Counterfeit MAC Cosmetics Might Cost You a Lot More!

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Owning MAC cosmetics is a dream of every girl who loves make-up. And why not, Mac has the most amazing collection of professional makeup products. It is not just popular but expensive too.

We all love discounts and what better than discounts on our favourite cosmetics. A lot of online shopping sites are selling deals on makeup products. But as they say, every good thing comes with a price, the discounted MAC products sold online are not real but counterfeits!

These counterfeit products are not only a rip-off, but the ingredients can be extremely harmful to your skin. If you suspect that something is good, do not use it and report or write to MAC.

We list down some easy ways to help you spot fake MAC cosmetics:

1. Look at the packaging – Look at the logo and lettering on the packaging. MAC has a distinct logo and uses a sleek and stylized font for all their packagings. Counterfeit products might use the same looking logo, but it will either be stretched or different in one way. It is quite possible that the logo might be placed in a different position on the packaging in a counterfeit product. The MAC logo is usually centred on its genuine products but in a counterfeit, the position may change.

2. Examine the casing – MAC products come in a casing that will speak for itself. It will have tiny glitter particles on the surface and a subtle shimmer. Counterfeit products casings will be dull or have a different sheen in comparison. They might also have a slightly different shape than the original products.

3. Study the labels -The label on the bottom is a very important indicator of whether the product is genuine or not. Original MAC products have a label that uses all caps on their labelling and labels are either grey with black print or white with a light grey print. In contrast, the font used in counterfeit products tends to be bulkier and less sleek

4. Smell the product – MAC lipsticks have a signature faint sweet vanilla scent. The fakes will smell like plastic or cheap perfume.

5. Check the name of the product – The names on fake MAC cosmetics will not match with the names of genuine MAC items. To find out, simply log onto Search for the name of the product. If it does not appear, it is surely a counterfeit one!

6. Check it by applying – If you are using a product like eyeshadow or blush, press the pad of your finger lightly on the surface of the makeup and rub it in circles a few times.

Notice the consistency of the product. If you are swatching lipstick, apply it directly onto the surface of the skin and see how the colour appears. If you are using any make-up product, take some of the product on your finger and swipe it gently along the inside of your arm. The goal is to see how the makeup appears on the skin.

8. Observe the pigmentation – The fake MAC products usually have less pigmentation than the genuine ones. Swatching it will allow you to see the discrepancies between the two products.

10. The price – Price of an item is a very important sign. If the deal is too cheap, there are great chances are that it is a fake MAC product.

11. Always buy from trusted sources – To save yourself from buying fake MAC products, always buy the makeup directly from the MAC makeup counter or order it online from MAC’s website. This will save your time and save you from the disappointment of buying a fake product.

12. Report counterfeits to MAC – Lastly, if you accidentally receive or buy a fake MAC, contact MAC to report the counterfeits. You can do this simply by visiting their website at and clicking “Counterfeit Education” in the menu located at the bottom of the page.