Fake Leather is Common – Quick Tips to Identify it


Despite the fact that real leather is made from the animal’s skin and in order to extract the same, the animals have to be killed, there is still a high number of people who simply love leather products. They can spend any cost to buy their favourite leather shoes, jacket, bags, belts etc.

This blog is for people who are obsessed with leather products. Not everyone can spot real leather or fake leather. There are some great sellers out there who would convince you that the product they are selling is the real leather from so and so animal. It is only later that you know that the product you bought was not even a tenth of the price you paid!

To save you from that disappointment and regret, we bring out some major tips that will help you spot the differences between real leather and fake leather!

1. The physical characteristics – Observe the surface of the leather. Real leather is made from real animal skin and will never be uniform. They will have blemishes and imperfections. Imperfections are rather a good sign in leather. If you run your fingers over real leather, you will not feel smooth.

In contrast, synthetic leather is uniform. As they are machine made, it will always have a regular texture and a pattern. If you run your fingers over it, you will feel uniformity and evenness.

The other physical characteristic to spot real leather and synthetic leather is by smelling it! If you have smelled real leather before, you will know how leather smells. It will have a natural, organic, skin scent that no machine can render. The fake leather or synthetic leather will never smell like that. It will smell like plastic or have a slightly chemical odour.

2. Durability – The high cost of real leather is because it is made up of animal skin which gives it ever-lasting durability and endurance. Also, the more you use it, the better it looks. If given proper care, the same wear and tear that naturally occurs in all products will not occur in the real leather product. In fact, its character will get even more valuable and desirable over time.

In contrary to this, faux leather will not last long. It will wear out in few months and that too very unattractively!

3. Price – There is a remarkable difference in the price of real leather and fake leather products. The price itself speaks very loudly. Faux leather is much more affordable than real leather. But be cautious, there are a lot of counterfeiters out there who might sell you the fake one at the real price, it is then you need to focus on its physical properties.

4. Environmental Impact – On a larger scale, real leather has a lesser negative impact on the environment. When taken from the environment naturally, for e.g. when an animal dies a natural death, taking their hides is actually good, leaving them would be wasteful. But faux leather is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and other chemicals that would have a much larger impact on the environment. Also, faux leather needs much quicker replacements than the real leather, doubling the negative impact.

We hope these guidelines will help the people spending richly on real leather.

We do not promote animal poaching for any reason be it for leather also. Products that we get from animals like leather, wool, tusks, teeth etc. costs an animal’s life. We would always encourage our folks to refrain from buying any article that puts an end to someone’s life.