One of the most revolutionary innovations in the field of holography is the use of nano-optical images. In simple words, these images alter the behaviour of light at the nanometer scale (10-9 meter). The incorporation of nano-optical images makes security holograms highly secure against any kind of copying or duplication. Nano OVDs (Optically Variable Devices) meet all the requirements of resolution, flexibility and performance.

Nano-optical images for security holograms are made using excellent 3D microstructures through direct writing lithography technology. These structures are written as small as 305nm in the photoresist layer.

Nano OVDs are made using nano-optical imaging system. The system optically records features whose originals are synthesized using computer synthesized flat nano-optical elements. This origination technology is used to create security features for visual and instrument control that would be impossible to imitate using other optical origination technology.

This advanced technology is capable to control light field (amplitude and phase of the light) as well as its polarization. Sub-micron structures with specific 3D profiles can produce unique optical effects such as 3D visualization, motion, colour and many other security features.

Holostik is a pioneer in catering advanced security holograms and other anti-counterfeiting products & solutions. The company also provides tailor-made nano-optical security holograms to different industries which ensure optimum security of the products and the brand against duplication.

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