Fake shoes – The Topmost Counterfeited Article in the world

Fake shoes

If you gaze at every designer shoe store with awe and wish to get them at normal prices, you are not the only one. There are millions out there who hope to treat their feet with those designer pumps and heels. Unfortunately, shoes top the list of counterfeited articles leaving behind designer apparels and handbags.

According to the latest study by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the world’s most counterfeited brand is Nike!

We understand how a designer pair can do wonders for an outfit and your everlasting love for them, but what if the shoe that you are purchasing is not even worth one part of the price you are paying?

Read on these quick tips and do not get tricked the next time you purchase your shoes online or from a retail store:

1. Investigate before you buy
– Be very careful while purchasing shoes online because you are not seeing the physical product but just a photograph of it. You might never know the authenticity of the product delivered. Double check the background of the seller, its reputation and read reviews from the users. Compare the product with the ones on the company’s website and look for important features of your product.

2. Return Policy – Usually the genuine big brand sellers have a return or exchange policy. If the seller is too adamant with his return policies and does not grant one, DO NOT BUY.

3. Shoe size and stock – The big brands like Nike usually have limited shoe sizes for men, women and children for e.g. U.S. shoe sizes (men) comes in 9,10,11 but online sellers also have sizes till 13. Also, these high design shoes come in very limited stock. So, the next time, you spot a seller with 200 Nike sports shoes, you know they are fake.

4. Don’t fall for low prices
– Designer shoes with low prices always seem to be a lucrative deal, but, there is nothing worse than it. Many retailers offer end of year sales but there is a small drop and that too not on all the items. If your online sellers offer your favourite vintage shoes at unbelievably low prices, don’t believe them!

5. Keep an eye for packaging – Closely examine the packaging of your shoe size. Most of the fakes will be delivered in boxes that are just glued together and lacks sturdiness of the original boxes.

6. Examine the serial numbers and labels – After your product is delivered to you, check the serial numbers. The majority of the branded shoes like Nike comes with an SKU code that matches with the SKU number on the box. If they do not match, it is likely to be a fake. Also, the labels are big communicators of the product. If the label has even the slightest of deviation, there are high chances that the products are fake.

Products that come with QR code, serial numbers and exclusive labels are very difficult to imitate. It not only saves manufacturers a lot of money but also helps the customers in choosing the right product. Holostik provides anti-counterfeiting products and anti-counterfeiting solutions to all your needs. Safeguard your products and brands from getting copied and enjoy profits!