scratch label, educational certificates, holographic scratch, breakable vinyl, transparent, adhesive side printing, Tyvek (non-tear able), scratch labels, fibre paper labels and in-mould labels.

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