Fake Helmets Causing Accidents and Severe Injuries to Bikers

Fake Helmets

Counterfeit helmets have always been a hotly debated issue, particularly when the fakes are winding up progressively harder to recognize from bona fide helmets. It’s suggested that you should buy your bike helmets from prescribed retailers with an ISI stamp.

At the point when a symbol like Sachin Tendulkar has looked for activity against makers of low-quality head protectors, proceeding with his battle for safe bike riding. In a letter to transport minister Nitin Gadkari, Tendulkar said given the high rate of mishaps including bike drivers, it is essential that security equipment for them is of the most elevated quality.

A dynamic campaigner for road safety Tendulkar has been routinely observed encouraging individuals to utilize head protectors, amid activity flag stops, in web-based social networking posts. Citing media reports, Tendulkar said that more than 70% of bicycle riders in India wind up purchasing counterfeit helmets.

In his letter, he wrote, “This is a flat-out disturbing circumstance considering bikes represented more than 30% of road accidents, the most elevated among all sort of mishaps in 2016. The accessibility of phoney head protectors is a risk to bike riders considering that wearing an appropriate helmet enhances odds of survival of bikers by 42%,” Tendulkar said.

Supposedly, the administration is thinking about punishing non-ISI or phoney ISI stamped head protector producers yet nothing concrete has been done till now. Tendulkar additionally called for bringing down costs of the good quality helmet, so riders don’t look for less expensive alternatives.

Lately, there was been a gigantic crackdown on the individuals who have been managing offering counterfeit head protectors. In addition to the fact that it is illicit, it could genuinely affect a rider’s life if there were to be damage from a crash.

As the years pass fake merchandise are winding up greatly difficult to spot from the genuine article, yet there are sure methods for ensuring you’re not buying anything underhand. In addition to the fact that you should pay special mind to the ISI stamp when purchasing a helmet, you should pay special mind to:

1. Stickers that haven’t been applied appropriately
2. Not in its unique box
3. The absence of booklets/names and labels
4. Low-quality paintwork
5. Scratches on visor/head protector
6. The weight of the head protector

The ideal approach to teach yourselves in spotting genuine from counterfeit is to invest energy in bunches of various approved merchants, where you are permitted to touch, feel, test, weight and even notice unique rigging so you can turn out to be more acquainted with it, particularly in case you’re another rider.

There are some awesome watching head protectors out there yet how would you know which is more secure than another and really meets the guidelines?

A few people purchase a protective helmet since it looks great, without thinking about the results of getting something that maybe won’t spare your life in case of a mischance. Because a helmet looks cool doesn’t really mean it’s up to scratch.

So, this is what you additionally need to pay special mind to before making your buy:

1. Thick Inner Liner – Any helmet that meets the security standard needs to have an inward liner that ought to be no less than one inch thick and produced using firm polystyrene froth. Now and then that liner may not be noticeable but rather you ought to have the capacity to check its thickness by investigating and feeling it with your fingers. A risky head protector in some cases just contains delicate froth cushioning, best case scenario, or in outrageous cases only an exposed plastic shell with no cushioning by any stretch of the imagination.

2. The heaviness of the head protector – Depending on its plan, a dangerous helmet can weigh not as much as a pound. Protective helmets that really meet the wellbeing prerequisite, by and large, weigh no less than three pounds or more. There ought to dependably be a vigorous, generous feel to a cap.

3. Chinstrap and bolts – Take time to take a gander at the head protector’s development. Verify there is a durable, generous chinstrap held in place by strong bolts.

4. Configuration/style of the head protector – Aside from the non-attendance of a wellbeing sticker on the back, a helmet’s style can likewise be the giveaway if it’s not formally affirmed.