Beware of counterfeit luxury watches

counterfeited watches

Luxury watches are one of the favourite accessories for men and women all over the world. Unfortunately, it is the favourite for counterfeiters too!

Internet is a perfect platform for manufacturers selling fake goods and luxury items tops the list. Luxury watches earn great profit revenues for original manufacturers and even more for its counterfeit counterparts.

According to a survey, 40% of counterfeit watches are manufactured in China and Rolexes are the most counterfeited watches. Gone are those days, when certificates of authenticity were the marks of genuineness. Nowadays, certificates of authenticity, boxes, instruction manuals and even bags can be replicated. Counterfeit watches are being manufactured so ingeniously that it is extremely difficult to recognise them.

There are two kinds of counterfeit watches. First is of low price, low quality, low functionality and low design. It is easier to spot this kind of counterfeited watch. The second one is extremely difficult to recognise and usually ends up duping the customers. It resembles the genuine designer watch and comes with high price tags. It is majorly for such watches that one needs to be careful about.

If you are one of those, who would want to decorate their hands with nothing but original, these handy tips will help you a long way in identifying a fake and an original.

1. Check for finer details – Majority of the counterfeits can be identified via the faces and dials of the watches. Counterfeited Rolexes often have a clear back but the company has never manufactured a watch like this.

2. Check for the face material
– Most luxury watches have a sapphire crystal face so that it does not get scratches easily. Check the material of the face of the watch.

3. Weight of the watch – The counterfeit watches are usually light in weight. The original ones are made up of stainless steel but the counterfeits are made up of aluminium so they are comparatively lighter.

4. The reputation of the seller/website – Do a serious background check of the website you are buying your luxury watch from. See how long the website has been operational. Reputed sellers stay around but the doubtful ones usually come but do not stick around for a longer time. Also, be safe from the websites that are based out of the country as the exchange and return options are way too tedious.

We hope these tips would help you while shopping luxury watches. We understand your love for original luxury watches and the amount it takes to buy one. So, be careful rather regretting later.