Fake Phone Batteries Can Cause Severe Damages to You

Phone Batteries

We are inseparable from our mobile phones. Mobile phones have not only become an important but an integral part of our lives. It is extremely rare to spot somebody without mobile phones nowadays.

We have already talked about fake mobile phones and their negative effects in our previous blogs. In this blog, we will talk about fake batteries, their adverse effects and how to spot them.

Besides mobile phones, batteries and chargers are also the favourites of counterfeiters. These two commodities need regular maintenance and are usually purchased in high numbers.

Fake batteries are posing potential safety and health hazards to the users. The counterfeiters copy the branded batteries with such precision that it is often very hard to spot a fake battery. The news of battery explosions, battery swelling and faulty batteries etc. attributes to the problem of counterfeiting.

Counterfeit batteries can be extremely dangerous as they burst and cause a lot of damage to the user. These batteries do not undergo any stringent tests and safety procedures that assure that the batteries are safe to use.

With the ever-increase cases of counterfeit batteries, you should be well-prepared to spot the difference between the fake and real ones. Here are few tips that may help you do the same.

1. Trust Authorised Manufacturers or Dealers – Make sure that you buy mobile phone accessories manufactured by a trusted manufacturer only. If you wish to replace a battery, then refer to the manufacturer’s information and make sure that you purchase the battery best-specified for your phone model.

Always purchase your batteries from trusted and authorised dealers only who can verify the authenticity of their product.

2. Overall Appearance – Most fake mobile phone batteries look so identical to the original ones that it becomes very difficult to identify legitimate products. Before purchasing, inspect your battery well and look for signs of poor quality like inaccurate printing, misspelt words, crooked label placement, wrong logos and signs of defective workmanship.

Majority of the original manufacturers place hologram stickers on their batteries, which are difficult to replicate by counterfeiters so always check them.

3. Warranty – All genuine mobile phone and accessories come with a warranty period. Most of them are covered for a certain period of time from the date of purchase by the manufacturer.

Registered manufacturers and retailers offer customer support and servicing of damaged products. Counterfeit batteries rarely come with a warranty or offer customer support and servicing of damaged products.

It is very important to keep the receipt for any charger or battery so that you can claim if the product is faulty. The receipt is also needed if the purchased product is a fake and if the authorities are to be notified.

4. Price – Counterfeit mobile phone batteries are made from cheap substandard components and therefore are comparatively cheaper than the original products. The low price is also because no money is spent on product research and safety testing. Government taxes are also not paid. So, if the price looks cheaper than the product’s usual price, there are good chances that the product is a counterfeit.

In case you have purchased a fake phone by mistake, make full attempts to return it from where you bought it for a full refund. If possible, bring this in the knowledge of the genuine brand owner, or relevant authorities as soon as possible.

If the product was purchased online then immediately contact the seller and demand refund and also report the counterfeit sale to the authorities.