Ever wondered what revenue stamps on liquor bottles signify? Or what is the reason behind using printed labels on different products? In this blog, we will clarify the importance of using these security packaging solutions for your products.


What are revenue stamps& security labels?


Revenue stamps are security packaging solutions used by authorities to prevent counterfeiting and collect taxes on tobacco, alcoholic drinks, and other items. Security labels are used to protect the products from counterfeiting, provide product information, and enhance the product’s visual appeal.


Why is it mandatory to affix revenue stamps and security labels?


Revenue stamps determine if tax has been paid on the products or not. Moreover, revenue stamps deter counterfeiters from adulterating or tampering with products. Tax stamps embedded with QR codes enables authorities, supply chain inspectors, and manufacturers to easily track and trace the product in supply chain and prevent any fraudulent activity. Multiple layers of security printing, holography, and digital QR codes in revenue stamps ensure the high safety of such products.


As the value of fake products reaches 1 lakh crore in India, manufacturers are finding it hard to fight legal battles and invest in new packaging. Security labels embedded with anti-counterfeit features and QR codes can play a decisive role in preventing the sale of fake products. The labels can be customized as per the requirements of the customer and provides a comprehensive supply chain monitoring of every single product.




We are one of the largest suppliers of anti-counterfeiting solutions globally. We aim towards providing the best services and make them fraudulent-free.


Our security labels are made of high-quality materials to provide durability. We provide a better market drive through our aesthetic and high-tech designs. Holostik’s revenue stamps are incorporated with digital QR codes and security printing features. Our stamps are secure to promote safe sales and eradicate duplication.


Holostik makes authentication easy for agencies. It has digital tracking codes to make products trackable, traceable, and avoid duplication. We help to promote the sales of quality liquor that is trusted by the government.We ensure the safety of products through our high-end printing techniques. Our products are developed in-house under 24 hours surveillance.


Our sophisticated designs increase the brand value of products. We are capable of providing nanotech optical images. Get our high-end stamps and security labels to make your products safe from duplication and counterfeiting practices.

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