Counterfeit Designer Clothing Duping Customers

Designer Clothing

Fake designer clothing made way to our wardrobes sooner than we realised. Each one of us have been duped at least once by counterfeiters by buying a fake designer dress thinking it as an original and paying the price as that of the real piece.

Thanks to internet, one click and we have thousand designer brands at our disposal. Online shopping has made our lives so much easier but have also made us victims to a lot of counterfeited products and fraud sellers. If you are one of those people for whom shopping means online shopping and it is the best medium to shop, keep these important points in mind so that you purchase nothing but the original!

1. If you buy a product and the seller has not shared any contact details, think twice before buying. The legitimate sellers will always provide true contact details and information and would also give guarantee, quality assurance and easy return options. On the other hand, the fake sellers will just behave the opposite.

2. Before buying designer clothes of a brand from a third-party seller/online shopping website, do a background check of the seller. Read reviews and do a little research before investing your hard-earned money.

3. Do price check before buying. If the original dress is for Rs 5,000/- but the seller is offering at Rs 1,500/-, it is undoubtedly a replica of the original one. There can never be such huge price differences. Check for prices on the original brand websites.

4. Look for minor changes. Crooked stitching, buttons that fall off, cheap fabric, inferior materials etc are all indicators of counterfeits.

5. The mass production of counterfeit designer clothing comes from China and Thailand, so if you spot designer clothes manufactured in these two countries, double cross-check.

Who doesn’t want to own designer dresses but don’t fall prey to every seller and every dress you come across on the internet. Counterfeiting is huge and has spread all over and internet is the perfect platform for selling the replicas of original brands. But you can be saved if you keep little things in mind before purchasing.