5 Advantages Of Using Hot Stamping Foils


Hot stamping foils are effective anti-duplication and packaging solutions. The foils are being used extensively in different industries like leather, apparels, pharma, agro etc. The highly durable foils are available in customised formats as per your specific needs. Let’s discuss the 5 advantages of hot stamping foils in this blog.   

1. Prevents duplication

Holographic hot stamping foils are effective in preventing duplication. The presence if holography and different security features makes it impossible for counterfeiters to copy them. Hot stamping foils are affordable and effective solutions against duplicate products. 

2. Adds visual appeal

Stamping foils are lustrous, have unique designs, typography and colours. This makes them highly aesthetic. Products stamped with foils leave an everlasting impression on the minds of your consumers. Stamping foils create a unique identity for your products on the shelf.   

3. Customizable

Stamping foils can be customised as per your needs. From holographic features to shapes to colours you can ask for tailor-made stamping foil solution for yourself. It is better to assess your needs before placing an order for hot stamping foils.  

4. Durable

These foils are durable enough to withstand the harsh conditions of the supply chain. Hot stamping foils remain intact even after abrasion, wear and tear and exposure to moisture. Stamping foils are applied on products which have to go through different stages of the supply chain

5. Applicable on different substrates 

Hot stamping foils can be applied on different substrates including leather, glass, paper board etc. This unique quality of stamping foils makes them an ideal choice for multiple industries. 

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