Always be cautious of fake protein supplements

Do you want the physique of your dreams? Well, it’s not rocket science regular workout, proper sleep and good nutrition can transform your body into a perfect shape. When we talk about good nutrition protein is considered the most important nutrient for muscle building. You cannot expect results without proper protein intake. It can be consumed through different dietary sources but, due to our busy schedules, people have found an easy and convenient substitute in protein supplements, the most popular ones being whey and casein -milk-based powders.

You just have to mix a few scoops of protein powder with water or milk, shake it well and your daily dose of protein is ready. How easy. Isn’t it?

Of late, large number of nutrition & supplement companies have jumped in the Indian market offering different types of protein powder. However, as expected counterfeiting has entered the nutrition and supplement industry as well. It is hampering business growth and is proving to be fatal for the consumers. According to a report titled ‘India Malt, Protein and Herbal supplement market outlook, 2023′ 60-70 % supplements are fake.

In developing countries like India, there are high chances of the consumption of fake supplements unlike countries like USA and Canada which have strict laws for counterfeiting and adulteration. Medical research has shown that consuming fake supplements for a long period of time can lead to fatal effects like kidney failure, liver dysfunction, skin rashes and many other chronic health issues. Industry experts have found out ways through which you can detect the genuineness of a protein supplement and save your money and health. Here are some parameters for testing.

1. Solubility
One of the red flags of a fake protein powder is its insolubility. The moment you try to dissolve fake protein powder you will see the formation of hard lumps. The lumps are a sign of cheap constituents used for making fake protein supplements which lead to number of ailments. They are not meant to increase your muscle mass but generate profits.

2. Texture
The texture of an original protein powder is consistent whereas for a fake protein powder it is not the same. You will find irregularities in fake powder. The irregularities are due to the presence of adulterants used in fake powder that can range from chalk powder to vitamin powder.

3. Taste
Counterfeit protein powder has a pungent smell and a bad aftertaste. The best way to check the originality of a protein powder is through a taste test. You can ask a fitness professional or a friend to taste the powder that has been consumed by him or her for years. He or she will immediately know if there is any difference in the taste hinting towards its originality or duplication.

4. Side Effects
The presence of adulterants in the protein powder can have many negative effects on your body. If you witness any ailment after switching to a new supplement, then there are chances of it being adulterated. People often suffer from poor digestion, acne breakout, hair fall, skin rashes and even kidney and liver dysfunction after consuming fake protein powder. You must immediately stop using a supplement if you witness any of the after effects. It’s even better if you seek a medical advice.

5. Packaging
The most obvious sign of fake supplement is its poor and substandard packaging. If you have seen the original packaging, then you can surely spot a fake product. But, counterfeiters are leaving no stone unturned to fulfil their greed. In many cases, they have repackaged fake supplements in disposed and intact boxes. It is thus advised to crush the bottles and packaging after use.