Track and trace solutions have become the need of time. Without effective track and trace solutions, companies are incurring heavy losses. The absence of track and trace solutions increase the chances of product duplication, product diversion, and returns.


It also leads to information silos such as delays and mistakes in the supply chain. Mismanagement of inventory caused due to an ineffective trace and track solution results in heavy financial losses.


On the other hand, manual paperwork as an alternative to track and trace solutions may lead to errors and might require huge manpower thus becoming a susceptible and  tedious process.

How track and trace solutions can help you with effective supply chain visibility:

An effective track-and-trace solution can stop the duplication of your products and improve your company’s ROI. Traceability across the supply chain helps you in establishing the product’s authenticity and brings you the added advantage of profitability and transparency. You can easily avoid all sorts of mistakes and delays in inventory management. The implementation of full traceability from product packaging, and transportation to the delivery cycle leads to revenue improvement and maintains the brand’s image.

Reap the benefits of digital track and trace solutions

You can opt for a custom digital traceability solution that can be easily integrated with any third-party application. Such solutions run on cloud servers which ensure that there is 99.9% uptime and uninterrupted traceability advantage while minimizing the workload. Holostik provides track and trace solutions that are compliant with GS1 standards which in turn helps Pharma companies to comply with regulatory compliances in supply chain.

Why should you choose Holostik for track and trace solutions

Holostik is a leading solution provider for traceability solutions, which aid in enhancing the effectiveness of your entire supply chain. The company can provide a custom track and trace system using its physical solutions, including security holograms and labels.


Some USPs:


  • Holostik is CMMI Dev level 3 certified for meeting the timeframes with the defined procedure and efficient management.
  • 24×7 support services are offered for all sorts of manufacturing companies to assist their supply chain process and mark maximum visibility.
  • The quality check team always assures the constant uptime of the software to help you in getting instant solutions.
  • Digital and physical solutions are available with remote monitoring facilities.
  • Holostik has more than 30 years of expertise in providing error-free and advanced supply chain solutions for manufacturers of all sizes.
  • Experienced professionals integrate track and trace solutions with the existing CRM, BI & ERP of customers.


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