Counterfeiting in fragrance industry and how to find it

With counterfeiting growing its tentacles in every industry fragrance industry is also facing its wrath. One can easily get fake products online. Most consumers are unaware that highly sophisticated knock-offs are also finding their way into retail shelves. Counterfeiters are easily available to sell fake fragrances on different platforms.

Besides leading to a loss of income to legitimate sellers there are many health risks associated with the same. Duplicate perfumes are not properly tested and contain a lot of chemicals and adulterants.

This creates the potential for all sorts of nasty surprises, such as Counterfeit fragrances cause all sort of problems like causing a rash on people with sensitive skin, burning the skin, staining clothes and respiratory problems.

There are a number of instances where people buy a whole lot of perfumes and attars both offline and online but many times it is not possible to do the same. Counterfeiters also use different types of chemicals which are quite toxic in the long run.

There are certain points according to which must be kept in mind while buying fragrances from the market.

  1. What does it cost? If the price seems too low, chances are it’s not the genuine article.
  2. Where’s it being sold? Street corner, flea market, suspect online website? If it looks dodgy, it probably is.
  3. Look at the packaging. Are there any misspellings? Does the country of origin match the country usually on the product? Is the printing or cardboard of poor quality? If you’ve got an old box, take it with you for a comparison when you’re shopping.
  4. If you can, look at the contents. Are there differences in colour or consistency from the normal product? It should be clear and not overly oily.
  5. How does the product smell? It shouldn’t be bitter or sour. Spray some on a piece of cardboard, then go away for half an hour. Does the fragrance last?
  6. Ensure the seller guarantees the perfume is 100% genuine (some offer a certificate of authenticity) and has a return policy if you’re not happy with the product.