Shrink sleeves offer 360-degree branding for your products. That’s amazing from the viewpoint of an average customer who has a limited attention span. Mostly a few seconds. Also, a shrink sleeve can accommodate more information compared to a conventional label. This gives you enough freedom to experiment with colours, text, typography, security features, and even images.


But what if you aren’t able to find the right shrink sleeve manufacturer/supplier? Talking with your industry peers might help to an extent as few like to share the secrets of the trade. Therefore, in this blog, we will help you with the points to find the right shrink sleeve supplier/manufacturer for your products. 


Let’s find out…

1. Raw Material Quality

Check if your supplier is providing shrink sleeves made with premium quality PET or PVC. We will suggest you do sampling to assess the durability of the shrink sleeve. Often a poor-quality shrink sleeve shows wrinkles and bubbles after application. Chances are such sleeves also wear down in the transit.


Imagine your product reaching a distributor or retailer or consumer with a torn/damaged shrink sleeve. Unfortunately, such products are returned back with losses for the manufacturer.


“Holostik has state of the art production facilities equipped with European machines. Our DSIR certified labs promise innovation and quality in all the products”

2. Security Features

Your bottled products without security features are like sitting ducks for counterfeiters. Why? Perhaps they are aware of your gaps and want to utilize them to make easy money. Always look for security features in the shrink sleeve. It can be holography, tamper evidence, or even digital technology entirely depending on your supply chain and product specifications.


We suggest you use a combination of security features to reduce the chances of counterfeiting and tampering. Even the smartest criminals won’t dare to touch your packaging with well-crafted and integrated security elements.

3. Visually Appealing Features

Your product must look stunning to the customers. Isn’t it? Our eyes always look for visually appealing or aesthetic features in packaging. Perhaps, our brains are wired like that. Check if your supplier can provide a variety of optical, ink-based, or graphic features in the shrink sleeve.


The right interplay of different graphic elements will accentuate your brand image. People look for exclusivity so serve them what they need.

4. Integration with digital features

The power to monitor and manage your supply chain at the touch of a button is simply amazing. Check if your supplier has the capability to provide multiple supply chain functions. This can include product authentication, tracking, or even reward management.


“A barcode-printed shrink sleeve can help you allocate right warehouse location for inventory, assess real-time data insights, and prevent product diversions and recalls”

5. Capability to fulfill huge orders/requirements

Sometimes, shrink sleeve suppliers often fail to provide the required quantity on time. This can prevent the delivery of products on time in the market. Check if your supplier is equipped with the right infrastructure to provide the required quantity of shrink sleeves.


We are one of the reputed players to provide holographic shrink sleeves to multiple industries. As a trusted shrink sleeve supplier, we have all the above-mentioned qualities.


Some variants of shrink sleeves provided by us:

-Bottleneck holographic shrink sleeve

-Body holographic shrink sleeve labels

-Full body printed heat shrink sleeve labels


If you are interested in knowing more about holographic shrink sleeves call us at 9905-124-124 or mail us at Visit us at

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