In India some of the most popular markets for counterfeit electronic products are Nehru Place and Ghaffar Market in New Delhi, Manish Market and Linking Road in Mumbai, Hong Kong Bazaar in Hyderabad and Kasimedu street in Chennai. In fact, tier 2 and tier 3 cities are flooded with fake and cheap grade electronic products in abundance.

According to reports, the counterfeit electronic products market is growing twice as fast as general goods. There are numerous news reports and studies which point towards the growing fake consumer electronics industry.

An article by Quartz cited a report according to which every one in three Indians has received a counterfeit on the e-commerce space. According to the report, the largest share is that of mobile and computers at 45% followed by TV and other electronic products.

There are two different types of counterfeit electronics products available in the Indian market. The first type includes a completely fake product (not manufactured by the original component manufacturer but has laser markings). The second type is known as a partial fake product (manufactured by the original component manufacturer but are remarked to show different functions). In this type, the counterfeiters use fake packaging instead of remarking the product.

To tackle the onslaught of counterfeit products in the electronic sector the Department of Electronics and Information Technology had notified ‘Electronic and IT Goods (Requirements for Compulsory Registration) order in the year 2012 under compulsory registration scheme of Bureau of Indian Standards.

The order maintains that no person shall manufacture or store for sale, import, sell or distribute goods which do not conform to the Indian Standard specified in the order. Although the order has proved to be a big milestone in curbing counterfeiting, still there are measures that need to be followed strictly to completely eradicate fake electronic products from the market.

For example, organizations must strictly use different anti-counterfeiting measures to prevent any possible form of counterfeiting or tampering. Integrated anti-counterfeiting solutions which include a security label or a hologram along with a QR code helps to track and trace the product in a supply chain. In addition, the integrated solution also helps in instant product authentication.

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