3 Ways To Increase Consumer Engagement With Scratch Labels

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Scratch labels are innovative packaging solutions used in different industries. These labels are used to hide unique codes meant for loyalty offers, promotional offers, lottery and other offers. All these programs are centred around the customer and helps in increasing consumer engagement. In this blog we have highlighted the 3 most common ways you can use scratch labels for the same.   

1. Gift cards

We offer holographic and grey scratch labels for gift cards. On these labels you can provide a unique code or text which is hidden under the scratch layer on the label. In order to avail the gift or offer, your customer has to scratch on the label and send the revealed code back to the system- via mobile or web. Such loyalty programs increase your consumer engagement manifolds.  

2. Promotional cards

Our scratch labels can be used on promotional cards. The labels have a unique number of code hidden under the scratch layer. To access the code, your customer has to scratch on the label and send the back revealed code to avail the promotional offer. These offers help to increase customer retention and increase repeat purchases.   

3. Lottery campaign

We also provide scratch labels for lottery campaigns. Your customer can access the lottery number or code by scratching on the label. After this the customer can send back the revealed code to win lottery prizes. Lottery campaign is one big way of attracting new customers and retaining the current ones and scratch labels play an important role in the same. 

Holostik is a leading provider of scratch off labels to different industries. Our scratch labels can be customised as per your requirements.

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