The challenge of counterfeit electronics & ways to counter it

Fake electronic products are easily available in different market locations and also on e-commerce. There have been numerous reports of fake electronic goods and parts seized by authorities in different parts of the world. Of late, the immense popularity of mobile phones has made them highly susceptible to counterfeiting. You can easily spot a fake versions of mobile phone accessories being sold at the pavement or small shops.

The scenario of counterfeit electronics

According to a report published by CSC, “Consumer electronics is pegged as the fastest-growing category of counterfeited goods across the world.” The report also states that, “Electronics counterfeiting is a $169 billion industry worldwide.”

Some of the most counterfeited electronic products as per the report are smartphones, computers, tablets etc. The report makes a shocking claim that an average counterfeit phone sells for $45 approximately in the $6 billion dollar market.

The problem of counterfeit electronics

The counterfeit electronics industry has also created a challenge for manufacturers and consumers in India. Besides duping the consumer of his hard-earned money, it also creates a bottleneck for the manufacturer. Many companies are not able to recover from the damage caused due to fake products – for years.

The solution for counterfeit electronics

Holostik has been catering its anti-counterfeiting solution to a large number of companies from the electronics industry. We have state-of-the-art anti-duplication, packaging and labeling solutions that ensure complete safety of your products and the supply chain.

Some of our products for the electronics industry are as follows:

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Counterfeit electronics may be tempting for the consumer, but they can bring along a lot of problems like malfunctions, damages, poor quality of the hardware and even a deadly phone blast in your pocket or on your face. Manufacturers, on the other hand, have to face a drop down in profits and sales. Amidst this grim scenario, anti-counterfeiting solutions can play an indispensable role in the prevention of counterfeiting. To know more about our solutions call us on +91–785-785-7000 or drop us a mail at

The rise of counterfeiting in the Indian electronics industry

In India, markets are flooded with different kinds of fake electronic products. You can easily find cheap grade counterfeit electronics items in famous markets like Nehru Place, Ghaffar Market in Delhi or Linking road in Mumbai. Besides these, there are numerous small shops and online portals which have become ideal for selling fake electronic products.

According to market reports published in the year, 2014 the counterfeit electronic market is growing twice as fast as general goods. With the deep penetration of the internet among the Indian consumer base, the largest share of fake products sold online is of electronics.

Counterfeit electronic products bring along a lot of problems like a risk to consumer’s life, tarnished brand image of the manufacturer, loss of taxes and much more. For example, a fake USB can lead to data loss and fake mobile batteries can explode without any sign.

Fake electronics also pose a risk to national security and defence establishments. Poor quality electronics used by the military can lead to lapses in national security and disastrous accidents.

There are two different types of counterfeit electronics products available in the Indian market. The first type includes the completely fake product (not manufactured by the original component manufacturer but have laser markings).

The second type is known as partial fake products (manufactured by the original component manufacturer but are remarked to show different functions). In this type, the counterfeiters use fake packaging instead of remarking the product.