Affordable and effective anti-counterfeit solutions- Security Holograms

anti-counterfeit solutions security holograms

The market is flooded with all sorts of counterfeit products. The local stores, street side vendors, e-commerce portals are all infested with the menace of counterfeits. Time and again, we hear news pertaining to the huge monetary losses due to counterfeits. Counterfeiting has entered into every industry and nobody benefits from it, except forgers. When counterfeits reach in the markets consumers buy thinking of them as real products. Surprisingly, they are made to believe that the products they are buying are original. Besides, befooling the consumer of their hard-earned money they are also harmful to the health.

Perhaps, the biggest onslaught of counterfeiting is faced by legitimate manufacturers. Their branded stuff is sold at the cost of peanuts which further wreaks havoc on their sales and growth. Regardless of regular seizures of fake products, retailers usually sell them due to extra benefits.

Despite having strict and stringent litigation, laws and rights against the counterfeiters for safeguarding the Intellectual Property Rights, the counterfeiters always come out with easy options to continue their unlawful businesses successfully.

The main challenge which arises amidst this scenario is that how does one protect their products and brand image from duplication? Well, the best answer to this is the effective use of security holograms.

Security holograms are the perfect anti-duplication products that have come a long way in fighting duplication. The low-cost security devices with unique designs are off late being used by manufacturers for securing their products. Security Holograms are used in different sectors. They have emerged as one of the best and cost-effective devices to counter duplication.

The main benefits of holograms are as follows:

  • They are affordable and easy to apply
  • The tamper evident feature of security holograms ensures that if any attempt for opening the product is made, then it is easily visible.
  • Exhibits multiple security features and functions
  • An additional layer to secure your products
  • Made using advanced technologies, hence very difficult and expensive for counterfeiters to copy.
  • Manages the supply chain effectively when paired with QR code or barcode.
  • Demotivates counterfeiters to replicate your product.

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