How to Avoid Owning a Fake Mont Blanc Pen

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We are the generation of technology. Our daily chores, office work, travelling etc. everything revolves around technology. When we feel like writing a diary, we scribble our thoughts on our iPad’s and Mac Books, e-mails satisfy the urge of writing a letter to close ones, our reading is taken care of by Kindles and the list goes on.

Gone are the days, when pens used to increase the glory of formal shirts and owning a good pen was everyone’s cup of tea. Digitalisation has affected the market of pens but there are still many pen enthusiasts alive and no digital technology can smudge their love for pens.
Our grandfathers are the perfect examples, even today a good pen has the ability to bring out that beautiful wrinkled smile.

Owning expensive pieces are hobbies of the riches. Some of them feel these expensive luxury pens are masterpieces and should be owned so that they can remain as priceless memories. For some, it is just another commodity to show-off. For some, collecting these is preserving a part of history. Different people have different thoughts and emotions attached to these luxury pens.

What Ferrari and Rolls Royce are for cars, Parker and Mont Blanc is for pens.

These are not any like any ordinary pen and may even cost more than a house or somebody’s annual salary!

These high-priced and high-quality little beauties have a lot of fakes in the market and earn great fortunes for the counterfeits.

To spot the difference between a real and a fake Mont Blanc, you need to have an eye for detail. We tell you some important watch-outs that will help you spot the real and the fake Mont Blanc pens.

1. Retail Box – The Real Mont Blanc pens are always packed in a sturdy box. There might be slight variations in the colour and branding of the box depending upon the year and model. Carefully check brand logo and overall quality and finish and look for other typological errors.

This might not be full-proof as fake products can always be found in real boxes.

2. Service Guide and Guarantee Certificate – The real Mont Blanc pens are accompanied with a service guide that highlights the important points. The service guide also contains guarantee certificate. Look for finer details like the logo, spellings, positions and placements.

3. Carry Case – Mont Blanc pens always come in a branded carry case. The most evident will be Mont Blanc star logo which is usually present in the bottom right corner. Check the size and positioning carefully. The edges and finish will also be extremely neat and well finished.

4. Serial Number and Made in engraving – Original Mont Blanc pens will always feature a serial number located engraved onto a band. It should match the serial numbers on the box or on the guarantee certificate. The engraving will be aligned perfectly along the band and have clean edges. Some Mont Blanc pens may also feature the name of the country of origin engraved onto the band.

5. Brand Logo – The top of the cap of Mont Blanc pens will always have the Mont Blanc star logo. The edges must exactly fit the cap. Even the refills for Mont Blanc ballpoint pens will be branded.

6. Authentic Dealers – Never purchase a Montblanc pen from internet or auction sites. Always purchase from authorised dealers.

We all know that not everybody has the luxury to own a Mont Blanc pen. But, for those who do, be careful in buying one as there are high chances in today’s time that you might get duped.