4 Points To Consider Before Choosing Holographic Security Labels


Packaging gives your product a unique brand identity. Security labels are an important part of packaging and secure your products from duplication, adulteration and tampering. Due to a wide variety of packaging labels available in the market it has become challenging for you to select the best one. In this blog we have explained the key points which you should consider before choosing a holographic security label.  

1. Durability

Security labels should be highly secure to withstand the harsh conditions of the supply chain. There are high chances that your product labels might get torn apart or detach from the primary packaging. We suggest you to choose labels made of high-quality raw materials and adhesives. Ensuring this will keep your labels safe till they reach the end consumer.  

2. Security features

The label in which you are interested should have different security features. This can include holography, security inks, security patterns, QR codes among others. A right mix of these elements in the label makes it fool proof against duplication. Moreover, such labels allow instant product authentication, supply chain visibility and efficiency.   

3. Convenient application

We advise you to choose a security label according to the method of application which is convenient for you. You should know about the dimensions, material and printing quality of the labels so that you can determine if the labels can fit in the applicator machine or are convenient for manual application. 

4. Affordable prices

It is better stay away from labels which are too costly or too cheap. Label suppliers will try to dupe you by selling poor quality labels at high prices. Always analyse the quality of labels relative to its cost. A good quality security label available at an affordable price will be the perfect deal for you. 

Holostik is a leader in providing holographic security labels to different industries. We are certified by ISO for graphic security printing processes, quality management, information security and environment management. Besides these we are also certified by other reputed organisations. We use high quality raw materials, premium quality inks and advanced machinery for manufacturing holographic security labels.

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