Counterfeiters have found new ways to make duplicate products. The easy availability of advanced manufacturing technologies has made it possible for forgers to create visually identical copies of different products. Many times, these copies are so exact that it becomes difficult to differentiate them from original products.

The widespread sale of fake goods across the world is not just due to the easy availability of manufacturing technologies but also due to weak regulations and the involvement of organized crime networks which further push the counterfeiting business manifolds.

However, it’s not just the counterfeiters who are at an advantage due to new technologies, but anti-counterfeiting experts have also made new innovations to counter the threat of duplicate products. Among the many anti-counterfeiting companies Holostik is one of the pioneers in the field of anti-duplication technologies in India. Since 1991, the company has been providing a range of anti-duplication and packaging solutions. It also provides a range of IT-enabled solutions which not just secure your product but also manage the entire supply chain.

Holostik is also one of the largest manufacturers of security holograms in the world. Its 3D security holograms provide an easy and affordable solution for product authentication. The light diffraction property of the holograms and the potential to incorporate different overt, covert and forensic features makes security holograms one of the most popular choices of companies to secure their products and brands.

Riding high on the wave of a digital revolution, Holostik has combined the power of security holograms and QR code in a single security instrument. In this anti-counterfeiting solution, the hologram serves the purpose of physical authentication and a QR code is meant for digital authentication along with a host of other IT-enabled supply chain management services. The combination provides double layered protection against any kind of possible counterfeiting, tampering and adulteration.

Holostik believes that in today’s market different anti-counterfeiting technologies are not competing but are complementary to each other. Taking a cue from this the company offers a combination of holographic security and digital security which together serves as the best anti-counterfeiting solution against the menace of duplication.

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