Designer vs Knock-off bags – Know the Difference

fake designer bags

The market for knock-off bags is huge and is doing better than its original counterpart. Gone are the days, when women just had jewellery as her priceless possession and she would leave no stone unturned to flaunt it. Today, a woman has so much more to show off, be it her designer clothes, hand-bags, shoes, watches etc. Designer hand-bags have the capability to turn around heads but what if the same is not affordable?

Fake bag companies pay a huge sum for importing their products worldwide so you can calculate how profitable this business is! People who buy these bags are victims of crime. They are duped big time on quality and price. The bags are extremely low on quality and basically worthless and does not stand for long.
To avoid purchasing fake hand-bags, here are some quick tips that will help you buy genuine bags.

Well, if you are shopping online, the quality check becomes a little difficult. So, go out, check and feel the quality. If the material feels good and authentic, pay the price!

A designer bag cent percent comes with highly symmetrical patterns. If the bag has some interruptions in the pattern or looks offset, it might not be the genuine one!

This is a very important factor which should be kept in mind while judging the genuineness of a bag. A genuine designer bag comes with seamless and strong stitching, the thread quality and colour speaks its own language, you must understand it correctly!

Designer bags does not come wrapped in plastic bags. They are packaged in nice material boxes with tags or labels on it. A lot of companies have started putting up QR codes or serial numbers that can be scanned via an app to know the genuineness of the same.

In majority of the cases, the cheap replica will be offered to you at a low price. A designer will not offer their thousand dollars bag for one or two hundred dollars. If the price is too good to believe, just walk off!

Copies of designer bags might sound like a great deal but it’s not. If you keep an eye for detail and your pocket can afford designer bags, spend some time online looking at authentic bags website to get a sense of what each bag is supposed to feel like. Majority of the genuine handbag companies will not hesitate to give you 100% cashback on return or lifetime guarantee.
So, if you are planning to spend a little extra to make a designer bag part of your belongings, check these quick tips and don’t get duped!