As a business owner, you might be facing the double whammy of pandemic & business loss. We know you are making extra effort to boost your product sales. But are the results satisfactory? Maybe not. So, where are you lacking? Have your loyal consumers switched to your competitors? Is there a problem with your logistics? Or are your products getting copied?

The reason could be any. A gap in your packaging or supply chain results in duplication, poor sales, and a ruined brand image. Using a security hologram can save you from this grim situation & help to grow your business. Let’s find out how.

Security Holograms prevent product duplication& potential loss of sales

Our market research suggests that around 20% of products in the market are fake. So, there could be a high chance that fake copies of your products are being sold at cheap prices. Applying security holograms to your products reduces duplication by up to 90%. (Conditions Apply).


Our custom security holograms make your product safe from any illegal activity. Criminals are not able to copy your products secured with holograms. We provide custom visible, invisible, forensic, and digital features in a single hologram. Multi-layered security keeps your products intact until the end consumer.

Boosts packaging aesthetics to attract consumers

Poor visibility of your products can be a big turnoff for your consumers. Your products affixed with holograms grab customers’ attention. Holography takes your product packaging to the next level making it visually distinct.

Holography allows the incorporation of your brand names, logos, trademarks, and other designs. This creates your rapport with consumers. A product with aesthetic packaging has a high chance of being picked from the shelf up compared to a bland one. Upgrade packaging with holograms to attract more customers & drive more sales.

Seamless inventory visibility for informed decisions

To get more profits from your business, it is a must to have thorough visibility of the supply chain. It includes inventory tracking, warehouse management, loyalty management, and real-time data insights.


Our holograms with QR codes enable many supply chain solutions. Thorough monitoring of your supply chain allows you to assess each stage of the supply chain with clarity. This ensures high outputs & the least wastage of your precious resources. Real-time data insights help you to make informed decisions. You can also execute product positioning in the market which converts to high sales.

We help you choose the right security hologram for your products

Choosing the right security hologram manufacturer can be a tough task if you lack experience. Investing in the wrong holograms can be risky.


Our anti-counterfeiting experts guide you to select the best hologram for your products. Having goodwill of more than 30 years in brand protection and packaging. We integrate & offer holography and digital solutions under one roof. Our production line includes European-built machines to maintain precision in our offerings. If you need our help then we are just a call away. Contact us, at +91-9905-124-124 or visit our website: