Wads are circular in shape and are made of paper and foil, these unique packaging products are used for covering the openings of bottles, cans, jars etc. Holographic wads are induction sealing wads which prevent leakage, tampering, contamination and illegal dealing of different products. Wads help in closing the mouth of products which keep it safe from spilling and tampering.

For making holographic induction sealing wads a holographic foil is laminated with aluminium foil which is further coated with a layer of wax and LDPE (low-density polyethene) thus making it water resistant. The sealing lids or wads offer extra security for bottle and container packing.

There are many benefits of holographic wads which product safety from pilferage and tampering and providing a unique identity to the product. Holographic security wads are used in different industries like pharmaceutical, agriculture, food, beverages, cosmetics, paints, automobiles, stationary etc.

Let’s discuss the usage of holographic security wads in some industries.

  • Medicines: Holographic wads are mostly used by medicine companies to seal bottles securely and hygienically by using sealing machines.
  • Automotive lubricants: Holographic wads prevent lubricants from spilling from the bottle. Moreover, they provide identification and security to lubricant manufacturing companies.
  • FMCG:  A lot of products like hair oils, eatables like sauces, ghee and other such products are secured with holographic wads.
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