5 qualities of the best holographic label suppliers in the industry

Labels are an important part of product branding. Good product labels reflect critical information as well as your brand values. However, with so many label suppliers in the market, it has become quite challenging to cut through the best 

To make things easy for youwe explain below the five qualities you should look for in label manufacturers.    

1. Security  

Product security is an important factorwhich your procurement officer might overlook before choosing a holographic label. There are high chances that he may give preference to affordability over brand protection. No wonder, choosing an affordable solution will save your moneybut will later risk your product’s security and may lead to huge monetary losses in the future 

If you fear to face this financial setbackthen your procurement officer should seriously consider the factor of brand protection in labels. He must ensure that the label supplier is offering customised security features in its offerings. Security features in labels can include holography, tamper evidence, security inks, security cuts, covert features, QR codes and much more. Also, your label supplier should be able to customise a wide range of security features as per your specific needs.                

2. Printing Quality  

Poorly printed packaging labels can ruin your brand image leaving a bad impression oyour customers. Labels with low print quality are difficult to read and don’t serve their purpose. This drastically brings down your brand image and may bring down your sales. Many timeswhile procuring packaging labels, you may not consider the quality of printing, but it should be kept on the top of your checklist 

For high quality printed labels your procurement officer should check for the types of printing machines, raw material of labels and the quality of inks used. Packaging labels printed with optimum quality standards tend to boost the product and brand image.                 

3. Durability 

Like other departments, procurement is not infallible and may make mistakes. There are high chances that it may miss some points while choosing a supplier. However, when it comes to durability you should be highly consciousHolographic packaging labels that are not able to withstand the wear and tear of the supply chains are useless. Labels are affixed to the outer surface of packaging and come in regular contact with extreme temperatures, abrasion, chemicals and much more.  

Your procurement manager should always consider the factor of durability while choosing a label supplier. This means that your product label should be durable enough to survive the harsh environment of the supply chain and effectively connect with your consumer.        

4. Branding & Aesthetics 

Manufacturers cannot survive without effective branding and aesthetics. Packaging labels play an important role in the same. However, procurement may skip branding and aesthetics at timesThis idea can be disastrous for your growth as your consumer base can go downIn a consumer-driven world, a highly aesthetic packaging label is important for roping in new consumers every day. 

You must ensure that your procurement officer considers branding and aesthetics seriouslyYou must choose a label supplier who ensures highest creative standards in branding and aesthetics. This includes holography, designs, typography, ink colour and much more.      

5. Additional features 

Who doesn’t need bounties? Consumers today love to buy products that come along with free gifts, loyalty programs, and bumper prizes. In the market, you face new challenges from your competitors, and this can be in the form of exciting offers to lure away your loyal consumers.   

Packaging labels not just showcase product information and branding, but they also used to offer loyalty points and gifts. You must procure labels that can be used to offer gifts and prizes to increase your consumer base. Holographic scratch labels are of the examples for offering loyalties. You must choose a supplierwho is able to deliver labels that can incorporate loyalty offers and points in the most creative manner.  

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