With the rise of counterfeiting across the world, there have been new innovations in the field of anti-counterfeiting technologies. Among the many, the use of digital technology has come at the forefront with the application of bar codes and QR codes. These digital codes not only help in product authentication but also in implementing a gamut of supply chain management solutions.

A large number of companies mainly from the FMCG, Pharma and Automobile sector are using QR codes and bar codes on their product packaging. These codes help in product authentication, tracking, and tracing, inventory management, loyalty management, etc.

The QR code is a two-dimensional version of the bar code often found on product packaging. These codes are square in shape and have black chequered dots on them.  QR codes were actually developed for the purpose of process optimization of logistics in the automobile industry. Lately, QR codes are being used for mobile marketing and digital authentication with the rising use of smartphones.

QR stands for ‘Quick Response’ which refers to the instant access to the data hidden in the code. Since it’s open-source technology QR codes have gained immense popularity.

QR codes can accommodate a large amount of data & have high fault tolerance compared to normal bar codes. Another most important advantage of the QR code is that you first need to have a scanning application on your mobile phone. Then you just need to start the application and scan over the QR code to scan it.

Holostik provides customized QR codes as per the requirements of the consumer. Our codes help in product authentication and supply chain solutions. Some of our innovations include smart hologram/label which has an integrated QR code, proprietary QR code, etc.

To know more about our QR code-based solutions call us on +91–785-785-7000 or mail us at marcom@ec2-54-210-245-44.compute-1.amazonaws.com

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