Product counterfeiting is one of the most common issues among most brands. Counterfeiters can easily attack the products equipped with outdated anti-duplication technology, which is where the role of security hologram stickers comes into the frame.


If you want to secure your brand image, grow your market share, and increase trust among the end-user then investing in advanced security hologram solutions is a must for you. Moreover, this anti-counterfeit packaging not only takes your product security to a whole new level but also increases your revenue manifold.


Let us dig deeper and learn more about hologram security stickers and how these safeguard your products.


How Do Security Holograms Safeguard Your Product from Counterfeiting and Tampering?


Some crucial factors that encourage counterfeiting of products can be frail regional law enforcement, vulnerable supply chain mechanism, increased industrialization, enhanced consumerism, clement criminal penalties, etc. Therefore, holographic packaging technology is used as one of the most common and effective weapons against counterfeiters. In layman’s language holograms are 3D shimmering stickers curated via advanced technology used in industrial packaging to safeguard your products.


Wondering how do holograms perform against counterfeiters? Well, these holographic stickers are equipped with nano-optical technology. These holograms are embedded with nano features that are extremely small. Counterfeiters or criminals cannot copy such highly intricate and small patterns even with advanced machines.


Benefits of Incorporating 3D Hologram Security Stickers for Your Supply Chain


1. Easy Identification of Your products in the supply chain

Products affixed with holograms can be distinguished from duplicate ones. Therefore, equipping a customized hologram sticker for your brand can help your consumers instantly know the originality or authenticity of your products.


2. Keeps counterfeiters at bay

One of the reasons hologram security stickers provide robust protection is because these are relatively easy to recognize but quite difficult to replicate. It is because counterfeiters would need access to the master hologram and technologically advanced equipment to copy holograms. Therefore, the chances of counterfeiting are reduced to zero.


3. Prevents chances of tampering and adulteration 

Holographic stickers can be incorporated with tamper-evident technology, which means they are self-destructive and break apart when counterfeiters try to replace them. It helps supply chain stakeholders recognize any attempt of alteration with the product & its packaging.


4. Help digitize supply chains 

Holograms can be equipped with digital security features. For example, the hologram sticker can be printed with barcodes that provide an efficient way to track and trace your products throughout the supply chain. Also, barcode-based functions like loyalty management, warranty management, and warehouse management can be implemented with ease.


What Kind of Security Does Our 3D Hologram Stickers Provide?


Hologram security stickers provide 360° protection to your products, including physical, digital, and physical + digital (Phygital) security:


1. Physical Security

This kind of security includes secure inks, optical elements, and other stock features. It deters counterfeiters from replicating the product & packaging while easily highlighting the pilferage.


2. Digital Security 

This kind of security features barcodes printed on the hologram sticker, enabling you to track and trace the products. The barcodes are encrypted to make sure external elements cannot access or copy product information.


3. Physical + Digital security (Phygital)

It is the fusion of physical and digital security that enables maximum protection of the products. This kind of security includes physical security features smartly integrated with digital features like real-time product authentication, GS1 track and trace, and many more.


If you don’t want to risk the security of your products at any stage throughout the supply chain, then hologram security stickers are an effective way to go. Being the world’s leading hologram supplier, we at Holostik produce 4th gen nano-optical holograms incorporated with more than 30 security features to ensure your product’s safety. So, when in doubt, trust Holostik! Call us at 9905-124-124 or mail us on

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