Choosing a hologram supplier/manufacturer for your products can be a herculean task. Hologram sticker manufacturing involves sophisticated optical, printing, and digital technologies which are difficult to understand. Your packaging or product manager might not be aware of all the points and can buy the wrong product. Lack of information can make it tough to select the best hologram manufacturer/supplier. Isn’t it?


In this blog, we have discussed 5 crucial points which you should always consider before choosing a hologram manufacturer. Our 30 years of expertise in hologram production & more than 10,000 satisfied clients worldwide in 90+ countries make us experts in holographic security packaging technology and therefore we are here to help you. Now, let’s discuss the points one by one.

1. Use of nano optical image holograms for unbreachable security

Nano security features & images are unimaginably small, that’s 1 billionth of a meter. Holograms with images on the nanoscale stand no chance of copying, even with the most advanced machines. You must check if your hologram supplier is capable to provide nano-optical image (NOI) holograms and has master origination capabilities for the same. That’s the surest & smartest way to prevent duplication and stay ahead of counterfeiters in this age.    


“Using latest 4th generation NOI security holograms secure your products from even the smartest criminals and increases your customer trust. Remember, upgrading packaging security is the best way to secure products and supply chain.”

2. Custom artwork, designs, and patterns for high visual appeal

Check if your hologram manufacturer is capable to provide custom artworks, designs, and patterns in the holograms. This increases graphic opportunities in the holograms of your choice. A reputed hologram supplier will always say yes to your requirements related to custom artwork, brand name, logos, or graphics of your choice.

3. Integration of QR codes for implementing digital solutions

Enquire if your supplier can provide QR code printing on holograms. Also, check if it can provide different supply chain functions like product authentication and track & trace. Your hologram supplier should have the infrastructure for in-house software development. Check if it is CMMI L3 certified and abides by the latest ISO certifications. Organizational maturity is must for developing & integrating digital solutions in physical packaging.

4. Use of high-quality PET films, adhesives, and liners for durability

Always check the quality of hologram stickers before finalizing the deal. Ask for samples of the hologram stickers that you want. This will give you an idea of the raw material quality. Hologram stickers that can’t stand abrasion and wear and tear in the transit are of no use. Also, check the adhesive strength of your stickers. Hologram stickers with poor adhesive can’t serve their true purpose.


“Compromising on hologram quality is a big mistake which can lead to decrease in sales and poor brand image”

5. Complete hologram stickers production under one roof

Your hologram stickers need to be delivered on time. Any delay in the hologram supply will affect the timely delivery of your products to the warehouse, dealer, and end consumer. Such a problem arises when the packaging/hologram supplier does not have a complete production infrastructure under one roof. In such situations, the work is generally outsourced to a third-party vendor. This leads to coordination issues and untimely production and integration. Also, check if your hologram supplier can integrate digital QR codes on your production line. This will save you precious time.


Holostik has complete hologram manufacturing capabilities under one roof. We can supply 4th generation nano-optical holograms with QR code printing. Our team of software professionals can provide custom supply chain management software. What sets us apart is the capability to integrate physical packaging with digital solutions. And this is what the present and future of security packaging is all about.

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Probably, the biggest invention in the field of packaging is the usage of holography. Packaging is often deemed to be the first communicator of the firm & its products. Brands utilize various types of packaging formats to make their merchandise more secure, saleableand impressive. 


Holography is a technique that facilitates the display of three-dimensional effects or images to the viewer. While holographic images serve as a means to differentiate one’s brand, they can also help with regulatory adherence and anti-counterfeit measures. 


Given below are three qualities of security holograms that boost the overall product appearance and brand appeal. We also recommend you to consider these points while choosing a hologram supplier for your products.    

1. Use of Nano Optical Images Deters Counterfeiting

Holograms with nano-optical images are highly safe against any kind of fraud or replication. Nano OVDs (Optically Variable Devices)/holograms with a resolution of more than 6 lacs dpi meet the necessities of security, flexibility, and performance and keep counterfeiters at bay. This includes different kinds of covert, overt, forensic, and digital characteristics, which add numerous layers of security to the packaging of the product. 


“Nano Optical Security holograms enhance product security to the next level due to sophisticated master origination and incorporation of highly secure elements”


The origination technology is used to develop safety features that are impossible to copy by counterfeiters. The use of anti-copy background, micro text, imperceptible UV, guilloche pattern, taggants, hidden security marks, tamper evidence, security cuts make duplication nearly inconceivable. Also, the incorporation of serialization and QR codes empowers end consumers, retailers, dealers, and manufacturers.

2. Great Quality Raw Materials Ensures Durability

Holostik security holograms make your product packaging durable. You should always ensure packaging holograms are made of high-quality raw materials. With high standards of manufacturing, the labels should be durable and resist any form of wear and tear. Always ensure to check the adhesive quality and print quality of the holograms. It would be better if you or your product quality manager gets a sample for the same from the hologram supplier before finalizing the order. 


“Holostik Security Holograms are made with finest quality raw materials and undergo rigorous quality checks through different stages of production.” 


3. High Level of Personalization for Specific Branding

When it comes to product packaging, Holostik brings lots of modern and new options to experiment with, both functionally and aesthetically. A decent-quality hologram sticker should be customizable. This means that the hologram can encompass extraordinary designs, digital supply chain functions, covert security features, vivid colors, and typography for reinforcing your brand value. This captivates the clients and also helps to win their trust. With an authentic and customized hologram, the brand gets the attention and leads it deserves.


Security Holograms are favourable for a wide variety of product security and eye-catching applications. Boosting product security, supply chain security, enabling instant product authentication, catching the client’s eye, and reviving the packaging designs are some of them.


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