Security holograms as a unique security packaging concept have become overly popular in the last couple of years. And the best thing is that they exactly deliver what they promise. But before discussing how they help the FMCG industry against fraudulent activities & supply chain disruptions, let’s understand what these anti-duplication devices are all about.


Most companies don’t have much idea about security OVDs or holograms, and this, in turn, becomes detrimental to their business. In fact, they are not exposed to a hologram’s capability to deter counterfeiters/forgers and help their business grow.


Globally, FMCG items are at a high risk of counterfeiting. Hence, the related companies must start incorporating security holograms in their packaging. 


In India, FMCG sector loses 30% of its business due to fake products- Source : FICCI CASCADE

What Does Counterfeit Of FMCG Products mean?

The term FMCG refers to Fast Moving Consumer Goods, ranging from soap to oil.  The wide demand and scope of these products have made them highly prone to counterfeiting, tampering, adulteration, and diversion.


Counterfeiters use the latest technology to copy genuine products and infiltrate supply chains with cheap imitations. The problem of counterfeit FMCG products is not new. With every passing day, more fake items are coming into the market, making it tough to distinguish between genuine and fake items.


However, with anti-counterfeit technology by your side, you don’t have to worry about such fake imitations. You can deploy custom security holograms or stickers to ensure the genuineness of your products across the supply chain. With these brand protection devices, forgers have a hard time copying your products and their packaging.


Security holograms tend to work as a shield against counterfeiting and ensure that your product is not counterfeited under any circumstances.

How Does a Security Hologram or Hologram Sticker Serve As Protection Device Against Counterfeiting in FMCG Industry?

You might be wondering – how do hologram stickers work? What makes them work as a shield against counterfeiting? The rigorous production process of a security hologram is such that it cannot be replicated at all. Right from master origination, to embossing and printing – the embellishment of advanced optical features makes them foolproof against duplication.


The primary aim of security holograms or hologram stickers from Holostik is to deter counterfeiters. Hence if you are someone who has become tired of product replication, this is your ultimate resort. It has become a pertinent problem, and the use of hologram stickers will make your products completely safe from any form of illegal handling.


Our solutions help improve inventory tracking in your complex FMCG supply chain network We also help you run loyalty schemes, manage warranties, & maintain customer data with ease.


Hologram stickers also help to create a genuine identity for your products. Hence, they ensure that only the right products are used by consumers- which pass testing guidelines and are considered safe for consumption.

Why Trust Holostik for Security Holograms?

Being one of the best hologram manufacturers in India, our ultimate goal is to ensure that our clients in the FMCG industry do not face the perils of fake products and fight them in a smart way. Why us? Here are some reasons to partner with us for securing your products and brand image.

Use of 4th gen nano-optical holograms for superior visual appeal & increased security.


Over 30 security features (visible & invisible) guarantee your products’ safety in the supply.


-24×7 surveillance ensures the security of your assets, logos, and trademarks.


-End-to-end in-house physical & digital capabilities fulfill diverse requirements.


-Holographic & digital layers increase supply chain visibility to minimize product recall.


To get the best custom holograms for your products, call our anti-counterfeit experts at +91-9905124124 or mail at

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