Counterfeiters and forgers are using new technologies to make flawless duplicate products. They do not just make the fake product look visually similar to the genuine ones but also copy their packaging and branding. This often makes it tough for retailers and consumers to identify them.

The production of counterfeits is further boosted by poor regulation and the involvement of organized criminals. However, with the development of anti-counterfeiting technology, it has become quite hard for forgers to imitate your products and sneak into your profits. Different kinds of anti-duplication technologies (overt, covert, forensic and digital) are being used nowadays to secure products and supply chains. Of late, anti-counterfeiting technology experts have combined the holographic and digital technologies together to prevent counterfeiting.

Taking a cue from the same Holostik has developed advanced security holograms and labels integrated with digital barcodes and QR codes. Holostik has emerged as an industry leader in the field of anti-counterfeiting technologies. Besides securing products against duplication the company also provides a gamut of supply chain management solutions.

Moving a step ahead in product authentication, Holostik has amalgamated the power of security holograms and QR code in a single security instrument. While security holograms are meant for physical authentication, the QR code is used for digital authentication along with a host of other IT solutions which include track& trace, inventory management, reward management, etc. The biggest advantage of this impeccable combination is that even if a counterfeiter is able to copy one technology then he will not be able to copy the other.

Holostik believes that in today’s market different anti-counterfeiting technologies are not competing but are complementary to each other. Taking a cue from this the company offers a combination of physical or holographic security and digital security which serves as the best anti-counterfeiting solution against the menace of duplication.

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